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Six o'clock light is pretty Emploi Plein temps

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Pan Mingyuan and Zhou Xiaoan also used the most common and popular words to be polite, and wrote down a few words in her notebook, such as "loving the Party and patriotism", "striving for the upper reaches, striving hard". And handed her the notebook. When Zhou Xiaoan took it, out of excitement, his hand was not steady, his notebook fell to the ground, and the whole book was scattered, and hundreds of pieces of paper were scattered in half of the ward, even under the bed. Sorry, don't mean it! Zhou Xiaoan blushed and hurried to pick it up. She was so embarrassed that she cried. She was so sad to lose face in front of her idol. She squatted on the ground and looked so pitiful that she dared not look up. Small into a look immediately ran over to help, "nothing, nothing, you don't worry, I'll pick it up for you, help you order.". Let Comrade Pan write a few more words for you later. Zhou Xiaoan lowered his head almost to his chest, revealing only a black and supple top of his head, and a few strands of hair fell gently on his white cheeks,Inflatable meltdown, pitiful and lovely, and it seemed that he was about to cry. Xiao Cheng quickly climbed down to the bottom of the bed to pick up paper for Zhou Xiaoan, and did not forget to comfort her clumsily in his mouth, "Don't cry, it's scattered, it's a bad book!"! Let's go to their manufacturers to reflect the situation! Zhou Xiaoan thanked Xiao Cheng with a crying voice, "Thank you,Inflatable dry slide, Xiao Cheng." Xiao Cheng quickly packed up the paper for Zhou Xiaoan, who was so embarrassed that he bowed to Pan Mingyuan and ran out. Tomorrow I'll buy a notebook and ask Comrade Pan to write a few more words and send it to you. Already out of the door, you can still hear the voice of Xiao Cheng comforting Zhou Xiaoan. Pan Mingyuan carefully identified Zhou Xiaoan's footsteps and listened to them step by step until they disappeared completely. The surroundings were completely quiet, and Pan Mingyuan, while listening warily to the movement in the corridor, took out what Zhou Xiaoan had stuffed under his pillow while Xiao Cheng was picking up the paper. It was a small handkerchief bag with a palm-sized black thing inside, heavy and shining with a very special luster, which he had never seen before, either in material or in appearance. There was also a piece of paper with a very lovely round font on it, which Zhou Xiaoan deliberately wrote out with his left hand for him to see, saying that it was called "Youyuan". As soon as she reminded him, he really felt that these words were like children's mellow and childlike fonts. I'm worried about you. You take care. Think of the rose trees, the big French windows with views of distant mountains and lakes, and the new life of freedom and beauty, inflatable castle with slide ,Inflatable indoor park, and you must hold on. When you come back safely. The following are illustrations of the use and effects of several electric shock devices. Pan Mingyuan looked at the previous paragraph, tired and bloodshot eyes gradually moist, pale and weak face like a dead tree re-injected with vitality, glowing with vitality. Carefully remember the following diagram, Pan Mingyuan hesitated for a moment, or reluctant to destroy the whole piece of paper, carefully tear off the following part of the diagram and eat it, look at the above part again and again, treasure it and fold it, and hide it in the most secret bag on his body with the electric shock device. Then he began to close his eyes and rest. Ten minutes later, there was a disorderly sound of footsteps in the corridor, and a kind and loving voice called out to him: "Ming yuan!"! Uncle Lin came to you again to kill time! Just want to come over, heard that there is a little girl to see you this brave hero, Uncle Lin did not dare to disturb! Ha ha ha With the voice, Lin Peisheng pushed open the door of Pan Mingyuan's ward, "Fortunately, you are here, otherwise there is no one in the hospital who can talk to me!" Then he called the attendant behind him, "Gu Li, put the table up!"! Let's play eight more rounds! A mahjong table was quickly set up in the room, and the cards were placed in front of the hospital bed for Pan Mingyuan, so he had to play even if he didn't. There are more ways to exhaust him without fighting. The nurse stood in the doorway and glared at Pan Mingyuan. Finally, she glared at him and left. Say also say not to listen, is a big man with a face, he does not take care of his body must endure all day, she a little nurse can have what way? Even the doctor has to look at Lin Peisheng's face! Pan Mingyuan smiled lazily and played cards. "Uncle Lin wants to play, so of course I have to accompany him!" The other two sitting at the card table were also old acquaintances who had played with Pan Mingyuan in secret more than once. Lin Peisheng is deliberately with these two people to nurse him, not necessarily they start on Pan Mingyuan, but they are, Pan Mingyuan can not sleep for a minute! The faces of both sides were pleasant, and they knew that the day was only a prelude, and that the real play was at night. Since Lin Peisheng moved in, this kind of drama has been staged every day. During the day, he tried his best to exhaust Pan Mingyuan's energy, and at night, he created some small threats from time to time, so that he could not rest at ease for a minute. Both sides know that such a small threat does not know which time it will turn into a deadly attack, depending on when Pan Mingyuan can not hold on, when the body and spirit collapse together. Zhou Xiaoan saw Pan Mingyuan and soon went back with Xu Youcai. After listening to his advice, he continued to stay in the hospital to take care of Maw Maw. The next morning, a news that shocked the whole hospital came that two of Lin Peisheng's nurses fell from a small building with guns and were in a severe coma. When the news came, everyone had a heated discussion. Why did the two private paramedics carry guns? The state has banned private possession and use of guns for many years, and Lin Peisheng's men have brazenly and knowingly broken the law! And Lin Peisheng brought them into the small building where so many important people lived! What is his intention? Lin Peisheng cries out for injustice? If you don't know that one person is like this,Inflatable water park factory, don't you know that the two people you carefully selected to bring in have guns? What the hell are you doing with them?! In a hurry, Lin Peisheng pointed out that it was Pan Mingyuan who had planted evidence and wounded his men and deliberately hid guns on them to frame him. But what about motive? Isn't Pan Mingyuan the son and nephew you have always appreciated and taken care of? You play cards, chess and even drink together every day in the hospital. Your relationship is so good that everyone in the building knows it. Why did he set you up.

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Six o'clock light is pretty