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Plane merchant Zhuang Yan Emploi Plein temps

23 févr. 2023 à 2h42   Banque   Dakar   150 vues Référence: 402
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Finding the right gap, Zhuang Yan carried his sword to attack Jiao Qicun, hiding his breath and walking in the blind area of Jiao's sight. Right now! The others held Jiao's tail, and Zhuang Yan planned to make a blow. The sword combined with the flame quickly pierced the past, and Zhuang Yan used her fastest speed ever. Bang. Only one millimeter away from seven inches, Zhuangyan was suddenly swept by a huge force, too late to escape, she was directly hit and flew out. A mouthful of blood was sprayed out, and Zhuang Yan had just steadied herself in the air, and almost at the same time, seven or eight strong flashes of lightning struck her. Mother! "Yanyan!" "Sister!" People who noticed this scene panicked, and Zhuang Yan could be said to be the pillar of their hearts. I'm fine, don't be careless! The white light dispersed, and the blackened Zhuang Yan looked at them in pain and said. Several people heard that Zhuang Yan was still talking and breathed a sigh of relief at the same time. Zhuang Yan maintained a half-kneeling posture floating in the air, just that, really almost sent her to the west, unexpectedly this Jiao summoned the power of thunder and lightning will be so overbearing. Taking out a few jade bottles from the space, Zhuang Yan poured a handful of elixirs in her hand, and she stuffed everything that could heal her wounds into her mouth. A handful of elixirs melted in his mouth, and Zhuangyan swallowed them, feeling them begin to repair his body. Just that blow, although Zhuang Yan quickly protected the main viscera, but the shock is still too big, coupled with a few overbearing lightning strike force,stainless steel edge trim, she really only had time to protect the heart. Fortunately, she prepared enough elixirs, otherwise it would be really troublesome. After a while, Zhuangyan can straighten up, the body has not been repaired, now she, every step, the feeling from the viscera can let her float a layer of sweat. Fortunately, it's not harmful to life,metal trim manufacturers, it's just painful. I didn't think you could stand up! Jiao took a look at Zhuang Yan, such perseverance, really good, after all, he launched an attack, how to hurt people, he knows best. How can I die if you're still alive? Zhuang Yan had a sneer at the corners of his pale mouth. I'd like to see how long you can hold on. "Jiao's eyes narrowed and her strong tail attacked her.". Zhuang Yan perceived the danger, his body jumped away quickly, and the sword in his hand turned straight down and attacked Jiao's tail. The blow fell on Jiao's body, but it was only a small opening for him, but with a lesson from the past, Zhuang Yan quickly retreated, so this time Jiao's attack failed to fall on her. Zero to find the right opportunity, the data link a throw, consciously wrapped around his tail, Jiao did not notice, when the data link wrapped, stainless steel tile trim ,aluminium edge trim, there is a small part of the quietly drilled in from the wound. Small bamboo brandished the sickle, in the top and Jiao struggle, small green in the side assists, two people cooperate, although did not cause substantial damage to Jiao, but this painless attack, but let him very irritable. What have you done to me? After several attacks, Jiao noticed something was wrong in his body. It just slows you down. "Zero smiled, waved the data link and said that Jiao's own defense was too strong, and that was the only loophole he could find." As soon as the ignorant child Jiao twisted his body, he completely sank to the bottom of the sea. As he swam, the waves around him changed dramatically. As Jiao rose into the air, dozens of waves rose from the sea like tornadoes, sweeping towards them with a wild roar. Waves and whirlwinds are so dense that if they are rubbed by them, they will be scraped several holes on their bodies. Jiao's contemptuous eyes swept away, his tail tossed his head high, and a loud roar soared into the sky. With this roar, the clouds above the sky became thicker and darker. After a burst of rolling, a huge flash of lightning fell from the sky, this time, it did not fall on several people, but directly on the body of Jiao, white light as day, thunder roar. He led the thunder to break the virus that I had just put into his body. "Zero felt the virus that suddenly disappeared, and his face was black.". No one thought that Jiao would use this trick, it seems that just rolled up these waves whirlwind, he just to trap them inside, so that he can feel at ease to remove the virus. An absence, zero back clothes were swept away, leaving only a few rags hanging on the body, seven or eight wounds flowing out of bright red blood, a flash of green light, the back emerged a complex code, immediately repaired his body. On the cliff, Si Qingyue opened his eyes and lost himself in thought as he watched the thunder and lightning over the sea. Can a few giant sharks make such a battle? This side is still clear, only that side, the sky seems to sink. Even the smell of being blown by the sea breeze became oppressive. Si Qingyue was very worried about Master and them, but he knew that he couldn't even fight a giant shark. What's the use of going there now? Is it a full-time drag?! Look at the situation over there, there is obviously a more ferocious existence than the giant shark, Si Qingyue fists clenched, secretly hate themselves, why so weak, can not help at all. The small special of one side felt his chagrin, stretch out a hand to be patted gently on his leg. Brother Qingyue, Aunt Zhuang, they will be all right. I believe them. "Little Feifan's dark eyes shine with firm light." En, it's brother Qingyue's demon barrier. Master, they're sure to be all right. "Si Qingyue lowered his body and rubbed Xiao Feifan's head. He's also alive. Let a child worry about him." Xiao Feifan, brother Qingyue will take you to practice together. "Si Qingyue sat down and said to Xiao Feifan with a smile that it would be better to continue to practice than to be cranky." "Good" small special blink big eye nodded. One big and one small sat in the middle of the cliff and began to practice. The two men who had entered the state of practice did not notice that the dusty grass climbed out of the pocket in front of Xiao Feifan and quietly entered the forest along the cliff. On the sea, Zhuangyan line of people in addition to absolutely, mostly become very embarrassed, even Huo Xiyi hard back, there are several wounds. As for the little skeleton, he forcibly blocked several giant lightning bolts for the little bamboo one after another,tile trim factory, and the beautiful bones, which were originally white, were now blackened.

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Plane merchant Zhuang Yan