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Painting horror Emploi Temporaire

20 févr. 2023 à 5h38   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   108 vues Référence: 340
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A scumbag or something, live and die on your own! Wu You and Deng Lin entered the same checkpoint this time, but they had fallen out before they entered the checkpoint, so they encountered unsolvable problems before they asked others for help for the camp. As Ke Xun expected, these checkpoints involved related subjects in the school, and Wu You and Deng Lin this time encountered a sports barrier, so they sent to Ke Xun for help. Having solved Wu You's problem, Ke Xun, together with Wei Dongfangfei and He Tang, stretched out their hands to the top of their heads and touched the signature of the program. Just like pushing the lid out of the box, the void overhead was completely opened, and a large amount of light fell, which made people unable to open their eyes, and when the light gradually dissipated, they were already in the exhibition hall of the gallery where winter was coming. Standing in front of them were Mu Yiran, Zhu Haowen, Shao Ling, Qin Ci and Luo, but Deng Lin and Wu You had not yet come out. Everyone did not speak, but held their breath and stared at Schrodinger's Cat on the wall until five minutes later, when the light came on and a figure appeared in front of them. It's Wu You. The shawl hair seemed to be soaked with sweat, and the hair stuck to the pale face looked particularly discomfited. After seeing the crowd,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, Wu You suddenly collapsed on the ground, laughing and crying to cover his face, and finally squeezed out a sentence from between his fingers: "Deng Lin can't come out.." "You might as well think so," He Tang was very calm at the moment. "If it weren't for his two feet, you wouldn't have followed us to this place, and you and I wouldn't have quarreled and dragged into this exhibition hall, let alone been involved in this horrible world in the painting. Everything started because of him, and now he has paid the price for it,ghana seed extract, which is his life. Wu You raised his tearful face and saw one of He Tang's hands stretched out in front of her. Stretching out his hand and holding the same cold and delicate hand that was trembling, Wu You was pulled up by her and said, "Sister, we were badly cheated by that silly X!" The two men cried in each other's arms. Men:.. Chapter 272 Schrodinger's Cat 21 Imagination is more important than knowledge-Einstein. In the process of calming down, Mu Yiran and Ke Xun once again looked at the painting "Schrodinger's Cat" hanging on the wall. The painting is still the same as before, with only some grain-like dots on the black background, on which Qi Muhuan, Dong Yao and Deng Lin can not be seen in the painting. The wave particles on the painting are different from those before the painting, "he said, pointing to the upper right corner of the painting." Before the painting, I had accidentally glimpsed here, where there are three particles distributed in a triangle, but now it has become a disordered distribution. " Ke Xun suddenly said, "So could it be that the three people are represented in the form of particles on the screen? In fact, there are three of them in the painting in front of us, ghana seed extract ,jujube seed powder, but they are not in the form of human beings." Mu Yiran nodded slightly: "It should be like this." first, so in order to make these two conclusions come true, the bread and the cat stuck together will never fall." "This is a paradox that can not be established at all," Shao Ling said,lycopene for skin, "but because it is a theoretical hypothesis and can be logically self-consistent, it is really established in the painting." "You can't imagine me rolling in the air with a cat tied in front of me and a piece of buttered bread on my back." Wu You squinted at Ke Xun. Wei Dongluo saluted Ke Xun with his eyes: "You are awesome, this brain hole is really awesome!"

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