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Screws Emploi Plein temps

18 janv. 2023 à 5h08   Immobilier   Saint-Louis   107 vues Référence: 284
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Screws Hex Head Wood Screw Wood screws, better known as lag screws, are typically large in diameter and long enough to deeply penetrate wood, so as to create firm connections with little chance of the screw loosening after it鈥?/span>s been tightened.These wood screw boast coarse threading, but that threading does not encompass the length of the screw. Normal wood screws thread as they enter the wood, whereas lag screws require a hole to be drilled first. Wood screws also uses a nut to add extra strength and security to help hold things together. common places where this type of screw can be found are decks, docks, and wood-retaining walls. Because pressure-treated exterior wood is corrosive, lag screws have a corrosion-resistant coating. 1. Product main image 2.Product Specification: Name:Hex Head Wood Screw Brand:ORGRIMMAR Head Type: Hex Head Material: Carbon Steel Finish: Zinc, Nickel, Bronze, Copper, Phosphate, Oxidation black, Passivation, Tin, Dacromet, Gold, Chrome, Sliver, Phosphonrization, Zinc-nickel alloy plated etc. Head Dia: M8 (12.8mm), M10 (15.8mm), M12 (18mm), M16 (23.8mm) Head Height: M8 (5.5mm), M10 (6.5mm), M12 (7.5 mm), M16 (10mm) Drill Capacity: Pre-Drilled Timber Driver Type: Hex Socket 鈥?M8 (13mm), M10 (17mm), M12 (19mm), M16 (24mm) Item No.Threads/inchShank DiameterFor Hard WoodsFor Soft WoodsCountersink size decimalfractionalTapered bitStraight bitTapered bitStraight bit (inch)(inch)(inch)(inch)(inch) #2260.0863/323/321/165/641/161/4 #3240.0997/647/645/643/321/161/4 #4220.1127/647/645/643/321/161/4 #5200.1251/81/83/327/645/645/16 #6180.13759/649/647/641/83/325/16 #7160.1515/325/327/649/643/325/16 #8150.1645/3211/641/85/327/643/8 #9140.17711/643/169/6411/641/83/8 #10130.1903/1613/649/643/161/87/16 #12110.2167/327/325/3213/649/647/16 #14100.2421/41/411/6415/645/321/2 #1690.26817/649/323/1617/6411/649/16 #1880.29419/645/167/3219/6413/645/8 #2080.3205/1621/6415/645/167/323/4 #2470.3723/83/817/643/81/43/4 Other nail sizes, point, top and shank modifications are available upon request. 3. Factory Picture 4. Quality Inspection 5. Packaging Display 6. Certification 7. Modes of TransportationScrews website:

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