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Rogue High Lord Emploi Plein temps

25 nov. 2022 à 2h17   Electricien   Passi   223 vues Référence: 64
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Luo Yan raised the cup, gently drank a mouthful of black tea, motioned to the prophet Dan Molin to taste the taste of black tea, and then said with a smile, "This time I really did not expect that the prophet would bring people to the rescue, this favor, I Luo Yan wrote down!" "There, there, our two tribes and your Lord Lordaeron are closely linked together, Lordaeron has something to do, we are not easy to do, to help you is to help ourselves!" The prophet Dan Morin was polite there. In fact, I have one more thing to discuss with you this time when I look for you, Lord Prophet! Luo Yan knows so you are modest, I push, I am afraid that the previous day can not get to the point, so he simply put the words directly, this can also save a lot of time. Dan Molin's face was calm. He knew that Luo Yan was looking for him alone, so he must have something to discuss with him. But he deliberately did not mention it, because whoever mentioned it first would fall behind. He knew the truth. He said to Luo Yan, "Lord, if you have anything to say, just say it directly. Grey Wind and White Rhinoceros Tribe, I can still make decisions!" Luo Yan waited for the words of the prophet Dan Morin, who stood up with a smile,akba boswellic acid, then went to the wall, gently pulled the small rope beside the red velvet floor curtain that covered the wall, and with a slight force, the two velvet floor curtains were separated from each other, and hanging on the wall was a very detailed map of the vicinity of the Dolimont Mountains and several territories along the Dolimont Mountains. They are all marked on the map and distinguished by different colors. My Lord, who are you? Dan Molin prophet deliberately asked, he knew Luo Yan this time let him look at the map, that Luo Yan looking for him, is absolutely for the territory of things,stesweet stevia, he is really curious, do not know what Luo Yan want him to help?


The first chapter of the main text is calculation (part two). Luo Yan walked to the edge of the map, pointed his finger on the map, and smiled at the prophet Dan Molin, "Please look here!" Then he got out of the way and waited for the prophet of Dan Moline to come. With a look of surprise, the prophet Dan Morin walked to the map and saw Luo Yan's finger fall on a place called Lind County, next to the Heerenveen River. He was surprised to say to Luo Yan, "This is not your territory!"! Adult He did not know what Luo Yan wanted to do, Lordaeron had just experienced a war, although Luo Yan will invade the wolf ride all away, but Lordaeron is also heavy casualties, should be no power to carry out other actions, then Luo Yan this time point out what is the purpose of Lind County? "Just because it's not now, doesn't mean it won't be later, Lord Prophet. Soon, Lind County will have a new master!" Luo Yan said meaningfully to Dan Morin, he already had the overall idea in his heart, lycopene for skin ,rosmarinic acid supplement, but to see the attitude of Dan Morin prophet, can say a little bit, this plan, must Dan Morin prophet cooperate, otherwise what is needless to say. The prophet Dan Morin looked at Luo Yan in surprise. He could feel the strong confidence in Luo Yan's words. He said to Luo Yan with a smile, "Lord, it seems that you have a plan. I don't know what we can do for you." If Luo Yan is prepared to let the tribe's tauren warriors and wolves ride to capture Lind County, he will certainly reject Luo Yan's plan, he does not want those elite warriors to die for Luo Yan's expansion, especially this untimely expansion, there is no value of sacrifice! As if he had understood everything that the prophet Dan Morin had in mind, Luo Yan smiled at the prophet Dan Morin and said, "Does the prophet think I'm going to let you White Rhinoceros and Grey Wind tribes go to occupy Lind County?"? If so, then I have to say that you are wrong, even if you promised to help me to occupy Lind County, the kingdom of the crusade army arrived, Lind County still does not belong to me, it is meaningless to do so! Hearing Luo Yan's words, the prophet Dan Morin breathed a sigh of relief, but if Luo Yan did not put his eyes on the orcs, what else could he do? The prophet Dan Morin was also very surprised at this, so he said to Luo Yan, "What is your plan, Lord?" Luo Yan smiled twice, pulled Dan Morin to sit on the chair, and then said to him, "I want to borrow the Wolf Riding of the Grey Wind Tribe!" Confused by Luo Yan's straightforward remark, the prophet Dan Morin said to Luo Yan, "Aren't you going to capture Lind County?"? So what else do you borrow Wolf Rider for? "I'm not seconding wolves to attack Lind County, but to frighten them. You should know that there is a law in the Kingdom of Sofia that if a nobleman abandons his territory and runs away when a strong enemy comes, he will lose the ownership of his territory and even be executed. As far as I know, the Lord of Lind County is very timid." It is said that on one occasion, the wild horses on the grassland were taken as wolves to ride, and they were so frightened that they fell off their horses! Luo Yan's words only said half, the rest is the need for Dan Morin prophet himself to experience, Dan Morin prophet this old fox immediately want to understand Luo Yan's plan, he smiled, the wrinkles on his face are crowded together, then Luo Yan topic way, "you mean, let the wolf ride to frighten the Lord of Lind County, let him escape, and then you go to fight the wolf ride." Am I right? "Ha ha ha, Lord Dan Morin is a prophet!" Luo Yan laughed and nodded, and it seemed that the prophet Dan Morin had found the point of the question. If I remember correctly, there seems to be an amnesty in your kingdom of Sophia. If the Lord fails to do his duty to defend the territory, and someone repels the strong enemy, the territory will be taken by the person who repels the enemy, right? The prophet Dan Molin saw Luo Yan's good calculation at a glance and said with a smile. Luo Yan smiled and picked up the cool black tea, took a sip, and then knew to Dan Morin first, "Yes, that's what I think, as long as the Wolf Rider can scare away the Lord of Lind County,turmeric extract powder, I can generously accept Lind County, even if I go to the imperial court, I'm not afraid!"

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