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Qing sac corpse clothes _ Lu Ban ruler _txt novel paradise Emploi Plein temps

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"These two days, they may go around the Nanshan area, you have to keep an eye on their father and son, do not be found by the father and son, and then come back to report to me." Wu Daoming added. Wu Lao, please rest assured that this is easy to do. Zhu Biao is full of confidence. www xiaoshuotxt comtxt Xiao @ Shuo Tian ^ Tang & Chapter 22 Wolong Valley Hai Shi finally arrived, Hansheng carefully untied a circle of cloth on Laner's head, and finally uncovered the horse riding cloth. In a flash, Hansheng was shocked that the girl in front of him was so beautiful: thick eyebrows, big eyes, round nose, soft nose, resolute thick lips, square forehead and jaw, black and red healthy complexion.. "So you are so beautiful." Han Sheng murmured in his mouth. The father stood aside and smiled with satisfaction. The girl was not only a typical rural beauty, but also a prosperous husband. Laner took the mirror from her mother, looked at the image in the mirror,Faux cherry blossom tree, and tears fell down. It's me. It's really me. I'm finally back to what I used to be. Laner said excitedly, and even her voice changed, no longer hoarse, but as loud as a bronze bell. Brother Hansheng, I will keep my promise and marry you. Laner said with tears in her eyes. Hansheng blushed and looked at his father helplessly. Dr. Zhu looked at Lan'erniang and saw her nodding acquiescently. He understood clearly and said with a smile, "It's all an act of God. But you're still young now. You can get engaged first. In two years, it's not too late for Hansheng to get married when he has a successful career." Although Hansheng was a little shy,faux ficus tree, he looked at Laner's pretty appearance and felt happy in his heart. He blushed and said, "I'm going to make a pot of tea." Get up and go to the stove to boil water. The autumn night was deep and breezy, but it was spring in the thatched cottage. Everyone was not sleepy. They were drinking hot tea and chatting. From now on, you will live here, prepare some wood this winter, and start building a new house next year. Dr. Zhu said. Hansheng was still thinking about one thing that he had not said, whether Wu Chushan was Laner's father, and he was going to go quietly to Wolong Valley the next day to find the mountain man and ask what was going on. Think of here, a burst of excitement in the heart, temporarily do not tell her mother two, when the time comes to give them a surprise. The waning moon had already sunk to the horizon, and Hansheng was still tossing and turning. When the rooster crowed three times, silk ficus tree ,outdoor ficus tree, he fell asleep in a daze. Early in the morning, there was a smell of meat in the kitchen. Laner was stewing the pig's feet specially left yesterday. She was looking forward to the early recovery of Hansheng's leg injury. This would be her home in the future. She and her mother had drifted for more than ten years, and the bitter days were finally over. After breakfast, my father was going to Nanshan Town. Laner's mother and daughter were strangers. According to the regulations, he had to explain the situation to the government and go through the relevant formalities. Take good care of yourself at home. Father exhorted. Laner's mother and daughter saw that the weather was fine, so they unpacked and washed the bedding and cleaned up inside and outside the house. Hansheng estimated that when he went to Wolong Valley at this time, he could come back when the sun went down, and maybe he could bring Wu Chushan back, if the mountain man was indeed Laner's father. After his father went out, Hansheng found an excuse to dig some wild Codonopsis pilosula at the foot of the mountain. The journey was not far, and by the way, he exercised his muscles and bones, so that Laner's mother and daughter could rest assured. Then he took the big yellow dog Benben all the way. Walking eastward along the foot of Nanshan Mountain, the autumn air is crisp, the grass and wild flowers on the roadside are covered with dew, and the air is filled with the fragrance of the earth. Benben ran happily in front of him, and Hansheng's injured leg was basically all right, so it was not very difficult to walk. He and Benben did not notice that behind them, as far as the eye could see, there was always a vigorous man following them, and it was Zhu Biao who was following them. Two hours later, Hansheng had already entered Dazhao Mountain. The mountain was getting higher and higher, and the woods were getting more dense. The front should be Wolong Valley. Hansheng vaguely remembered the old camphor tree at the mouth of the valley. Wu Chushan reluctantly sent him to the tree. Perhaps it was doomed that the scholar who had saved his life might be his future father-in-law. And the father-in-law would use such a strange method to snatch back the "horse riding cloth" from the old bat. Hansheng thought about it and laughed to himself. "Clumsy, don't run around." Han Sheng saw that the big yellow dog was running to one side? Call back What's he laughing at? Hiding behind a tree, Zhu Biao looked at it in his eyes and thought to himself. The stream in the valley is still so clear, and occasionally a few small fish can be found swimming in the water. Walking deeper and deeper, the camphor forest became more and more dense. Bypassing a forest, the familiar grass house appeared in front of us. The simple adobe grass house had a thatched roof. Outside the house was a small green vegetable field reclaimed by the mountain people themselves. Smoke curled up from kitchen chimneys on the house. Hansheng stood in the distance, looking at the quiet pastoral scenery, a burst of excitement in his heart, he could imagine the surprise expression of the mountain people when they saw him. Hansheng hissed, motioned to Benben not to make a sound, and then crept toward the house. In the kitchen, a thin and tall figure was busy in the pot, and Hansheng smelled the familiar fragrance again. "Han Sheng smiled." The man from Wu Chushan is burning his famous mountain rat again. " Uncle Shanren! Hansheng pounced on him with a loud shout, which startled the man. With a bang, the bowl and spoon fell into the iron pot. The man turned around slowly and looked at Hansheng in great surprise. This is not Wu Chushan. Hansheng froze. The man had a grey complexion, short black eyebrows, triangular eyes, more white than black,large artificial blossom trees, an aquiline nose, and a goatee under his jaw. Who are you? Where is Uncle Shanren? Hansheng asked awkwardly. And who are you? What are you doing in Wolong Valley? The hawk-nosed old man asked in reply, staring at Hansheng with gloomy eyes and making a voice as harsh as metal. I'm looking for Wu Chushan. He's the ranger who lives in this house. Hansheng stammered that he did not like this man from the bottom of his heart.

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