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Rebuild the Prehistoric Recipe of Adverse Life Emploi Plein temps

1er mars 2023 à 5h04   Electricien   Saint-Louis   77 vues Référence: 471
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Immediately after that, I saw a rapid sound of breaking the air. In the puzzled eyes of those who were still watching, twelve lights and shadows suddenly flashed from the battlefield of the mountain of corpses and the sea of blood, and then quickly flew into the hands of Ye Feng. The lights and shadows were so dazzling that it was impossible to know what it was. Just right, just right, a lot of it. Ye Feng nodded his head and said in his heart that the twelve light and shadow were the twelve jade tablets he had given to the twelve ancestral witches. At the beginning, he did this in order to let the ancestral witches survive the Lich catastrophe. After all, the twelve ancestral witches were Pangu's blood. He helped Sanqing so much. If he didn't care about the twelve ancestor witches, it would be a bit unreasonable. Now, the twelve jade tablets have successfully completed their mission, and Ye Feng naturally takes them all back. Next is this Buzhou Mountain. Putting away the twelve jade tablets, Ye Feng put his eyes on Mount Buzhou again and murmured in his mouth. Originally, without the appearance of Ye Feng, according to the track of the original flood and famine, in the Lich War, the backbone of Pangu, which supported the whole flood and famine, was to be broken by Gonggong, but now everything has changed. Because he set up the chaotic five elements derived array in the stars, making the whole flood and famine aura incomparably abundant, fragile space has become more and more stable, coupled with his timely action, so, this time, although Gonggong launched a self-explosion,radio shuttle racking, to destroy Mount Buzhou, but the endless space cracks will soon be reorganized and healed. As a result, Mount Buzhou was not crushed at the waist by the ferocious space cracks and finally collapsed. Although now it looks like it is still full of scars, horrible, like an ancient beast with sharp teeth to bite it mercilessly, revealing a ferocious wound, but somehow not Zhou Shan still saved is not, he is still strong to support the prehistoric universe. Of course, the change in the flood and famine is not only that,Drive in racking system, but also that Mount Buzhou has not been broken is only part of the change. The stability of the prehistoric space made the self-explosion power of the twelve ancestral witches and the demon saints great, but it did not have a great impact on the prehistoric land, and the prehistoric land was not broken up. Finally, it was re-divided into four States by the saints, and it was still a complete prehistoric land. And because Mount Buzhou was not broken by Gonggong, Nuwa did not have to kill the Xuan Turtle and take its limbs as Tianzhu, nor did she have to use Gan Kun Ding to refine the multicolored sacred stone to mend the sky, so naturally there was no extra multicolored sacred stone thrown by Nuwa to Huaguo Mountain in Aolai Country, so that it could absorb the essence of the sun and the moon. Finally, the Monkey King who made a scene in the sky and was not fettered by the secular world was achieved, that is to say, the journey to the West may disappear completely and never appear again. The trajectory of the flood and famine has been completely changed. If it changes, it will change. It's good to change. Ye Feng is very indifferent, although now the flood and famine to Ye Feng, has gradually become strange, but as long as the flood and famine is developing in a better direction, he has nothing to care about. But now we still have to deal with Mount Buzhou. Ye Feng said to himself, Pallet rack upright ,Industrial pallet rack, putting his eyes on the huge gap in the middle of Mount Buzhou, which was like an ancient beast biting off the middle of Mount Buzhou with sharp teeth. Although this huge gap is nothing to Buzhou Mountain, which connects heaven and earth, it does affect the image if it is put aside all the time. After all, it is the backbone of Pangu, so Ye Feng decided to fill the huge gap. With a slight frown and thought, Ye Feng's eyes wandered around the endless mountains, and finally locked on several mountains that had been destroyed by the aftermath of the war. Right hand stretched out again, five fingers slightly bent, facing the mountains that had been damaged, suddenly a roar sounded constantly, the mountains were uprooted by an amazing suction, separated from the flood and famine continent, flew high into the sky, a huge pit suddenly appeared in the continent. Go Ye Feng let out a loud shout, his right hand controlled the broken mountains and suddenly threw them into the huge gap of Mount Buzhou. In the blink of an eye, he crashed into the huge gap, and a dull crash echoed and splashed endless smoke and dust. "Well, that's about it." Ye Feng clapped his hands and felt more relaxed, although he used several damaged mountains to forcibly fill the vacancy, which made Mount Buzhou slightly abrupt, without the original natural, but also made the vast momentum of Mount Buzhou greatly reduced, but he believed that after a long time, this sense of abruptness would gradually disappear, and with the precipitation and accumulation of time and the sun and the moon. That momentum will be more distant, profound and vast, and Mount Buzhou will always stand in the prehistoric universe as if it existed from ancient times, supporting the operation of the prehistoric universe. You go to the Zixiao Palace with me. Ye Feng, who had finished all his work, suddenly spoke to the six sages who had been looking on, and then his figure disappeared in an instant. Of course, he did not forget to collect the magic weapons that had been suspended in the air after the fall of Emperor Jun and others. After all, those can be the top Lingbao, congenital treasure or even the best chaos Lingbao level, any one put in the flood and famine will cause numerous bloody storms, not to mention several now, is the mixed yuan sage can not say also want to fight for one, when a fierce battle is absolutely unavoidable. So, it is better to let him collect directly, so as not to cause unnecessary disputes, and in the end they have to clean up the mess. Go, we will go to Zixiao Palace now. Although the heart was a little surprised that Ye Feng was so powerful, the divine consciousness directly through their sage dojo, they could not detect the sound to them, but the six saints quickly reacted, at this time the Lich war had just ended, they were summoned, there must be something important to order, so they all hurried out of the dojo, toward the chaos of Zixiao Palace. (PS: Ask for a ticket and ask for a collection. Thank you, Fu Liang, for your reward support.) Chapter 241 the Lord of Heaven! Chapter 241 the Lord of Heaven! "Pay your respects to Shibo, Master." After the six sages met outside the Zixiao Palace, they all stepped into the Zixiao Palace,Warehouse storage racks, where the gate was open. When they saw Ye Feng and Hong Jun sitting high in the main hall, they hurried to pay their respects. You don't have to be polite, sit down.

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