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Rebirth of Qing Chuan--Almost Cute Emploi Plein temps

3 mars 2023 à 5h15   Banque   Saint-Louis   91 vues Référence: 525
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A few people at random in the city of Taiyuan stroll, this just got up back to the courtyard, such as the people back to the courtyard, Yin Shu Ning will see a courtyard of men in black, all tied hands behind their backs, kneeling in the sun. Chapter 330 the depth of scheming. "What's the matter?" Shu Ning couldn't help asking, and Yin Kui was also confused, but probably also guessed out. Back to the master, these people are Lord Mingzhu's men, sneaking around us, were caught by the brothers. Said Mu Feng with a cold face. Lord Mingzhu? Sneaking around? Yin Kui raised his eyebrows and looked at the people in the yard. Among the men in black, there was a little leader who saw him and said pitifully, "Prince, Prince wants to make decisions for us!" Yin Kui looked at such an interesting person, the corners of his mouth a hook, pondering said: "wronged?"? Let's hear it! Seeing that there was a play, the little head knelt down and walked a few steps, saying, "The slaves came to protect the prince under the instructions of Lord Mingzhu." Yin Kui looked at the man on the ground and said in a cold voice, "Protect Gu?"? Isn't it the assassination of Gu? "The slave dare not!" When the little head finished speaking,inflatable bounce house with slide, he kowtowed and soon broke his good forehead. The slaves are really under the instructions of Lord Mingzhu to protect the prince. If you don't believe it, there is a handwritten letter from Lord Mingzhu in the slave's arms. Why don't you take it out and have a look? Small head is anxious, see this situation, Mu Feng can not help but suspect, they caught the wrong? Yin Kui motioned to Mu Feng, and Mu Feng came forward and took out a piece of letter paper in the small head's arms, "Ye." Mu Feng handed the letter paper to Yin. Yin Kui opened a look,Inflatable indoor park, this pearl really thought thoughtfully, unexpectedly also really sent the dark guard to protect him, but, this manpower is a little less, only eight people. Well, untie the rope. Yin Kui took the letter and sat down on the chair beside him. What can you do? Yin asked with interest. If you go back to the prince, the slave will do nothing but block a hidden arrow for you. The little head is very honest. Yin Kui heard the news, happy. This pearl is really an old fox! Sent so a few shrimp soldiers crab will come over, euphemistically called to protect him, in fact, is a cannon fodder, when the time comes not to drag him down is good. It is useless to ask you alone! If not, you can go back and thank him for his kindness. Yin said as if it was easy to discuss. The little head still bowed his head and did not move, and the seven people behind him also hung their heads, Inflatable bouncer ,large inflatable water slide, like a group of puppies who had made a mistake and asked for a touch. Say something! What news have you passed on after following me for so long? "Back to Ye's words, the slaves really did not leak your news, the Pearl Lord really ordered us to take good care of the prince." The little head spoke so sincerely that he wished he could dig out his heart and let Yin see it. Alright Look at this posture Yin Kui will know, these people really did not spread the news. But it also shows how deep the Pearl's scheming is! First, arrange some useless shrimp soldiers and crab generals. If something really happens, it can only be said that his ability is limited. Moreover, he is much better than Suoetu, the uncle of the prince. Let's go. Yin Kui also does not like these people, at random command someone to do. Several people struggled, not knowing what punishment Yin would give them. Mu Feng, there are these people in the light, there must be other people in the dark, you have to give Gu a good check, Gu want to know all the plans of the pearl. Yin Kui stared at Mu Feng and said with a serious face. Mu Feng is also very formal, directly made a military order, "Ye, the slave will be well traced, if not the truth of the matter, the slave voluntarily resigned, to be an ordinary little killer." "All right, go." Mu Feng's ability, Yin Kui is to know, so also do not want to listen to him to say these nonsense, directly drove him away. Chapter 331 nine out of ten. "Ning, let's go back." After driving the wind away, Yin Kui wanted to pull the book back to the main courtyard. Shu Ning grabbed Yin Kui and said worriedly, "Sir, Lord Mingzhu must have a conspiracy. You must pay attention to your safety when you go in and out of the courtyard these days." "Well, I know. Don't worry." Yin clapped Shu Ning's hand and said with a smile. Uh After a brief exchange, they returned to the main courtyard. …… Zhang Jia came to Shuiyue Pavilion with her daughter in her arms at the Prince's Mansion in Beijing. Sister Qi, we haven't had a good chat for a long time. Zhang Jia smiled and pulled Qi Shi, and the two of them saluted each other. I'm here. It's very remote. I don't think my sister wants to come. Qi Shi is also laughing and joking. Since Qi gave birth to her eldest son and was promoted to Gege, Zhang Jia called Qi her elder sister. Qi was not used to it at first, but now he is used to it. Where's Hiroshi? Jingshu is thinking about playing with her brother every day. Zhang Jia held her little daughter in her arms and said cheerfully. That boy, I'm afraid he's still asleep at the moment. He hasn't been sleeping before. Maybe he's tired and just fell asleep. Speaking of his son, Qi was both proud and helpless. It seems that Jingshu came at a bad time today, isn't it, little Jingshu? Zhang Jia weighed her daughter and said to her with a smile, whether she could understand or not. Sange Jingshu looked at the familiar courtyard, shook her body, and stretched straight into the house. Slow down and don't stretch yourself. Zhang Jia saw her daughter's waist with one hand to prevent her from falling down. "My brother is sleeping. Shall we come back tomorrow?" Jing Shu can ignore, babbling, small body straight into the house. Qi had no choice but to shake his head with a smile and said, "Take Gege in and wait on her carefully." "Yes." Chi Meng beckoned and called over a little servant girl, who took the nurse and the three Gege to the elder brother's bedroom. What is my sister doing these days? Zhang Jia is very curious. But Qi smiled and said nothing. She poured Zhang Jia a cup of tea and then said,inflatable amusement park, "What can there be? It's just copying Buddhist scriptures and teasing." Then he smiled helplessly and drank down the teacup. Of course, Zhang Jia understood what Qi said, because she lived the same life.

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Rebirth of Qing Chuan--Almost Cute