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Records of the Grand History of China Emploi Plein temps

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Sibgei ascended the throne for fifty years. In the prison, the Eight Diagrams of Gai Yiyi are sixty-four hexagrams. The poet Dao Xibo, the year when he was appointed, proclaimed himself king and broke off the lawsuit of Yu Rui. After ten years and collapse, Shi for the king. Change the law, the system is the new moon. Gu Gong was posthumously honored as Tai Wang, and Gong Ji as Wang Ji: Gai Wang Rui from Tai Wang Xing. When King Wu ascended the throne, Taigong Wang was his teacher, supplemented by Duke Dan of Zhou. He called the Duke and Bi Gong's disciples around the king, and learned from King Wen Xuye. In the ninth year, King Wu offered sacrifices to Bi. East view soldiers, as for the alliance. For the king of wood, with the car, ZhongJun. King Wu claimed to be Prince Fa, and said that he served King Wen to cut down, but he did not dare to specialize in himself. Then he told Sima, Situ, Sikong, and Zhu Jie, "Qi Li, believe me!"! To ignorance, with the ancestors have virtue minister, the boy by the first merit, Bi Li reward and punishment, in order to determine its merit. Sui Xingshi. Shi Shang's father called out, saying, "All you common people, you and your boat, and those who come later will be beheaded." When King Wu crossed the river, the white fish jumped into the king's boat, and King Wu bowed down to offer sacrifices. Since crossing, there is fire from the top to the bottom, as for the king's house, flow for black, its color red, its sound soul cloud. At that time, the governors unexpectedly met the eight hundred governors of the alliance. The princes all said, "Zhou can be attacked." King Wu said, "If you don't know the destiny of Heaven, you can't do it." Is to return to the teacher. In the second year, I heard that Zhou was confused and tyrannical. He killed Prince Bigan and imprisoned Jizi. Taishi and Shaoshi rushed to Zhou with their musical instruments in their arms. So King Wu told the princes all over the place, saying, "Yin has committed a serious crime, and it is impossible not to attack him." Is in accordance with the king, hence rate by three hundred chariots, samurai three thousand people, forty-five thousand soldiers, to the east against Zhou. In December of the eleventh year, Wu Wu,information kiosk price, Shi Bi crossed Mengjin, and the princes met Xianhui. Mencius replied, "There is no idleness in breeding." King Wu then made an oath and told the common people, "Now King Zhou of Yin has used the words of his wife to cut himself off from heaven, to destroy his three rights, and to leave his parents and younger brothers. He has cut off the joy of his ancestors, and has used the sound of changing the right voice to say that women are happy.". Therefore, today I give Fa Wei a total punishment from heaven. Mian Zai master, not again, not three! In February, Jiazi was ignorant, and Wu Dynasty swore an oath to Shang Mu Ye in the suburbs. King Wu left staff yellow tomahawk, right with white, with. Mencius replied, "Far away are the people of the West!" King Wu said, "Oh!"! I have Guozhongjun, Situ,smart interactive whiteboard, Sima, Sikong, Yalu, Shishi, Qianfuchang, Centurion, and Yong, Shu, Qiang, { spear }, Wei, Lu, Peng, Pu people, called Erge, Biergan, Liermao, and gave them an oath. The king said, "The ancients said, 'There is no morning for a rooster.". The morning of the rooster is only the rope of the family. Today, Zhou Wei, the king of Yin, said that his wife's words were useful. She abandoned her ancestors and did not answer them. She abandoned her family and country, leaving her parents and brothers unused. It was because of the many sins of the four directions that she fled. She was a worshipper and a leader, a believer and an envoy, so that she could tyrannize the people and rape the Shang State. Today, I give Fa Wei the punishment of heaven. Today's matter, but six steps seven steps, but stop Qi Yan, master encourage! Not more than four felling five felling six felling seven felling, but stop Qi Yan, Mian Zai master! Shang Huan Huan, such as a tiger, interactive whiteboard prices ,digital whiteboard price, such as a jackal, such as from, in the suburbs of business, not imperial gram rush, in order to serve the western soil, Mian Zai master! If you don't encourage it, it will kill you. Oath already, governors soldiers will ride four thousand, Chen Shi Muye. When Emperor Zhou heard that King Wu was coming, he also sent seven hundred thousand troops away from King Wu. King Wu sent his teacher Shang Fu and a hundred men to his teacher, and sent him to the emperor Zhou Shi with a big pawn. Although Zhou's troops were numerous, they all had no