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Perfect world Emploi Temporaire

20 févr. 2023 à 5h37   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   121 vues Référence: 338
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"We are insignificant. We don't even know when you come back. We haven't received the news from above. We are completely forgotten here. Don't kill us!" They were so frightened that they soon confessed everything. At that time, these people were ordered to find, the goal is directed at the fire spirit, to capture her, the result is too late. Huo Ling'er's father was once an emperor in the lower world. When he returned from his travels and learned about his daughter's meeting with Shi Hao, he immediately took her away. You didn't find them? Shi Hao's heart relaxed. Later, there were some clues, once pursued, but there was no news. They answered honestly that, on the contrary, the Fire Emperor had come here to kill. Soon, Shi Hao learned the origin of these people, is the sword valley, fire cloud cave, Luofu Valley and other places, as expected that to suppress the crime of blood as their duty of several big religion. At the same time, what made his eyes cold was that there were also two monks of the Celestial Clan who had participated in it. Fire Cloud Cave, Luofu True Valley, and Tianren Clan, you bully people too much! Shi Hao was so angry that he swore that he would visit him in the future. He got the information he wanted to know from these people, and with a final wave of his hand, he solved these people without mercy. Shi Hao sighed, the world is so big, where to find the fire spirit? I hope he's okay. In the next few days, he kept wandering in this area, thinking of the past, thinking of what happened in the lower world, he sighed. The fire mulberry forest is very big,fenugreek saponins, but Shi Hao has traveled almost all over it in the past few days. He wants to take a look at the place where the fire spirit used to work and take a thorough look. Uh On the fourth day, Shi Hao felt a shock in his heart, and his eyes froze and looked ahead. It is far away from the ruins of the hut and on the edge of the fire mulberry forest. Someone was picking mulberry there, and a young girl was dressed in coarse linen, her hair was loose, and her forehead was covered with sweat. She has a good figure, but her appearance is too ordinary. She picks mulberry leaves here with a bamboo basket on her back. Before this, Shi Hao had not seen her appearance, but at this time saw her eyes, the mind trembled,turmeric extract powder, he could not believe that the eyes are very familiar. Shi Hao walked over step by step, the girl turned around, the bamboo basket immediately fell to the ground, the eyes instantly emerged mist, clear big eyes suddenly misty. Yes You Her voice trembled. Even if the appearance changes, Shi Hao also recognized, that is the fire spirit son, she unexpectedly has not left, has been in this fire mulberry forest, has been waiting here! Chapter 1028 meeting. She's a fire spirit! The red clouds are transpiring, the fire mulberry trees are in pieces, the temperature is very high, and the fire fog is filled here. The girl was very simple, coarse linen, white complexion, she had shown her true face, bright eyes with water mist, eyelashes are very long, in the gentle tremor. Huo Ling'er is tall, turmeric extract powder ,akba boswellic acid, a head taller than the average woman, with a be here alone? They burned down the hut and the yard. Shi Hao stepped forward and looked at her. The two young trees were still there and preserved, but they did not burn all the things. Huo Linger smiled. There was mist in her beautiful eyes, but her smile was brilliant. Don't take such a risk again. Shi Hao said. I'm afraid you'll come back. I'm afraid I won't be in the world. I'll just wait here. It won't happen again. Said the fire spirit in a low voice. Shi Hao heart has a kind of touching, there is a warmth, reach out, help her wipe off the sweat on her face, here is very hot, and she has been picking mulberry leaves all day. Encounter is very insipid, and there is no great sorrow and joy, there is only a kind of warmth, there is a real emotional expression, mutual concern. What did you experience in Xiangu? Did you encounter a lot of dangers? I didn't expect you to come back so soon.  ordinary gods face them, they will have great pressure. Don't worry, it's already been killed. I'll refine its ferocity and make it delicious later. Shi Hao said, carrying the dragon, like pulling a cauliflower snake, to the stream, directly peeling and cleaning. This scene, see the fire spirit son dumbfounded, that is a God,saw palmetto extract, ah, this guy is so careless to clean up, to boil up.

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