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Pearl robbery Emploi Plein temps

23 févr. 2023 à 2h33   Banque   Dara   173 vues Référence: 391
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"Yes!"! Yes! XiaGuan dare not! Wang Ye, if you like it, Xiaguan will turn around and ask her to follow and wait on Wang Ye! Sun Xiu's face immediately showed joy. But when Sima Lun saw Lvzhu shaking her head slightly, he said with a smile, "That's not necessary. I heard that she is a capable assistant around Zun Chong. The king doesn't want to take away what people like." Then he smiled at the little apricot and said, "Thank you, little apricot!"! It's a good thing you didn't change the silk of the king, otherwise the king would be very sad. Because the knot of one heart on it is a gift from a beloved woman of the king, the king has always regarded it as a treasure and tied it with him to show that he will not forget it! Lvzhu glanced at him and said with a smile, "So Wang Ye is a multi-lover!" Sima Lun laughed and strode out. Sima Lun had been in the capital for a long time and should have returned to the defensive area long ago, but he said he was not feeling well and refused to go on the road. It's true that he's not feeling well. He's always lazy and sick. He has no spirit at all. He's in a trance and is in a daze when he sees people. But he was sick, but it was not like that, because he could eat and drink, and his appetite and drinking capacity were several times better than usual. And his illness seems to have a time, early in the morning, he must be in high spirits, busy decorating himself, washing and changing clothes, hair and beard, busy for half a day. Then he got on his steed and went out for a ride. In the past, Sima Lun never walked on horseback, nor did he like to take a bath. He always had a sour smell of sweat on his body. Unexpectedly,China spa factory, he changed all these habits when he came to Beijing this time. Although Sima Lun has a large number of attendants, but when he walks, he does not take a person, acts alone, and his whereabouts are very mysterious. Not only was he not allowed to be followed, but he was also not allowed to be followed quietly. One day, he had two personal generals, also out of a loyal heart,hot tub spa manufacturers, quietly also prepared a horse, followed behind Sima Lun, want to see Sima Lun where to go. Of course they were a little curious, but the main thing was to keep him safe. The two men left alive, but Sima Lun carried them back angrily-both of them were dead, killed by Sima Lun. What mistakes did they make that led to their death? Sima Lun angrily told the others, "These two men deliberately disobeyed the king's orders. The king has already said that no one should sneak behind them. They didn't take it seriously. This kind of behavior is unforgivable!" Everyone kept silent like a cicada in cold weather. Only Sun Xiu dared to say, "Wang Ye, it's certainly wrong for them to disobey the instructions, but their intention is to worry about Wang Ye's safety. They are loyal." "Nonsense!" Cried Sima Lun with a cold face! The king went out to test the horse alone. It didn't start today. He came back safely every day. The king has never made a mistake, so why should he be protected? Violating the ban, disobeying the instructions and despising the king are all unforgivable crimes of death. Sun Xiu saw his angry face and dared not say any more. However, no one dared to violate his taboo any more. In fact, Sima Lun did not run far, he only went out of the city and galloped on the Leyou Plain for a while, massage bathtub manufacturers ,Chinese spa manufacturer, then turned to the Shuixi Bridge. Between the two rows of weeping willows on the bank, there is a delicate private dock with a delicate painting boat. As soon as Sima Lun got off his horse beside the boat, someone immediately took his horse away to wash and feed him. Sima Lun put his foot on the boat. In the beautifully decorated cabin, the bright green beads were already waiting for him with hidden bitterness on their faces. When they saw him coming, they flew over like a green butterfly and rushed into his arms. Sima Lun felt that he was holding a fire, which made his body and mind melt. The lustrous and glittering flesh, the concave and convex curves, and the boundless feminine charm attracted him deeply, making him feel a kind of novelty, excitement, satisfaction and beauty that he had never felt before. First there was a long, suffocating kiss, and then they both lay down on one side of the embroidered couch, moving around her beautiful body, causing her to giggle. Sometimes she was so tickled that she would turn over and press on him in the midst of her giggling, which also tickled his armpit and made him laugh. You go back and forth, and the two of them are in a mess. This is Sima Lun's daily homework. He said he was ill and did not return. Every day, he rode out quietly. It turned out that he had come to have a date with Lvzhu. The two of them had a tryst on the ship and lived a love life like a fairy. No wonder Sima Lun was so reluctant to leave. On this ship, the whereabouts are absolutely secret, and no one can track them. Because as soon as Sima Lun boarded the boat, the boat started and slowly sailed into a harbor, surrounded by reeds, with only one waterway to pass through. However, the road twists and turns, many lost paths, like a maze, only skilled sailors who walk every day can find the right way to travel. In the center of the reed, there is a small floating island, which is woven and stacked with thousands of long bamboo, forming a floating island of mu. The island was covered with turf, planted with flowers, planted with small trees, and raised with some gentle and lovely animals and beautiful and singing birds. Naturally, there are also some exquisite huts, which have a unique world. This is a private world belonging to Lvzhu. This water area, those waterways, and a large area of reeds are all properties purchased by Lvzhu privately. In Changan, as long as the rich and powerful, nothing can not be done. After coming to Chang'an, Lvzhu was homesick. She always missed the kind of life on Jiaozhi Pearl Island, but in Chang'an, the time and place were different, so naturally she could not live that kind of life any more. But Lvzhu is an extremely intelligent person, although she can not move mountains and seas, but she can create nature and create the environment. So she bought this deserted water area, protected the reeds, forbade people to cut them down, and then enclosed a piece of water in the middle and built a floating island with bamboo. According to her own memories,5 person hot tub, she tried her best to build the old pearl island on the island, and even bought several sea girls from Jiaozhi to accompany her to relive the life of pearl fishing. This is her private life area, even Shi Chong can not enter.

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Pearl robbery