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Second marriage can also be stirred up. Emploi Plein temps

29 déc. 2022 à 5h05   Indépendants & Freelance   Waoundé   379 vues Référence: 265
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"Go back and tell him, let him die of this heart, even if I give it to others, I will not sell the copyright to him!"! What else can he do besides following such devious ways? Xin Ruan snapped. If Xu Cubic were in front of her now, she could throw the contract in the man's face! Carrying the bag out of the cafe, a sense of grievance and anger in the body lingering, Xin Ruan covered his stomach and stood in front of the hotel door, only to feel a pain in his heart. Ruan! Pei Zhaoyang appeared breathlessly in her line of sight. Xin Ruan's eyes were red and he clenched his teeth so that he didn't cry. Pei Zhaoyang hurriedly pulled her into his arms and repeatedly comforted her: "Don't be sad. Xu Cubic pinched the right time to cheat you. Only a few days ago, the equity was changed. All the company information showed that there was no change. Even I was almost kept in the dark.". We should be happy that we didn't sign it. How can you not be sad? Xin Ruan still has a lingering fear. If she had just signed her name, her most important works and roles would have been bought by Xu Cube. I don't know what kind of film she would have been made in the end, let alone how many times she would have to meet and work with Xu Cube in the past five years! What on earth does he want? Why are you haunting me like this? Xin Ruan really wants to ask Xu Cube personally, what does she like to change! Pei Zhaoyang's face gradually became cold and severe. After a while, he breathed a foul breath and whispered, "Don't worry. He will soon be a grasshopper after autumn. He won't be able to pester you for a long time." "Really?" Xin Ruan looked at him with bated breath and asked expectantly. There was a problem with the Yunjia generation he sold in a hurry. I had already got the first-hand information in the morning. "Pei Zhaoyang's voice was cold, and he squeezed a few words out of his teeth word by word." This time, I'm going to ruin him. - Cloud plus generation mobile phone automatically shuts down when it is cold, and flashes back after restarting. It is suspected that there is a problem with the software system. Cloud plus mobile phone back cover arch phenomenon, suspected quality problems, users frequently questioned why not start the recall process. A few days later, the major financial media began to publish some news about Yunjia mobile phone. Yunjia official blog sent a righteous lawyer's letter, saying that these were malicious slanders of competitors and would reserve the right to resort to law. However, before long, users who bought Yunjia mobile phones complained on Weibo that the photos sent showed an arch between the screen and the back cover, with a crack of nearly two or three millimeters in the middle. This user is a technology lover. He was originally a fan of Xuji Magic Screen. He chose Yunjia mobile phone for the smart home function combined by Yunjia mobile phone and Xuji Magic Screen. So his disappointment was overflowing: after arching, he pressed a few times and the appearance of the mobile phone barely returned to normal. However, Yunjia Xiaoxian went down! I asked it to turn down the sound of the TV, and the TV turned off directly. I asked it to turn on the air conditioner half an hour earlier. As a result, it turned on the air conditioner eight hours earlier. My electricity bill for these two months is almost three thousand yuan! Two months is enough for me to buy another mobile phone! The post was both angry and funny, and was reposted several times by several mobile phone users who felt the same way. Finally, it was reposted on the home page by a big technology V, and became a hot search with "cloud plus mobile phone recall". Not to be outdone, Xu bought a lot of press releases and praised them while scolding them miserably, Inflatable water park factory , pointing out that Huazhi Technology used despicable means to guide public opinion and monopolize the mobile phone market with unfair competition. All of a sudden, there was a lot of disturbance and noise on the Internet. However, a company ultimately relies on products to speak. On the one hand, there are frequent quality problems in Yunjia mobile phones, and sales are falling off a cliff. On the other hand, Peony X6 is highly praised, and sales are steadily rising. There is no doubt that the online debate has been settled. Peony mobile phones have attracted more fans in this round of uproar, and the status of smartphone leader has become more and more stable. Xin Ruan was still very nervous about the public opinion war at the beginning, and when Pei Zhaoyang sent her a few sets of data, he gradually did not care much about it. After all, it was already a one-sided crushing later. The shadow of being almost cheated out of the copyright by Xu Cube has almost dissipated. For her, what she has to worry about is another important thing that comes one after another: the marriage between Pei Zhaoyang and her is about to celebrate its first anniversary. When she stepped into the Civil Affairs Bureau a year ago, Xin Ruan never dreamed that she would really fall in love with Pei Zhaoyang and enjoy the beauty and happiness of marriage and love. Over the past year, Pei Zhaoyang's silent concern and devotion to her are vivid, and how should she respond to this man's deep feelings on this memorable day? Approaching the Chinese New Year, Pei Zhaoyang is very busy to beat up Xu Cubic, the underdog. However, no matter how busy, this special day can not be forgotten, the mobile phone memo has been marked early, today reminded three times a day, every look, the corners of the mouth will be slightly raised. By five o'clock in the afternoon, Pei Zhaoyang couldn't help it any longer. He exercised his rare privilege as president and left work early. Downstairs in the apartment, he sent a voice message to Xin Ruan, "Come down and take you somewhere." After a while, Xin Ruan appeared in his field of vision, because of the cold weather, Xin Ruan put on a popular white extended down coat, wide clothes wrapped around her petite and exquisite body, there is a contrast beauty. Approaching, Xin Ruan breathed and warmed his hands, and his white face looked pink and tender because it had just come out of the warm room with a light crimson color. Pei Zhaoyang found that even if he could see Xin Ruan all the time this year, he didn't seem to see enough. Where to go Xin Ruan asked with some curiosity. You guess. Pei Zhaoyang opened the door for her and immediately sat in the driver's seat and started the car. Xin Ruan guessed a few places in a row, Pei Zhaoyang just shook his head, Xin Ruan did not waste his efforts to see what surprises this old-fashioned man would bring her. The car crossed the Huangluo River to Beizhou Road,inflatable bounce house with slide, and then turned from Beizhou Road to a pedestrian street. This is a bar street in Ji'an City, which is an antique building of Ming and Qing Dynasties. The bars with full personality form a unique beautiful scenery in Ji'an City with classical and modern blending. What are you doing here? Xin Ruan was surprised. "At this time, the bar is not open."

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Second marriage can also be stirred up.