intention of fighting, and they wanted King Wu to enter. Zhou division all fall soldiers to fight, to open king Wu. When King Wu galloped, all the soldiers of Zhou collapsed. When Zhou left, he climbed on the Deer Terrace, covered himself with jade, and died in the fire. King Wu holds the big white flag to the vassal, the vassal Bi worships King Wu, King Wu is Yi vassal, the vessal Bi obeys. When King Wu came to the State of Shang, the people of the State of Shang stayed in the suburbs. So King Wu sent his officials to tell the people of Shang, saying, "Heaven has come to rest." The merchants all bowed down again, and King Wu also bowed down. Then into, to Zhou death. King Wu shot himself, fired three rounds and then got out of the car, struck him with a light sword, and beheaded Zhou with a yellow tomahawk, the flag of the county. Zhou's two concubines, both of whom had committed suicide. King Wu shot three more rounds, struck with a sword, and beheaded with a tomahawk, the flag of a small white in the county. King Wu has been out of the army. Its tomorrow, in addition to the way, society and Shang Zhou palace. In due course, the flag of Baifuhehan is the pioneer. King Wu's younger brother Zhen Duo served Chen Changche, Duke Dan of Zhou took the big tomahawk, and Duke Bi took the small tomahawk to clip King Wu. San Yisheng, Tai Dian, and Wu Yao all held swords to defend King Wu. Both into, standing in the left of the south big pawn, right Bi from. Mao Shu Zheng Fengmingshui, Wei Kang Shu Feng Buzi, Zhao Gong Zan Cai, Shi Shangfu led the sacrifice. Yin Yizhu said, 'At the end of the Yin Dynasty, Sun Ji Zhou dethroned the former king Ming De, insulted the gods and refused to offer sacrifices to them, and corrupted the people of the Shang city. His seal was obviously heard by the emperor and God. "So King Wu again paid his respects to Ji Shou, saying," Accept the greater order, change Yin, and accept the order of Heaven. " King Wu worshipped Ji Shou again, but he went out. Feng Shang Zhou Zi Lu Fu Yin Zhi Yu Min. King Wu did not set for Yin at the beginning, so he ordered his younger brother Guan Shuxian and Cai Shudu to govern Yin. Has been ordered to summon the release of Jizi prisoner. He ordered Bi Gong to release the prisoners of the common people, and called Shang Rong's Lv. Life Nangong Kuo scattered the wealth of Lutai, send the millet of Juqiao, in order to shake the poor and weak Meng Li. He ordered Nangong Kuo and Shi Yi to exhibit nine tripods to protect the jade. He ordered Hong Yao to seal the tomb of Bigan. Life Zong Zhu enjoys the temple in the army. Is to return to the west. Line, record political affairs, for Wu Cheng. Seal vassal, class grant Zong Yi, for points of Yin. King Wu remembered the first sage-king, who was named Jiao after Shennong, Zhu after Huangdi, Ji after Emperor Yao, Chen after Emperor Shun, and Qi after Dayu. Therefore, he was given the title of meritorious counsellor, and Shi Shangfu was given the first title. Seal Shang Fu in camp hill, Yue qi. Seal brother Zhou Gong Dan in Qufu, Yue Lu. Feng Zhao Gong Yu Yan. Seal brother uncle fresh in tube, brother uncle degree in cai. Each of the rest was sealed for the second time. King Wu of the nine herdsmen, ascended the fu, in order to look at Shang Yi. When King Wu arrived in Zhou, he could not sleep at night. When Dan, the Duke of Zhou, came to Wang Suo, he said, "Why can't I sleep?" The king said, "Tell your daughter, Wei Tian does not feed Yin. He has not been born for sixty years now. The milu deer are herding, and they are all over the wild.". Heaven does not enjoy Yin, but today there is success. Wei Tianjian Yin, its ascended the name of the people three hundred and sixty men, not show also not the guest, to this day. I haven't decided on Tianbao. How can I sleep? The king said, 'To set the protection of Heaven, according to the Heavenly Chamber, to know the evil of seeking the husband, and to demote him to the king of Yin. Day and night labors come to fix my western land, my Wei Xianfu, and De Fangming. Since Luo Yanyu Yi, Ju Yi is not solid, and it has the residence of Xia. "I looked three ways to the south, looked at Yue Bi in the north, looked at Zhan Youhe, and looked at Zhan Yi and Yi in Guangdong." Ying Zhou lived in Luoyi and then went. Riding a horse in the sun of the Huashan Mountains, herding an ox in the void of the peach groves; warring in war, strengthening the army, and releasing the brigade: to show that the world is not used again. King Wu had conquered Yin, and two years later,temperature scanning kiosks, he asked Jizi why Yin had died. Jizi could not bear to say Yin evil, in order to survive the country should be reported. King Wu was also ugly, so he asked about the way of heaven.

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