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Recommend [Metaphysics] The broken Taoist temple is not closed today. Emploi Plein temps

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Originally, it was all for fun, but Lin Mo nodded after serious consideration: "I will propose to the Lord, if the underworld agrees, I will tell you in the live broadcast room." Many net friends all laughed, the northeast eldest brother also brushed a pile of gifts, but also did not forget to tease: "I first pay the deposit, later the quota must count me." Lin Mo: "In addition to this live account, our Ruyiguan has opened a micro-blog and a treasure account. If you have business, you can send us a private message on micro-blog. We have a commissioner online 24 hours a day. A treasure can buy the paper produced by our Ruyiguan and the goods sold by the stall owners. They are on the shelves irregularly. If you like them, you can pay more attention to them." Lin Mo: "In addition, if you have difficult and complicated diseases, you can come to our Ruyiguan to see a doctor. The doctor in charge of seeing a doctor has excellent medical skills. The key point is that the free clinic is free." Lin finished holding up his mobile phone and glanced at the location of the free clinic. From the screen, he could see many people queuing up to see a doctor. Someone had just wanted to comment that it was the favorite of the uncles and aunts, when he saw a group of young people in the line looking at the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in front of them. The only thing these young people have in common is that their hair looks a little malnourished, especially the one in the front, whose brightness catches up with the sun, dazzling. Netizen: … … … I seem to have accidentally discovered a new secret of Ruyi Guan. —— The Taoist temple was free,juice filling machine, but Jian Luoshu was as busy as before. In the past, in addition to the affairs of the Taoist temple, Jian Luoshu had to read books and learn the art of Taoist deduction. Now that everything has been learned, it's time to perform the duties of the Lord of Ruyi Guan-to help ghosts solve their problems. A few months later, Jian Luoshu once again played the guqin left by his master, and the sound of the guqin pierced the silent night sky and reached the ears of every wandering ghost. Lonely Soul: "I feel that the sound of Jian Guanzhu's piano has not improved at all, and it is still as ugly as ever!" Wild Ghost: "Why don't we launch a crowdfunding campaign to send Guan Zhu to learn how to play the guqin? The sound of the guqin scares the ghosts to death!" Jian Luoshu looked at the ghosts lying on the top of the wall with a look of disgust and came out with the jade Ruyi: "Who said I played badly just now?" A group of ghosts immediately disappeared, leaving only a somewhat slow reaction of the ghost still lying on the wall, even the expression of disgust did not have time to take back. Holding Yu Ruyi in his right hand, PET bottle Mold ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, Jian Luoshu gently knocked twice on his left hand: "Oh, are you here to find fault?" The ghost on the wall shook his head vigorously. "I'm here for help." Jian Luoshu regretfully put down the Ruyi in his hand and returned to the hut with the ghost on the wall. "Tell me, what's the matter with you?" Ghost on the wall: "My name is Verhofstadt. I am 48 years old this year. When I returned from a trip abroad, the foreign airline plane I took had an accident. I died in the air crash." Jane Luoshu looked at him with some pity. "It must be very painful, right?" The ghost on the wall sighed softly: "I was very scared when the plane went wrong, but I'm glad that my daughter couldn't travel according to the original plan because of her work. I'm glad that she escaped.". In fact, when we died, we really didn't suffer any crime. It was just a matter of a moment. When I came to my senses, my soul had already returned home. Jane Luoshu was silent for a moment: "Look at the state of your soul has been dead for three years, do you have any unfinished wishes?" The ghost on the wall nodded: "My daughter gave birth to a daughter a few days ago. It was a very happy thing. I didn't expect that my son-in-law's parents preferred boys to girls. They didn't give my daughter a good look in the hospital. When they came home, they didn't even take good care of her after confinement. Every day, they pointed at Sang and scolded Kui, saying that my daughter didn't have a good life. Otherwise, she wouldn't have lost her mother and father." "My wife died of lung cancer six years ago, and I died in a plane crash three years ago, but these are our destinies. What does it have to do with my daughter?"? My daughter is the treasure that my wife and I put on our hearts, and I won't allow anyone to bully her like this. As soon as Jian Luoshu heard this, he was angry: "This is 9012 years. How can there be such a disgusting person? Your son-in-law watched his parents make so much noise.". ” The ghost on the top of the wall said in disgust, "That's a mama's boy. I was so good when I was chasing my daughter. I wish I could pick all the stars in the sky.". The successive deaths of my wife and me in the past few years really hit my daughter hard, especially when she saw other people's family reunion during the holidays, but she could only live alone, and she felt so sad. She really wanted a family, so she married the man after three months of courting him, but she didn't think that the man was a wolf in sheep's clothing. The ghostly face on the top of the wall was ferocious: "Now their family is living in my house, calculating my daughter's money, and scolding my daughter for her bad life. This kind of person really doesn't even want his face." Jian Luoshu listened angrily and carried Yu Ruyi in a circle in the room. I guess if the family was in front of her, she could rush up and break their mouths. What's your daughter's attitude? Jian Luoshu looked back at the ghost on the wall and said, "Do you feel calm for a while or stop the loss in time?"? I tell you that if you have the backbone and don't want money, I will help you. If you can't tell the difference between good and bad people, don't look for me as soon as possible. I'm afraid I can't help beating her too. The ghost on the wall waved his hand hurriedly: "I saw that my daughter had already contacted a lawyer with her best friend in private, and wanted to divorce as soon as she was out of confinement.". But I don't think her best friend is a good person. She also has contact with my son-in-law in private. She pretends to coax both sides. I'm afraid she won't help my daughter and will sell her. The ghost on the wall sighed heavily: "I'm just an ordinary ghost. I'm angry and anxious but I can't help it. Please help me." Jian Luoshu grinded his back teeth and gave a sneer: "Don't worry,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, it's all on me. I like it best!" The ghost at the top of the wall breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I know that you have to pay for the business entrusted by Ruyi Guan, and the owner of the paper money is certainly not rare.". I happened to be a professor and master's supervisor of XX Conservatory of Music before my death. I have been studying Guqin with the master since I was five years old. I still have some attainments in this respect. It's better for me to teach Guqin as a reward.

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