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Peak of reincarnation Emploi Plein temps

29 déc. 2022 à 4h49   Marketing & Communication   Waoundé   187 vues Référence: 235
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The difference between "spirit", "I", "feeling" and "reason" is very similar. The difference is that when the source is divided into three parts, the source should be clean. But one body three, one body itself, from the very beginning, has appeared the change, becomes not so pure. As a noumenon, he will eventually find another part of himself, Locke and Shana, to become a spirit is a necessity. It's just that it must come too late. He should not have seen Qingfeng with the same gifted function before that, but he did see it at that time. He shouldn't have given way to the breeze in the field, but he did. Others thought that he was only giving way, but only he knew what he was giving. Qingfeng should not have taken his power to give way, but he was "emotional" to dominate himself and went to Chu Xiang, so that he died in a foreign land. Qingfeng's death is also inevitable, because he did what he should not have done when he was at his best. The seemingly coincidental result has been doomed by fate, which is a silent punishment. The most should not be, but not the death of the breeze, but his release, should not try to track the breeze, see all this-the end … He saw the rainbow. At the end of the century, the most superfluous bridge.. His origin, through the hand of Chu Xiang noumenon, this is also, another essence should not appear,smart interactive whiteboard, is not it? Unfortunately, Shi Tian did not think so, or deliberately did not think so. A lot of complexity may be very simple, but it is thought to be complex. And many simple, perhaps hidden profound truth, do not understand, just because they have not yet understood. Or, the intelligence of the ID is not enough to support this degree of "enlightenment". A truly blind man is no different from a blindfolded assassin. What's the difference between deceiving yourself and others, or being deceived,interactive panels for education, or simply knowing nothing like an idiot? See through the essence, even if it is the most personal unwilling to accept, the fact has been so, things are so simple. Can not see through, entangled in the relationship between dreams or butterflies, more likely never get the answer. It's really simple. How simple is it? It is so simple that whether it is Locke, Shana, or Shitian himself, it is very clear. Locke does not say, just feel unnecessary, Xia Na does not say, because Shi Tian simply will not be willing to accept. Shi Tian. Shi Tian is not so reluctant, not really do not understand the mistake, but really can not face the "mistake". Not everyone can correct their mistakes. Not every mistake should be corrected. Shi Tian has done nothing wrong, and the "self-deception" allowed by the ego is of course supported by reason. Wrong, maybe it's just a fate that doesn't belong to him and is imposed. Chapter 62 the truth? "What would you do if I were really like what Taixu is worrying about, not one third of the original?" “… Does it matter? "Oh, yes, electronic board for classroom ,digital touch screen board, it's not important. I think so, too." Who are you asking for? "Ben Zun, you are really clever.". I won't struggle with this, but when I see someone like this, I can't help asking curiously. [TXT Novel Download:] “… Boring. Besides, it's not smart, it's rational. Reason. If really can achieve the absolute reason, perhaps, the intelligence quotient again low person, can often speak surprisingly, reveals the thing essence. There are too many illusions in this world, and the superficial glitz is covered by floating clouds. With reason as the sword, cut off the beauty of the world of mortals, naturally we can see, the great wisdom of the people, will see things. However, after all, this seems to be a trick, not a "realization" that is really seen through by great wisdom. Obsessed with emotion, so that it is dominated by emotion. Indulge in reason, so that early loss of the self. This is not, all the same … The sword breaks the world of mortals, and I want to become a saint. The sword is broken, but not necessarily, just the world of mortals. Chu Xiang Ben Zun, two people hand in hand to leave Taixutian. The moment he stepped into heaven, Chu Xiang no longer had the feeling and illusion of controlling everything. The spirit of space is instinctive, but on the contrary, it is relaxed and more enlightened. Perfect control, finally above the horizon of Taixu God, dominated by external things. Simulate harmony, 100% space integration, know what it is, do not know why it is. That kind of attractive perfection is not perfect after all. The location of the two men's appearance happened to be the place where Ziyang had previously taken Chu Xiang to the end of heaven. It seems that this should be the only normal link channel between the celestial world and the Taixu Heaven, and most of the original Zun also entered the Taixu Heaven from this. This does not mean that the road here is open, in fact, from the fragmentary memory of Taixu Tianzun, we can see that this road, when Taixu Tianzun fell, that era, is still a saint-level top secret. As for the fall of Taixu Tianzun, the matter itself is the top secret of the top secret. Flying white clothes, rippling in the warm breeze of the fairy world, Chu Xiang's spiritual radiation, restoring the first moment of vision, what he sees is no longer limited by vision. He can see all over the world even without the help of special spells or the use of magical powers. Except for some forbidden places in the forbidden places, as long as he moves his mind, he can immediately "see" any scene in the realms. This kind of magical power similar to the "Eye of Heaven" has become the instinct of immortals flying in the sky after inheriting the will power of Taixu Tianzun and improving its strength again. Of course, since the original does not have this instinct, or his Chu Xiang strength is really high to a certain extent, so that the original can only look up to. Or, it is the awakening of the special magical power and talent effect of the spirit of space. Chu Xiang, who is not naive, is more inclined to the latter. One bite does not make a fat man, and inheritance does not immediately replace the predecessors. I always thought that it was you or me who peeped at me-the noumenon of me. Only now did I realize that it was the person I had been ignoring. His strength is much stronger than mine, and I have to say that the body is really biased. Chu Xiang said to himself, with a smile on his face,touch screen whiteboard, he could not see that he was saying something very important, even revealing the essence. Ben Zun lightly glanced at Chu Xiang beside him and took the lead in leading the way, looking for the track when they came.

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Peak of reincarnation