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Quickly wear the female companion: the sick and charming boss has a black belly. Emploi Plein temps

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She had called the beep a thousand times, and just as she was about to stop calling it, it jumped out of her mind. Give me inspiration! I can still agree to your terms! In order to win at one stroke, Zhi Xi can not care so much, the conditions are harsh, anyway, more lice are not afraid of itching! Unexpectedly, the little beep shook his head. "No! No!"! The quid pro quo can only be discussed once, not twice in a row! Zhi Xi in the heart suddenly thoroughly heart cool, hemp egg, want to finish! How can we continue to play! The little beep changed the subject, "but for the sake of the host taking care of me at ordinary times, I can give you a hint. Whether you can realize it or not depends on your own good fortune." "Then don't say it quickly," said Zhi Xi impatiently. Beep laughed. "Don't worry. What's the use of your anxiety? Are you interested in making a small deal? I can make the passage of time in reality much slower for a while, so that you can have time to figure it out." There is nothing to hesitate at this time, Zhi Xi immediately promised: "Well, what conditions you say." She was used to its rhythm. Anyway, everything has exchange, very equal, perhaps this is the conservation of energy in the world? She did not intend to owe the little beep a favor, perhaps the little beep is for her good, do not destroy the delicate balance of time and space? "This condition is not high. Don't push me back without my consent in the future!" The little beep said angrily. Haha, so it still cares about that thing. Zhi Xi said with a smile, "I can promise you this, but you can't make trouble on purpose. If you make trouble,24v Gear Motor, it's not included in the scope I promised you!" The little beep became happy. "Then we have reached a gentleman's agreement!" It immediately added: "Time has passed slowly, I began to remind you ah!"! If you think about it, you all died in the previous time and space, but now you are all here. And although you are here, the next moment can not guarantee where, in silence, you exist at the moment, but he does not know how long to wait for you to appear, right? "Yes." Zhi Xi slightly some gloomy, she most distressed is this point,12v High Torque Motor, she can not always accompany him in the long river of time and space. Accompaniment is the best confession, but she can only do, and he in the same time and space, as soon as possible to find him, accompany him. In his mind, the knowledge of himself is sometimes the host and sometimes himself; the knowledge of you is sometimes a stranger, sometimes a familiar person, and sometimes the best companion. So which is true and which is false? If he has been living in a new time and space without meeting you, isn't he another person? If his original consciousness never awakens, does his existence seem to you as if you never saw him again? Zhi Xi listened to a stupefied, these things, she just met, there are some vague feelings, but never like the little beep at this time to tell her so thoroughly. Maybe it's not that she doesn't understand, but she doesn't want to think too much. Even if you think of it, what's the point of thinking about it? Don't you want to attack the male God step by step and accumulate the system points of counterattacking the female protagonist? Now, the little beep's direct indoctrination, Low Rpm Electric Motor ,brushless gear motor, let her understand these, she did not feel much better because of this, how much understanding of the mind. However, she is not more depressed because of this, she only knows that the meal should be eaten in one mouthful, and the road should be taken step by step! Back to reality, the whole audience was staring at her. Including silently, Zhi Xi first noticed, or he. It's always been him! This is the man who makes her mind linger and turn a thousand times! She felt that she and he did not seem to know how many generations of fetters, that the so-called three lives three lives is what? This fetter, others can not see, including silently may not always have this feeling, only she feels all the time! She smiled sadly, perhaps, this is her fate! "Oh, if you don't have a response, don't pretend to be stupid and admit defeat directly!" Long princess waited for a while, see Zhao Qin silent, when she admitted defeat! "Yes, yes, look at her unwilling and unwilling to admit defeat, really shameless." Zhi Xi also heard those people whispering such words. Just as well, the world slanders me, deceives me, humiliates me, laughs at me, belittles me, despises me, hates me and deceives me. I just need to go straight according to my heart! She blurted out, "When the false is true, the true is also false. When there is nothing, there is nothing." The long princess was still waiting to continue her sarcasm, but she dared not make a sound when she heard this. She did not know whether this Jifeng was good or not, and it was not good to talk about it, and let's see how other people reacted! Silently breathe a sigh of relief, calm. Zhao Xu kept silent, as if he were thinking about something. Zhao seemed to have something to say, but seeing that Zhao Xu did not open his mouth, he swallowed it back. Other women, eunuchs are the atmosphere dare not more, just waiting for a group of big shots to speak. Xiang couldn't stand the strange atmosphere. He turned to Zhao Xu and said, "What do you think?" "It's a good idea." Zhao Xu hesitated for a moment, then turned his head and said, "King Jia, please speak first." When Zhao Zheng refused, Zhao Xu stopped him and said, "Don't be modest at this time. It's like your paintings. Although you've lived in the capital all your life and haven't seen fish, cattail algae, bamboo shoots and reed flowers, I think your brushwork is superb. You're not the kind of person who has to learn to understand them.". You speak with your intuition. Zhao had no choice but to bite the bullet and say, "According to my intuition, Jia Tan's ingenuity is very good.." Jia Tan's lips were slightly raised, and he knew he would win. Is there any suspense? Xiang Shi and the long princess are also very awesome. But Princess Zhao Qin's Jifeng is simply unparalleled! Zhao came with a big gasp. Zhi Xi looked at them nervously, Jia Wang's meaning she also understood, but he is not the final judge after all! Chapter 194 of the main text should go here? The most important thing is, I'm together! Her words just now really just came out smoothly,Small Geared Motors, that is, there is that kind of feeling in the heart, just like the words flow out like water! She herself did not know whether she would be better than Jia Tan!.

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Quickly wear the female companion: the sick and charming boss has a black belly.