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Qian Ze Hua Emploi Plein temps

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Qian Ze nodded gently and said, "I know what you want to say to me in the summer.". In fact, I know, Qi Ye all I know. "You know all about it?" Ming Xia screamed in horror. Well, I know everything about you, Mingyue and Qi Ye. Lord Duanrui had told me long before I went to Yuecheng. Qian Ze is as plain as water, without any waves. But Ming Xia was surprised, he never thought that his father would tell all these secrets to Qian Ze. As if seeing Ming Xia's doubts, Qian Ze smiled: "In fact, Duanrui Wang Ye, like Ming Xia, is a very gentle person.". He also saw my change and wanted to tell me not to hate him. But at that time, I said the same thing as Wang Ye. I said I didn't hate him. Qian Ze gently narrowed his eyes, and the light hidden in the pupil became more and more intense at this moment. In my memory, the burly middle-aged man was sitting in front of Qian Ze. There was a dim candle between them, which jumped in the wind and seemed to go out. After a long silence, King Duanrui picked up the pot and poured a cup of tea for Qianze himself. Tea fragrance overflowing, Qian Ze holding a warm teacup, only way: "Thank you,smart board whiteboard, Wang Ye." King Duanrui was amazed at the woman's calm, as if she had just said the fact that she had expected it. He could not help asking: "I thought you would be very excited." He thought she would cry. But she didn't. There was grief in her eyes, but not too much shock. It's really shocking. Qian Ze raised his eyes and nodded. But Duanrui Wang said, "You are a clever girl. You should know why I told you this." With a look of appeal in his eyes, he added, "The child is too bitter for me to stop him. Please tell him the truth. Tell him that his mother has always loved him. It's all my fault." Speaking of Qi Ye's mother, the woman he loved deeply, the sadness in his eyes overflowed a little. Qian Ze looked at him,classroom interactive whiteboard, but did not speak. Please. Noble as he is, Duanrui Wang is at this moment, bowing his head and pleading solemnly to Qian Ze. Only you can save him now. "I cannot promise you." Qian Ze interrupted him abruptly, and Duanrui Wang was startled and raised his eyes in amazement. Qian Ze's face was so tranquil that he couldn't guess what she was thinking, so he said, "Aren't you.." Hate him? Qian Ze smiled and shook his head. I don't hate him. King Duanrui was speechless, and Qian Ze said, "On the contrary, I love him as much as I did at the beginning." "And you..?" "But I can't tell him that her mother still loves him." Qian Ze did not wait for Duan Rui Wang to finish, then denied to. She looked at King Duanrui's puzzled expression and smiled again. Wang Ye, I believe you love Ye, but you don't understand him. You don't know what sustains him until now, what makes him miserable, interactive panel board ,smart board for conference room, what makes him unable to turn back. Have you ever thought about what would happen to him if you told him that everything was not what he thought and that everything he did was in vain when he was on the verge of madness? King Duanrui was stunned and his face turned blue. He was so sad, because he had killed so many people he loved, people he was close to, and he hated himself. Do you want him to hate himself more? Qian Ze looked deeply at the man opposite, and her voice, like a chisel, pierced his heart. Wang Ye, you want to save Qi Yin's country. But have you ever thought. Qian Ze nibbled at her thin lips, and a lump of sobs melted in her throat. What should he do? …… ………… Qi Mingxia was completely stunned. He stood where he was and listened to Qian Ze saying, "So I can't promise Wang Ye." "Because I have to save him." Save him..? Qi Mingxia stared at the woman in front of him with black eyes. I used to love him, but I didn't know how to love him. I split him into two, but that's not right. I only covet his beauty, but I have not redeemed his darkness. I don't know how to love at all. Qian Ze turned his face sideways again and looked into the distance with warm eyes. He was so lonely, lost and helpless. He hates himself more than anyone else. Along the way, he stepped over thousands of bones, and even if one day the world forgave him, he could not forgive himself. What should he do like this? Qian Ze frowned, as if feeling the same heartache as Qi Ye, and unconsciously put his hand in front of his chest. Countless nights, she tossed and turned, she asked herself over and over again. What to do? "He had to go all the way, stumbling all the way forward.". He did not know what was waiting for him, but he had no choice but to stop himself, who was already desperate. Qian Ze's eyebrows and eyes were red, and there were tears in her eyes. So, if he can't stop himself, then.. She pursed her lips with a sad but beautiful smile. Just let me do it. To do what you can't do, to say what you can't say, just to try your best to stop him. It turns out that when everything is at the end of the road, hostility is also a manifestation of love. Qi Mingxia was suddenly in place for a long time. Everything that has happened, everything that Qian Ze has done, is playing back in this moment, and her soft and beautiful voice is lingering in her mind. He suddenly realized that she had never given up on him. Qian Ze.. Mingxia mixed feelings, after listening to Qian Ze's words, somehow he felt relieved. Qian Ze turned his bright eyes and looked at Ming Xia. There will be a way out. He laughed, and his dark eyes were clear and bright as summer. Your love will give him a way out. Chapter 136 war. Tianye eleven years, into the entropy invasion. Although it had been expected, the ferocity of the war was still too much to bear. The three hundred thousand entropy army gathered from all sides of the border country, in one night, Qiudu was bloodied, and a group of scattered weak and wounded soldiers stationed were wiped out. As a result, Qiudu fell, and the whole border country in the past had been captured by Cheng Entropy, and their next goal was to break Qi Yin. The next day,smartboard for business, after a night of bloody battle into entropy, unable to bear the ambition of ready to move, has led the troops out of the hill.

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