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Restaurants and hotels are not allowed to provide disposable articles free of charge. Emploi Plein temps

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The draft was formulated on the basis of the Regulations, and put forward norms of conduct for all parties responsible for waste classification, collection, transportation and disposal, as well as promotion measures. Compared with the previous management methods, many aspects have been refined. The draft clearly States that units and individuals that produce domestic waste should classify and put domestic waste in accordance with the regulations, and should not dump, throw, discard, burn, pile up or mix domestic waste at will. The classification guidelines are refined to hazardous waste, kitchen waste, recyclables, waste annual flowers, large furniture,CE Certificate KN95 Mask, etc. The draft also puts forward specific requirements on how to put food waste into food waste producing units, agricultural markets and fruit and vegetable markets, such as the classification of food waste and waste oil units, which should not be mixed with domestic waste or directly discharged into public drainage pipes. The draft requires that the domestic waste in residential areas should be classified and put in a relatively centralized way. When the construction unit or the owners'committee, the owners' Congress and the property service enterprise sign the property service contract, they should stipulate the requirements, modes and relevant responsibilities for the classification of domestic waste and the results that do not conform to the classification standards. Each natural village should build more than one domestic waste collection point,Medical Full Body Coverall, equipped with special transport vehicles, and meet the requirements of hard-bottomed, enclosed, separate collection of hazardous waste and recyclables, regular cleaning and disinfection. For units engaged in classified collection and transportation of domestic waste, the draft puts forward a number of operational provisions, such as the storage time of transfer stations should not exceed 12 hours. In terms of waste disposal, the draft stipulates different ways and methods of disposal for hazardous waste, recyclables, catering waste, waste edible oil, kitchen waste and organic perishable waste in the market and fruit and vegetable market, and makes it clear that domestic waste that has been classified and transported should be classified and disposed of, free shipping disposable coverall ,KN95 Face Mask, and mixed disposal is prohibited. When performing their supervisory duties, social supervisors have the right to enter urban and rural domestic waste collection points, transfer stations (compression stations) and terminal treatment facilities, to understand the classification of urban and rural domestic waste and the operation of centralized transfer facilities and terminal treatment facilities,3 Ply Disposable Protective Face Mask, to consult relevant data of environmental monitoring, and to put forward opinions and suggestions. The persons responsible for the classified management of urban and rural domestic waste and the units engaged in the classified collection, transportation and disposal of domestic waste shall cooperate. By Li Wen Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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