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Sin City _ Misty Rain Jiangnan _ txt Novel Paradise Emploi Plein temps

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If they come in, Richard is not going to let them go back. War is the source of wealth. The newly created Terran Junior Warrior is indeed powerful, fully reaching the level of the ordinary knights of the Jing Rui Knights. But the problem is that the production is too small. If you want to increase the production, you need to pay an additional 50 magic crystals. The only good news is that the Magic Crystal is a quantity product on the Faro Plane, which can be purchased with gold coins. So leisurely in the bloodstained land for two days, and the contact with the mother nest has become intermittent, indicating that the distance from the land of moving d-ng has almost reached 300 kilometers. Just when everyone thought that the blood-stained land was a peaceful and beautiful land, a message suddenly came from the British bat that there was a large armed caravan in front of Richard on the right. Through the eyes of the British bat, Richard saw the bloody s-flag fluttering above the caravan. It is the caravan of Red S-Cossacks. Looking at the direction and composition of the caravan, it should be a caravan that has crossed the blood-stained land and is ready to return to the human kingdom. The caravans that can cross the blood-stained land smoothly are very f-i and difficult to gnaw. PS: What about tonight? You have recently read: the world's matchless war emperor of online games () Hot serial reading to share the world, creation to change life Full novel ^ txt-days. Don Chapter 194 on transit charges The elite bat hovered over the target, watching their every move. It was a large caravan of fifty vans, followed by twenty troop carriers. The main escort of the convoy was nearly four hundred tough cavalry. On the roof of the truck stood an archer with a crossbow. Perhaps because they were approaching the human kingdom, the guards of the caravan looked relaxed and talked and laughed with each other. With the help of the elite bat's outstanding hearing, Richard could vaguely distinguish that the guards were discussing how much bonus they could get after the mission was completed. From what they said, we can see that the adventure trip is very fruitful. Richard stopped his horse and said,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, "Gund, stop the troops.". We have something to do. "The whole army stops!" Gund shouted, then took his tomahawk from his back and said, "Chief!"! Who are you going to cut this time? "Red Cossacks, our old friends!" Richard said. Not only Gund, but the eyes of the water hu-hua,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, the ogres, and the warriors who had fought in the Bloodlands all lit up. They all had a lot of red Cossack blood on their hands, and many people they knew died at the hands of the red Cossack. Now Richard's army is strong, the strength of his followers has increased, and when he meets the Red Cossacks again, it is naturally murderous. Don't worry, they are still thirty kilometers away! Looking at the murderous attendants, Richard could not help shaking his head. He took out the map, looked at it, and chose the route of the March. The troops then set out, and after arriving at the designated place, they rested for an hour before setting out as a whole. The Red Cossack caravan stopped three kilometers away, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe ,stainless steel welded pipe, just preparing for lunch. They walked an hour longer than Richard, and they didn't rest or eat. Therefore, when it comes to fighting, the physical strength of soldiers will be consumed faster. This is a very small detail, but in the second half of the battle, the gap in physical strength will turn into an advantage that is difficult to reverse. When Richard's troops were two kilometers from the Red Cossack's camp, they were discovered by the sentries. The temporary camp of the caravan had a slight "coquettish" movement, and then calmed down, and all the people were still doing what they should do. Only the knights mounted their horses and clenched their weapons. Seeing this scene from a distance, Richard said lightly, "It seems that they are very confident!" "Can you win?" Asked the quicksand. In her mind, the size of the caravan was somewhat large, and it would be difficult to eat it in one bite. Richard had already calculated the balance of power between the two sides, but said, "At most, you worked a little harder after the war." "I have three priests under me now. Do you want us all to work hard?" "Those three guys together aren't half as useful as you." The Red Cossacks separated a group of cavalry, rushed to Richard, and then reined in their horses a dozen meters away. "Who are you?" Cried a stout knight in the lead? This is the caravan camp of the Red Cossacks! You can't come any closer. Now identify yourselves. Now! Or face the consequences! This is a real threat. In the land of blood, the roles of caravans and horse bandits often change, especially the bloodthirsty and brutal red Cossacks. When their caravans meet other caravans, as long as they are profitable, they often play the role of horse bandits temporarily. I am Richard, pioneer knight of the redwood kingdom. Richard. Archimonde ” Richard said safely. A pioneer knight! The knight of the Red Cossacks grinned and said ferociously, "We Red Cossacks don't have much to do with the Redwood Kingdom, so don't scare us with the noble titles of that place!"! We are in a good mood these days, so I advise you to leave quickly! Richard said lightly, "As it happens, I am also in a good mood.". Now, in the name of the Pioneering Knights of the Sequoia Kingdom, I charge you a transit fee. "What, the transit fee?" The Red Cossack Knight could hardly believe his ears and roared, "This is the land of blood!"! Do you have to pay to go from here? Where is the checkpoint? "Checkpoint?"? Gund, go plant one of my flags. Then Richard pointed to the flag planted on the red earth and said, "This is the checkpoint." The knight of the Red Cossack laughed angrily and asked, "Then why do you charge?" The harvest of this trade is very rich, and it is about to reach its destination, so there is really no extra interest in war. If not,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, with his usual temper, when he heard the word "transit fee", he called his companions to charge.

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Sin City _ Misty Rain Jiangnan _ txt Novel Paradise