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Pharaoh's favorite concubine 123 Emploi Temporaire

20 févr. 2023 à 5h27   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   133 vues Référence: 329
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Ivy thought, but she couldn't figure out why. Only Buka in order to fight for the scene, and the scene in the dream, it is too similar, Ivy took a look at the people on the other side of the platform, Buka has jumped on the horse, led the first echelon of soldiers to walk outside the city, Mentus a face of haze, standing behind, silently watching him leave the empty field, Ramses looked coldly at the foot of the red army of Seth, Nefertali, on the other hand, stood there quietly, with a faint worry in his beautiful eyes. It's already surging. Ivy stood there, letting the burning sun beat down on her face. If it goes on like this, Buka will die, the war will be out of control, and Ramses will be destroyed. She didn't want to see him destroyed. It was a belated thought, too late, too late, and perhaps she had no chance to tell him herself. He has stood with Nefertali, how they fit, how they match, and now what she has to do is to make this historical thing go on the right track.. She just needs to correct the mistakes. But what is this indescribable pain in my heart. The vision is blurred again. One of the thirty-seventh chapters of the main text Previously: Ivy, a modern girl,plastic pallet bin, mistakenly returned to the ancient Egypt of the 19th Dynasty, met the famous Pharaoh Ramses II, and accidentally took the place of Nefertali in history, changing history. In order to make history return to the original track, she can not help but once again in the torrent of history, as the step by step, Ivy's thoughts and emotions have gradually changed. When confused and hesitant, history is more deviated. The Pharaoh's close friend Ritach was stabbed to death to protect the monarch, but because of a moment of confusion,plastic pallet manufacturer, Ivy let the Hittite's mysterious messenger Yari go, all kinds of misunderstandings led to the Hittite-Egypt full-scale war that should have broken out five years later. Ivy finally jumped out of the knot and was honest about her feelings for Ramses. But when you wake up from a dream, everything is different. The Pharaoh no longer trusted Ivy, but the real Nefertali mysteriously appeared beside him. There is no reason to betray the traitor of Egypt-Princess Araman, Buka, who was assigned to the battlefield by Ramses as bait, General Montus, who is anxious about his brother, Princess Mathoni Jerusha, who is full of hatred because of the death of her lover, the mysterious Hittite emissary Yari, the real Nefertali who suddenly appeared, Ivy who woke up late, and Ramses who was indifferent and unpredictable. The rope of fate tied them tightly together, fate gradually weaved a complex web, Pharaoh's favorite concubine, continue to tell you the mysterious story through three thousand years.. Ivy pulled her backpack out of the box beside the bed and sat on the ground slowly tidying up. Tactical flashlights, flares, plastic pallet supplier ,collapsible pallet box, pistols, binoculars, jeans, medicine and..  thinking this time. But what was even less clear was what the young king was thinking. Knowing that he only has this baby brother, but lightly decided to let him lead the army to take the lead,drum spill containment, although the strategy is clear, but do not understand why the cloth card, why it is the cloth card. This is not the way of the Pharaoh!.

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