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Shangguan tripod falls into the pagoda Emploi Plein temps

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He turned his head, glanced at the busy shopkeeper, and said thoughtfully, "Just say so: I'll help you with the work. Just give me a breakfast. I don't think they won't agree." As soon as he thought of this, he felt that the road was feasible, so he turned around and walked slowly past. He was thinking about how to ask for help. When the shopkeeper saw him turn back, he frowned and asked, "What are you going to do?" Yu Youliang lowered his head and said, "Big shopkeeper, I want to help you.." At this point, he was discouraged, the words below can no longer say, when he suddenly found that there are two watery eyes inside the shop staring at him for a moment! Yu Youliang raised his head and met the beautiful and vulgar face of Princess Xuanhu. At that moment, he felt his heart beating wildly. He immediately found that the princess was not alone at the moment, sitting beside her was a young man dressed in a flower suit with a rather handsome face. There was a cage of hot steamed stuffed buns on the table in front of their seats, apparently using breakfast. The young man in flower clothes saw Princess Xuanhu just staring at the door in a daze, and his eyes moved to Yu Youliang. Yu Youliang felt so ashamed that he turned around and flew away. He rushed out of the market in one breath. He was so confused that he couldn't think about anything. He secretly shouted to himself, "Why do I meet her every time I'm down and out?"? Wasn't there some pity in her eyes just now? I have been helped by her again and again. Is this the arrangement of God? Turning around,plastic packaging tube, see Xuanhu princess did not catch up, just began to press a perturbed heart, continue to go forward, suddenly see the front of the road in the wind Tingting standing a small woman, not Xuanhu princess is who. Yu Youliang step a meal, unexpectedly did not have the courage to go up, hesitated,custom cosmetic packaging, Xuanhu princess has come up to meet. "Princess.." said Yu Youliang. You Hello Princess Xuanhu looked Yu Youliang up and down for a long time and said in a low voice, "Yu Lang, you still haven't changed. You are still the same old man who is out of his mind. You are still torturing yourself.." Yu Youliang said in his heart, "You should be the one who tortures yourself. I often hear that the minds of the daughters of humanity are small. They often can't forget what they have experienced all their lives. It seems to be good." "Have you had breakfast?" Asked Princess Xuanhu faintly. Yu Youliang steeled himself and said, "I've used it." He knew that he had just behaved in front of the shopkeeper of the hotel, and was determined not to deceive her careful thoughts, but now he had to say something against his heart. "I know you haven't eaten yet," said Princess Xuanhu. "How about we go back to the market and let me be the host again?" Yu Youliang almost blurted out a promise and immediately wondered, "How can I always accept her pity?"? Although she may not have this idea, but by contrast, I do not seem too unworthy of it? Then he shook his head and said, "I appreciate your kindness. I.." "You refused, cosmetic tube ,plastic laminted tube, didn't you?" Asked Princess Xuanhu. "No.." said Yu Youliang. That's not what I meant. Princess Xuanhu put her hand into her bosom and took out five pieces of gold. She said, "The few pieces of gold I lent you a few months ago have all been spent. There are still five pieces of gold here. Don't save money on food and accommodation along the way. Will you pay me back if you have money in the future?" She knew that Yu Youliang was unable to repay at all, so she borrowed instead of giving, which showed that she was well-intentioned and let Yu Youliang be deep, and she could not help showing excitement. He was waiting to thank politely, but at first his eyes touched the other side with a look of urgent prayer, no longer encouraged the heart to refuse, quietly took the gold. All of a sudden, the deep feelings in Yu Youliang's heart were stirred up. His heart said, "I owe too much to this girl in front of me. It's not just a few pieces of gold. She treats me with true feelings, but I will only hurt her heart.." On that day, the princess of Xuanhu healed his wounds, and the unforgettable scene of parting came to his mind again. At that time, his heart was full of all kinds of benefits of the princess of Xuanhu. From meeting her to making friends with her, the pure girl was affectionate everywhere and always took care of herself. At that time, he was in happiness without knowing it, but he didn't know how to cherish this affection. It was not until this feeling was torn by his attitude of playing with life that he suddenly woke up, but it was too late. I heard Princess Xuanhu whisper, "Yu Lang, please take care of yourself.." Ding this sentence, walked toward the market, Yu Youliang felt unprecedented excitement in the heart, three or two steps to stop her, loudly way: "You and I finally have to meet once, don't you have a good talk?" Princess Xuanhu lowered her eyes slowly and said, "I told you everything I wanted to say a few months ago outside the Shanhaiguan Pass. As a result, I only got the words'a witch with a heart like a snake and scorpion. 'What else do I have to talk about?" Yu Youliang said sincerely, "Princess, please listen to me.." "What kind of sweet words are you going to use to deceive me?" Asked Princess Xuanhu. Yu Youliang sighed, knowing that the princess would not believe him in any case, and that it was useless for him to explain a thousand words. When Princess Xuanhu saw the complicated expression on his face, he was afraid that he would be stirred up by the feelings that had been buried in his heart for a long time. Just as he was about to get away, Yu Youliang raised his head at the right time and wiped the sweat from his forehead. At that moment, he saw a young man with a red face standing ten feet away! The young man in flower clothes was the one who had just shared breakfast with Princess Xuanhu in the market hotel. He came to them step by step and fixed himself in front of Yu Youliang. Princess Xuanhu turned pale and said, "Mr. You, why are you here?" The young man in fancy clothes smiled at the princess of Xuanhu, and his infinite affection was revealed in this smile. He said, "In the hotel, the girl disappeared in the twinkling of an eye. She only said that the girl was angry with me again, so she hurried out to look for her.." In the light two sentences, the feeling of concern is overflowing. Yu Youliang said to himself,aluminium laminated tube, "This Mr. You is much more considerate and gentle than I am. I don't blame me for doing bad things everywhere. I don't know where the princess knew him." In the middle of Yu Youliang and Princess Xuanhu, the young man in flower clothes said coldly, "You'd better go away!"

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