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Quick wear system: raiders wolf boss Emploi Plein temps

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Xia Yichu glanced at Fen Huan and Fen Huan nodded to her. After Xia Yichu was appeased by Fen Huan, he had no worries at all. With a sword, he killed the little monster directly. The shrill scream came to an abrupt end. And Yi Xian's self-exposure was also stopped by Fen Huan. Because Fen Huan has the same ability as Sun Wukong, although he has no hair on his body, he can also turn into a small black snake. After a group of black breath gathered in midair, it turned into a small black snake, which climbed up Yi Xian's body, directly bit his flesh, drilled in from its body, opened its teeth, and directly bit his heart. Yi Xian, who was causing self-exposure, suddenly spurted a mouthful of blood and fell straight down, his eyes wide open, and he would not turn in his grave. Killing Yi Xian and the little monster, Xia Yichu's goal has been achieved. She and Fen Huan lifted their feet and walked out, and those who gathered together subconsciously made way for them. Only Princess Anning was unhappy. She asked in a harsh voice, "Why did you kill Yi Xian?!" Princess Anning did not forget that Yi Xian was invited by herself, and that he had done such a thing to the emperor. The emperor is still unconscious, and his fate is unknown. But Yi Xian, the poisoner,inflatable air dancer, was already dead. Princess Anning suddenly felt a sense of despair. After hearing Princess Anning's unceremonious questioning, Fen Huan stopped and his cold eyes fell directly on her. Princess Anning woke up suddenly under the cold eyes of the other side, and at the same time felt a chill rising from her back. Only then did she realize that this man was not her bodyguard, nor was he her secret guard. Xia Yichu and Fen Huan left here. Shaking off a few small tails, Xia Yichu and Fen Huan went back to the inn where they had stayed before, took their own luggage and returned to the room, then changed their appearance and went to other inns to ask for an upper room. Although Yi Xian and the little monster were killed,Inflatable water park on lake, what Xia Yichu had planned was not over yet. The show she wants to see is just beginning. The thing that the emperor did many years ago, although absurd, was exposed by Yi Xian in public, and now everyone knows it, and what he did will be recorded in the annals of history, which is a stain on his life and a lesson to him. The country can not be a day without a monarch, Xia Yichu although some disgusting such a person, but know that if the emperor really so sleepless, I am afraid it is these people who suffer. So, after finding a new place to stay, Xia Yichu quickly prepared the antidote, let Fen Huan go into the palace, personally watched the antidote was eaten by the emperor. This thing may be difficult for others, but for Fen Huan, it is easy. After he entered the emperor's bedroom without being noticed and avoiding all the guards patrolling the palace, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable dry slide, he gently poured the antidote given to him by Xia Yichu into the soup that the palace maid was about to feed the emperor. After doing all this, Fen Huan went back to the inn. Chapter 780 Demon Girl @ Little Black Snake (End). The night is sultry. But for the prosperous imperial city, day and night did not affect the lives of these nobles. Although it was night, these nobles were still eating, drinking and playing, the peddlers were still going out to set up stalls, the streets were crowded with people, and the peddlers were constantly shouting. And in the room of an inn, the sound of the bustling noise is heard, but it seems to be separated by two worlds. After Xia Yichu had a meal, he was dragged to bed by Fen Huan. Originally, Xia Yichu thanked him for his help today. When she said this, she looked normal and the content of her speech was normal, but she didn't know how to think of a certain aspect and insisted that Xia Yichu thank him well. Then thanks, thanks, Xia Yichu was dragged to bed by him, do fantasy love to do, and Xia Yichu also does not reject things. The inn is located in the bustling center of the imperial city, and the streets below the inn are even more lively than during the day. The noise of discussion outside was so close that Xia Yichu did not dare to cry out at all. But Fen Huan likes her name again. Xia Yichu in this matter, although rarely take the initiative, but it does not exclude his close. Fen Huan still remembers that as long as he loves Xia Yichu hard and deeply, Xia Yichu will not be able to stand it, and keep begging him for mercy, let him gently, let him slow down. Xia Yichu's voice is soft, her begging for mercy not only did not get the pity of Fen Huan, but also triggered a sense of abuse in Fen Huan's heart. The more Xia Yichu begged for mercy, the bigger his movements would be. And when Xia Yichu fully adapted to his size, and Xia Yichu also felt pleasure from the inside, Fen Huan and then exert herself, Xia Yichou would not only be so numb that her toes were tightly curled up, but even her mouth would groan uncontrollably. It was different from her usual voice, her voice trembled, thin and soft, listening in the ears of Fen Huan, like a small fan, gently across the softest heart of Fen Huan's body. It is also like a small hook, which is itching at the tip of the imaginary heart, and I want to love her mercilessly and satisfy her vigorously. But today, obviously he has done so much for her during the day, but Xia Yichu is a little cold. Fen Huan's little snake was a little unhappy. He bumped vigorously under his body and lowered his head at the same time. The burning breath of the rolling talk was all spread on Xia Yichu's body. Their breath melted together. Fen Huan lowered his head and licked Xia Yichu's lips. He said to Xia: "Zhao Zhao, Zhao Zhao, you call out. I want to hear you call out." Obviously, the noise outside the street below was so loud, but Xia Yichu seemed to feel that there was only a dull and deep voice in her world. She raised her hand and hugged his shoulder tightly. Her expression was forbearing. She refused to shake her head. "No, no,inflatable bounce house with slide, it will be heard by the people outside. You, you finish it quickly." They are now living in an inn, not a separate courtyard or a homestay.

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