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Piracy Myth of Online Games Emploi Temporaire

20 févr. 2023 à 5h43   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   143 vues Référence: 343
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Preliminary evaluation, in two days, the price of this dagger can be raised to more than 10000 RMB, and those level 30 green non-weapon equipment can also be sold to more than 2000, after entering the main city, there must be a lot of experts to recruit for the attractive world of Yueheng, when the demand for equipment will be greatly increased. It's time for professional players like me to make a fortune! After picking up the equipment that the spider had dropped, he continued to walk forward. The silver pine forest was not very big. After a few steps, he smelled a pungent smell of blood. When he looked carefully, he saw a fiery red wolf scurrying out from behind the tree. It was a monster named Flame Wolf. It looked like it was not easy to mess with. Draw a sword to meet, the flame fear wolf also raised a thick claw to pat down, the ice chop then cut down, but my shoulder is also a burning pain, damn, what monster, only 42, even a claw patted off more than 200 points of my damage, and the attack frequency is quite high, when I ice chop down, I also patted out the second claw. Fortunately, the frozen chop has a 5-second frozen effect on the monster, and the flame wolf's blood is not high, after a series of skills go down, it does not have most of the blood, but my skills can not be used for a while,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, so I can only use ordinary attacks to fight hard, on average, I attack the flame wolf twice, twice lost nearly 500 blood, I was forced to use a blood bottle. A minute later, the Flame Wolf fell with a sob, and I had already used two bottles of mercurochrome. Very different from the rare spider, the flame wolf did not give equipment, just a little more experience,Nail machine supplier, but also burst out a red flame wolf skin, but the price is too high, two bottles of mercurochrome can be exchanged for a wolf, fortunately, I brought enough potions, a full five groups of 150 bottles of potions, it is estimated that it has been enough for half a day. Continue to walk a few steps, suddenly see the prompt of the system: Flame Wolf gradually hide up! A fiery red wolf in front of me gradually disappeared in the night, damn, no wonder this thing will jump out without being noticed, it is the same as me, will also be the thief's stealth skills … Enter the Dragon-Who Contends with the Front Chapter One Hundred Black Widows It took two minutes to kill the Flame Wolf, but there was still no equipment, not even gold coins, only a blood-red fur, and I didn't know what to do with it, and I threw it into the package, Automatic nail machine ,Coil Nail Making Machine, maybe it could be used later, anyway, it could be layered, and 30 pieces of fur just took up a space. I only used a dozen of the 200 packages allocated by the system, and there are many places to put things. Continue to the depths of the forest, not far away is a rare spider called "Black Widow", I did not want to go up directly to greet, waiting for you! Three or two times to hang up the spider, as I expected, and fell out of a green mage robe, 30 levels of equipment, plus 21 points of agility and 15 points of physical strength, the price should be more than 5000, a multi-functional mobile phone that can call and play games is in hand! In line with the principle of making more money and less Daguai, I have been killing this rare monster in Yinsong Forest from one o'clock in the morning to eight o'clock in the morning. According to the information on the forum, every map in Yueheng will have a very small number of rare monsters, which will be equipped, but the refresh time is longer, usually once every two months. And silver moon city after the server update for the first time in the world map brush out, these rare monsters will be brushed out, also do not know is the system error or how to return a responsibility, this forest actually has a lot of this rare monster, the opportunity is rare, and so on two months after the brush out of them, I am afraid that most of the players have been more than 40 levels. At that time, the green equipment of level 30 will naturally be greatly depreciated. At nearly eight o'clock in the morning, I was so sleepy that I couldn't stand it. Murong Shanshan had already gone to bed. He didn't even say hello. Several MMs in our studio were still there, but they were already tottering. It was estimated that they couldn't hold out for a few minutes. I simply asked them that they had already received the task. Lu Xuehan accompanied Xinyu and Xu Lin to complete four tasks of medium difficulty in one night, and got three pieces of blue equipment, which was quite fruitful. Not to mention me, the whole night almost turned the big silver pine forest upside down, all the rare spiders brushed out for the first time were killed, a total of 55 pieces of high-level green equipment and 7 pieces of high-level blue equipment burst out, unfortunately not used by me, but these alone are enough, after selling all these, I will make a fortune again. Killing spiders at the same time, I also killed more flame wolves, an average of about 10 flame wolves out of a wolf skin, looking at more than 50 wolf skins in the package, I do not know what is the use of these wolf skins, but from the difficulty of Daguai, the value of these wolf skins should not be low. Even with my high attributes, I have to spend two bottles of mercurochrome to kill one, and I have been beaten to empty blood. If I change other players, I'm afraid I'll lose my life before I finish. The equipment has been broken, I simply went back to the city, anyway, the task will not disappear, after repairing the equipment offline to sleep, come back in the afternoon full of energy! Probably because we had a good time last night, no one cooked early in the morning, so I put on a coat and went downstairs directly. I bought eight breakfasts at the snack stall downstairs. Lu Xuehan didn't like to drink soybean milk. I bought her two bags of hot milk. Xinyu thought of spring all day. I simply bought a bag of soybean milk and two fried dough sticks for her. It was crisp, but it should be useful. Fruit MM is a flat-chested beauty,wire nail making machine, even a small steamed bun is not flat in front of her chest, buy two steamed buns for her as an encouragement. The morning sunshine was very warm, and there were many students sitting beside the stall preparing to go to school. The hubbub of people made me feel that it was really good to be alive.

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Piracy Myth of Online Games