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23 févr. 2023 à 2h31   Banque   Dakar   146 vues Référence: 387
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Looking at the narrow corridor in front of him, Xia Feng decided not to use his skills any more. He used his skills to consume too much endurance, and it was not the way to go on like this. So Xia Feng thought that he could only use his Yuhuang Shenjian to draw the sharpness slowly, that is to say, if he drew it accurately, he could kill it directly. Yuhuang moves three times faster! Whoosh. Whoosh. Ka-ka-ka Knock knock! Ding, congratulations on your mastery of the skill Phantom Swordsmanship. It costs 500 internal skills and has no cooldown. Xia Feng was stunned and comprehended the skill? But let the summer wind more excited is not his understanding of the skills, but because he just displayed that a full second to kill five zombies! Five! Silver boss, even if you use those skills against the sky, you can't do it, because those skills against the sky can only kill one, and now? Did you kill five? Looking at the front of a few zombies Xia Feng smiled. Phantom Swordsmanship Whoosh, whoosh. All sharp effects appear. Direct seckill! Zhang Ningxue and Liu Jing two women a little stupefied, if the wind eldest brother has such ability, why should it take so long to kill these zombies? But now they have no time to ask more, the summer wind killed those zombies immediately after walking forward. It was not until the three men came to a lobby that they stood still. The hall is not very big, but it is very deep. How to say,whirlpool hot tub, it seems that the hall can not see the edge, but it is not very big. Because of the color, they feel that there is only more than 100 square meters here. Brother Feng, what you see now is an illusion! Yuhuang Xianer suddenly said. Xia Feng was stunned, hallucination? What do you mean? Yuhuang Xianer explained again, "Brother Feng,Whirlpool bathtub, don't you feel that something strange has happened since you entered here?" Xia Feng nodded and said to Yu Huang Xian'er, "Xian'er, can you say it carefully?"? I also feel very strange, because just now those 100 level red "color" boss and 100 level silver boss actually let me such a seckill, or a little incomprehensible, even if I understand the skills are very powerful will not reach this level. Indeed, although the silver boss of level 100 is not as powerful as the mermaid monster that Xia Feng met last time when he was guarding the city, the difference is only level 20. Even if the single strength is not good, more than a dozen silver bosses of level 100 can top a gold boss of level 100. Want to say now, one hundred gold boss to really and summer wind dry up is absolutely seckill summer wind, at the beginning of the turtle's every move is the most proof of the gold boss intrepid. It's very strange to think of the summer wind here. It's too abnormal. Yes, those are all hallucinations. Brother Feng, endless swim pool ,endless pool swim spa, I felt very strange when I entered here. Why is there all blood here? And the wind brother encountered almost all the monsters are more than one hundred, and they are all bosses, if there are so many bosses here, only by the wind brother's strength now simply can not go here, so now I finally understand that just now we saw just an illusion, and those bosses should be ordinary monsters. Otherwise, Brother Feng would have been killed by them. Yuhuang Xianer explained. The land of blood and color? Xia Feng thought of this and immediately shook his head again and looked at the map again. Mirror Hall! I see. It turned out that the monsters I met just now were not the same as what I saw. Those were just ordinary monsters. No wonder it was so easy to kill a group of bosses just now. They were all hallucinations. So now everything we see is an illusion? Xia Feng asked. Yes, everything we see now is an illusion, but one thing is not an illusion! Yuhuang Xianer suddenly stressed. "What?" Xianer deliberately shook Yuhuang Shenjian and said, "Brother Feng, the induction ability of Yuhuang Shenjian is not an illusion. You can see that the body of the sword is shining now. If there is no mistake, there is either some equipment of Yuhuang suit here, or it is related to the release of Yuhuang Shengjian!" "You mean there is either Yuhuang's equipment or Tianxing's punishment here?" Xia Feng asked in surprise. The latter gave a hum and did not go on. Heavenly punishment, a zombie king, heard Yuhuang Xianer said that the strength of this heavenly punishment is dozens of times as much as she is now, so she won't let herself be so anxious to unseal Yuhuang Shenjian. Not to mention anything else, just angel blood is already more difficult than climbing the sky, right? If not because of catching up with the soul seal of the angel queen, in addition to various reasons, if it is to let the summer wind directly take the angel blood, then hundreds of God boss, what do you take to kill? But now the summer wind suddenly heard the day punishment unexpectedly a little timid meaning, although he knew he would not give up, but the summer wind is now really very worried that he took Zhang Ningxue two women to go in, did not unseal the Yuhuang sword, but put the two of them in. However, the second seal of Yuhuang Shenjian is urgent. His skill punishment is too great, and his skill is too little. He must unlock the second seal of Yuhuang Shenjian to unlock a skill again, and then his attack power and magic power will be improved. Xia Feng looked at the purple awn on Yuhuang Shenjian, and then said in his mind, "Xianer, do you think this punishment is not far from us?" "Yes, Yuhuang Shenjian can feel the existence of something that unseals it. Wasn't there such a phenomenon in the Pseudo-Angel Ice Palace at the beginning?" Yuhuang Xianer said. The latter nodded, then turned around and said, "It may be dangerous inside. Do you want to go in?" Zhang Ningxue and Liu Jing slightly stunned, they do not know why Xia Feng asked, because just came in when Xia Feng has said that he must find their own things, how to ask this question now? "We're going in with Big Brother Feng in danger!" Zhang Ningxue did not want to say directly. Liu Jing did not speak, but Xia Feng saw her tough eyes,endless swimming pool, a warm heart, and then said: "I know you are not afraid, but I am afraid!"

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