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Plant Extraction and Separation Methods and Suitable Centrifuge Equipment _ Workbook Emploi Plein temps

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Its advantages and disadvantages are as follows: 1. Ultrasonic extraction Ultrasonic cavitation accelerates the leaching of plant useful components. Advantages: short extraction time, simple extraction method, high extraction rate, low extraction temperature, avoiding the damage of high temperature and high pressure to useful components. Disadvantages: high container requirements,thin film distillation, noise, equipment expansion, etc. 2. Microwave extraction In the microwave field, substances can absorb microwaves differently,50l rotovap, and some components can be selectively heated and extracted. Benefits: Short withdrawal time, simple equipment and less investment. Disadvantages: The extraction mechanism is unknown. 3. Supercritical extraction The supercritical fluid is used to replace the conventional organic solvent for extraction and separation. It is commonly used in volatile components, fat-soluble substances, highly heat-sensitive substances and valuable medicinal materials. Benefits: Low temperature, preservation of useful ingredients, no solvent residue, high purity, cbd centrifugal extractor ,decarboxylation after extraction, simple operation. Disadvantages: high voltage equipment, large one-time investment, high operating costs. 4. Membrane respectively Benefits: Obvious separation effect, low energy consumption, no phase change, working temperature close to room temperature, pure physical process, simplified process, and continuous operation. Disadvantages: membrane fouling requires regular replacement. 5. Centrifuge respectively Centrifugal separation is a process in which the centrifugal force field generated by the centrifuge under high-speed operation conditions is used to separate the plant extract components. It has the advantages of simple operation, low cost and high recovery rate. Liaoning Fuyi has developed plant extraction equipment for many years, and disc centrifuge is widely used in the field of medicine and plant extraction. The equipment shortens the settling time, improves the clarity of enterprise products and increases a certain output on the basis of not losing useful ingredients in drugs. This model is generally divided into two types: clean type and general type, which can be applied to many users with different needs. Disc centrifuge is a kind of advanced separation equipment with stable operation, large output and relatively high degree of automation skills. The separation condition is also suitable for the separation treatment of suspensions with low solid content and liquids with small specific gravity difference and incompatibility, and is a necessary equipment in the fields of pharmacy, food, chemical industry, biological products, beverage products and the like. Its operating principle is based on the different specific gravity of the centrifugal force, and then complete the purpose of separate treatment of substances. The new advanced mechanical automatic control system is one of the primary advantages of the disc centrifuge over other equipment for separate treatment. Disc centrifuge is mainly used to separate solid particles from liquid in suspension, or to separate two liquids with different densities and immiscibility in emulsion. The disc centrifuge is composed of a body, a transmission system, a drum, a liquid collecting tray, a liquid inlet bearing seat and the like. The materials are injected into the separation equipment from the liquid inlet,hemp extraction centrifuge, and a weak centrifugal force field is generated after the rotary drum pushes the materials to work at a high speed, so that the material liquid flows upward along the inner wall of the rotary drum, and the material liquid effectively completes the separation process due to the density difference under the action of the centrifugal force field. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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