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Princess Syndrome Observation Diary by Iron Fan Childe Emploi Plein temps

1er déc. 2022 à 7h19   Informatique & Télécoms   Saint-Louis   193 vues Référence: 172
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The fat worm picked up the spoon and swallowed most of the bowl of mango in a few mouthfuls. He ate it contentedly, his eyes narrowed with happiness, and his fat face was full of joy. "It's so sweet." Huo Zheng stewed sea cucumber porridge again. Hearing this, he turned around and touched the fat guy's head. Then he squatted down and talked to him: "Would you like to drink milk later?" "Yes!" The fat guy nodded hurriedly, but he suddenly found that Uncle Wang had several red spots on his neck. He was so surprised that he shouted, "Uncle Wang!"! You were bitten by a mosquito, too! Huo Zheng touched his neck subconsciously. He didn't have the habit of looking in the mirror when he got up early, so he didn't notice it. He couldn't help smiling when he remembered the little woman who had collapsed in his arms last night and wanted to bite. Not as pitiful as his mother, Uncle Wang was only stared at a few mouthfuls, and with a charming smile on his face, so the fat bug was not very worried about him, but looked at him sympathetically, "Uncle Wang, does it hurt?"? Wait a minute, let your mother give you an artificial call! Huo Zheng's breath stagnated, and before he could answer, the fat bug sat in his chair again, muttering,Gear Reduction Motor, "Where are the mosquitoes in our house?" The fat guy craned his neck and looked around, but he didn't find any mosquitoes. Disappointed, he said to himself, "Mom always says I'm fat!"! Mosquitoes don't bite me! Where am I fat? Obviously, my mother is fatter than me! Huo Zheng couldn't help laughing out loud, which attracted the attention of the fat guy again. He took one look at Huo Zheng and hummed angrily with his fat face: "Uncle Wang is fat, too!" When Sheng Ziyu got up,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, the rest of the family had already got up. Before she came out, she found the little red marks on her arms. She secretly lifted her nightdress to take a look and found that the covered place was even more exaggerated. There were dense hickeys between her chest and legs. She scolded the pervert and changed her long clothes and trousers. When she went out, she and Aunt Li met face to face. Suddenly, Sheng Ziyu blushed quietly. Last night, although she had tried to hold back, she could not help crying a few times. Besides. Who gets up in the middle of the night to take a shower? But after all, Aunt Li was an experienced person who was used to seeing the world. She took one look at Sheng Ziyu and then said as if nothing had happened, "Are you up?"? Go to have breakfast quickly. Xiao Huo got up early in the morning and stewed sea cucumber porridge. Sheng Ziyu walked into the dining room with a red old face. In the dining room, the fat bug was sitting in his children's chair dipping in milk and eating biscuits. When Sheng Ziyu saw him like this, he knew that he must have been eating since he got up in the morning. See her, fat bug bug shouted first: "Mom!"! Where did my chocolate go? Did you eat it up? Sheng Ziyu became angry from embarrassment and went over to snatch away his biscuits and milk basin. "You are so fat, and your mouth can't stop eating?" Fat Bug is very angry, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,Small Geared Motors, but he can't threaten his mother like Uncle Wang. Knowing that he couldn't get his milk and biscuits back, he raised his fleshy fist angrily and said plausibly, "Where am I fat?"? Mosquitoes don't bite me! I'm not fat at all! Sheng Ziyu did not expect that she was suddenly exposed by this bad fat man. She was so angry that she blushed and went to look at the culprit on one side. Unexpectedly, the culprit just smiled thoughtfully beside her. This made her so angry that she raised her fist to beat the fat man. But despite the fat, the king insect fat in the end is a flexible fat, his movements are still very agile, angry old mother, the mood is very happy, "whoosh" climbed down the chair, and then ran to the balcony to find his cuckoo. Seeing the fat son gone, Sheng Ziyu glared at the culprit again, moved his sore arms and legs, and couldn't help saying, "It's my first time. Do you need to be so cruel?" Huo Zheng coughed lightly, his expression was very serious, "so loud." I thought you were enjoying it. Sheng Ziyu blushed and bit the spoon without saying a word. Soon, however, she remembered another thing, but she really couldn't pull down her face to ask Huo Zheng. After thinking about it, she took out her cell phone and searched the Internet for a while. After clicking on a web page that made people blush and heartbeat, Sheng Ziyu finally came to his senses. It turned out to be because.. With particles. Take, take, take, take! Sheng Ziyu looked at Huo Zheng breathlessly. His face was red. Although he was angry, his voice was like a mosquito humming: "Your hobby is really special.." Can't you buy the normal one? In the face of such a complaint, Huo Zheng naturally wants to defend himself: "I didn't buy it. The one you took was issued by the neighborhood committee." Sheng Ziyu stared in surprise, but looking at the packaging, it seemed that it was neither Durex nor Okamoto. Huo Zheng added: "People from the neighborhood committee put it in the mailbox. Maybe I brought it in when I took the magazine." At this point, he looked at her meaningfully: "Well, why are you hiding that thing?" One of her face is bright red, hold back a long time, hold back a word to come out only: "The person of your whole courtyard..." They're all perverts! Hearing this, Huo Zheng was not angry at all. He was silent thoughtfully for a while. Then he smiled and said slowly, "Socialism is good." After lunch, according to yesterday's agreement, they will go to Sheng's house to get Sheng's mother's calligraphy. Huo Zheng didn't want to leave the fat guy at home, so he asked Sheng Ziyu, "Do you want to take him?" Sheng Ziyu made a "shush" gesture to him, then crept out of the balcony and observed the fat guy who was teasing the parrot. She thought about it and then said, "I just said he was fat in the morning. He must still have a grudge against me. I took him and he ran away with his grandfather." She came to the firm conclusion: "You can't take him!" Huo Zheng held his forehead helplessly. "Well, let him stay at home." Two people are saying,micro gear motor, fat bug bug runs back from the balcony suddenly, he carried the pants that is about to drop, milk voice milk gas way: "Mom!"! I want to play downstairs! Huo Zheng thought about it and picked him up. "Are you going to play with your little friend?"

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