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Raise a brother to stay at home together. Emploi Plein temps

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After dinner, to Yaoyao's delight, the overlord and the empress Dowager offered to go back to live in the old house. Otherwise, four pairs of old eyes, which were not dim, would stare at her every move, and she felt that she would be even more miserable than Monkey Sun. While Yang Ziran went to park, Yaoyao sent her parents to the downstairs of the community. The Empress Dowager took her daughter's hand, "Yaoyao, I'm so happy to see you have such a good life today." Eh? "Mom, what are you talking about?" Such sentimental language, not like the usual careless empress Dowager-Yaoyao is the mother of this true biography. The overlord interjected. Say what? Your mother and I are happy. Your parents-in-law love you, and Ziran is also good to you. So the two of us can rest assured. The Empress Dowager nodded and said, "You sisters, you are the wildest and most independent. Remembering a year ago, your father and I were still worried about who would marry you. We were so worried that our hair turned white.". Now that I think of it, it seems like a lifetime ago. If Yaoyao had learned from Yang Ziran, then now she would know how to deal with the inexplicable expression of feelings. Unfortunately, she didn't, so she had to chat up and couldn't speak. The overlord also sighed with great emotion, "Good days come from bitter days, and the past has passed.". So Yaoyao, you should get along well with your husband, honor your parents-in-law and cherish today's day. The whole meeting of recalling bitterness and thinking of sweetness, is it true that his older age did not marry really caused such a terrible shadow to his parents? Yaoyao smiled bitterly, "Dad, Mom, you are dizzy in the car today." "You're the one who's sitting dizzy." The empress Dowager nodded Yaoyao's head, "all want to be a mother, but also so childish.". I'm telling you, don't think that if you're not around your mother, she doesn't know what you're doing. Every day in front of the computer, irregular diet, even meals will not do, but also bully Ziran all day! Which one can you hide from your mother? Yaoyao is very embarrassed, very black line, if only from the few days to go home on weekdays can be observed so much, the empress Dowager can go to be Sherlock Holmes! The empress Dowager touched her daughter's hair and smiled, "Ziran is a good boy. What's rare is that he has a family like that, and he has no shelf at all.". A man of integrity in his family. You already have a family, so you can't be too capricious, do you know? Their mother and daughter were talking privately, Slate Wall Panel ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, and the overlord walked aside with a wink. I got it. This is not an effort. And I'm watching today. Although your parents-in-law are very kind to you, you are too comfortable. I'm afraid they are not the same as us who are used to being so serious. Some things, can accommodate, or accommodate, should pay attention to, or pay attention to. Listen to them, you know? Yaoyao promised one by one, and when she saw that Yang Ziran had parked the car and came over, she hurriedly ran to the elevator room to press the elevator button. On the way home, Yaoyao thought about what her mother had just said, and still felt very unreal. The empress Dowager had never said such a thing to her. Sometimes it is not enough for mother-in-law and daughter-in-law to get along with each other, but also need skills. Obviously, Qian Yaoyao has only the former. The empress Dowager is now willing to talk to her daughter like this, and she has finally taken her daughter as an adult. Yaoyao looked out of the window at the night scene of the rapid retrogression, secretly made up his mind that the man beside him was chosen and fought for by himself. Absolutely can not let her and Yang Ziran after several tests to Xiu Zhengguo feelings, but eventually submerged in daily necessities, a chicken feather to go. The second watch Chapter 5 of the Main Text: Mid-Autumn Festival Gift (9) The next morning, Yaoyao was still unconscious in bed, and the Empress Dowager had already rung the doorbell of her new home. In-laws, I have bought some vegetables. It's very inconvenient to buy vegetables here in the Pearl River New Town. You can see what's missing. I'll buy it again. The empress Dowager and the overlord carried N bags of red and green things in their hands and sank sideways. Su Hongying hurriedly took over, mouth said, "Oh, in-laws mother you really, how to buy so many things?"? Your in-laws are going with you? After "yeah.". Nothing. After we bought it, we took a taxi directly from the gate of the market. Haven't the two little ones got up yet? The empress Dowager's loud voice shook the house, and Yaoyao felt that she could not pretend to sleep in any case. Kicked Yang Ziran beside him, and his little brother, who had always been sleeping and alert, did not move. Yaoyao had to get up by herself, freshen up and go downstairs. "Mom, I'm getting up." It's time for you to get up and have breakfast quickly. The in-laws have made breakfast, and you help us wash the vegetables after eating. I'm going to cook the soup first. The old fire soup in Cantonese style can't be cooked for two or three hours. Yaoyao promised and hurriedly finished the porridge and bread on the table. In fact, this is the first time she got along with her mother-in-law at home. Before she went back to get married, she stayed at home for a few days, but because of the newlyweds, there were a lot of family members coming and going. So at that time Su Hongying invited people outside to go home to cook, now a taste, Professor Guobao's craftsmanship is not bad, porridge is very Yaoyao appetite, she ate two bowls. When Yang Ziran got up, the house was already in a hurry. Yang Haoran and the overlord could not stand the noise of women, hiding in the upstairs study to drink tea, chat and read newspapers, while the big house, which had always been lonely on weekdays,Marble Granite Price, suddenly became lively. After a hasty lunch, the Empress Dowager and Su Hongying slept for a while, then pulled Yaoyao up and began to prepare for the Mid-Autumn dinner. Is this the water shield brought from Hangzhou? Yaoyao asked curiously when she mentioned the slippery water shield.

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Raise a brother to stay at home together.