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Sixty native heroine life record Emploi Plein temps

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The matter was settled perfectly, and the vice-captain took a breath. Remembering that there was no one at home for my baby son, I had to hurry back. Really? Then go back quickly, and don't let the child wait. If you want to explain, you can do it tomorrow. Haven't you eaten yet? Father Lin said with concern. The vice captain said carelessly, "I'm not in a hurry to apologize to Duoduo. She's not going to work tomorrow morning." Then he handed the chicken to Mother Lin. "Auntie, since this is our apology, you must accept it." See this, Lin Fu is not happy: "Give what chicken, you are so I can be angry." Lin's father hurriedly handed the chicken back to him. How could they accept such a big gift as a chicken. The vice captain wanted to refuse again, but his wife rushed up and took away the chicken in his hand. Sun Zhaodi had long been impatient to see it, pushing it over and over. When is the head? Looking at the chicken in her hand, she smiled in her heart. The only downside was that the chicken died and could not continue to lay eggs. But it doesn't matter, just cook a pot of chicken soup tomorrow, that is called a fragrance! Thinking of this, the smile at the corners of his mouth was magnified: "How can I be ashamed of this? But captain, you have said so. Then I would rather accept it respectfully than obediently." "You.." The vice captain pointed at her and didn't know what to say. Why are you so thick-skinned. Sun Zhaodi's action stunned the Lin family,65 inch touch screen, some stunned, mainly because they had never seen such a beautiful and refined action. Cough ~ It was Lin's father who reacted first and said with a big smile, "Vice captain, you have to learn from your own daughter-in-law. Let you hold it and hold it coyly." Lin Duoduo also smiled, this vice-captain's daughter-in-law is quite interesting. The vice captain said that he was suffering, and he felt that the captain was giving himself face. How dare you stay when you have lost all your face. On the way back, I saw my man's gloomy face. Sun Zhaodi said cautiously,touch screen board classroom, "The captain's family is quite good. They gave us the chicken again, right?" "You also said that I was humiliated by you. Now I know that people are good. Why don't I know when I talk about people behind my back?" Say it directly to quicken the pace, ignore their own wife quickly toward home, now only the son can comfort himself. Sun Zhaodi curled his lips and did not catch up with him. I really couldn't understand what this man was thinking. Just now, the captain's daughter said thank you for helping to clarify. If she didn't do it, why would she say it? I helped myself. This man, who is not in charge of the family, does not know the hardship of the family. A chicken says it will be given away. Is it not good for this chicken to come back just to supplement its own nutrition! Looking up, I saw that the man's figure was going to disappear. Sun Zhaodi tidied up his thoughts and hurried to catch up. After waiting for someone to leave, Mother Lin had a headache when she thought of what had happened today. "You already know," she said to her daughter. She was a little surprised and thought it would be well hidden. Lin Duoduo is helpless: "Niang, you still hide me, interactive panel board ,smart board whiteboard, can know sooner or later." Mother Lin was silent because she was afraid that her daughter could not stand it. After all, these rumors are very hurtful. How could she have the heart. Duoduo, you should pay attention when you get along with that man in the future. "After all, the people on the team don't know about your partner yet, and they like to spread it here and there." Father Lin told me. In a sense, he is very open-minded. And looking at the young men in the brigade, there is no one who can take a fancy to them, so it is better to follow the girl's mind. Lin Duoduo said, "Dad, you can rest assured that this kind of thing will never happen to us in the future. Keep a distance and don't make trouble for our family." Lin Mu holds the forehead, his stupid girl, how can not turn around is such a meaning: "No, how can this!"! That's not what we meant. Don't you like him? Take him home quickly and let us have a look. If you look at him, you will settle down. You are a big girl, and you should look at her. A few days ago, someone asked me about your marriage! I don't like the people in the village. How can you suffer from this kind of suffering when you earn work points from dawn to dusk every day? Lin Jian Dang Lin Jian: "… …" I didn't expect that I was the kind of person who was despised by my mother. "Cough ~" Father Lin coughed a few times and asked his wife not to say anything, which was not right. Mother Lin suddenly felt that she had made a slip of the tongue. She turned to her son and said, "This is your sister's standard. You two inherit my genes and look so good and capable. How can you find a wife in the city?" How interesting! Believe his mother's words to have a ghost, in their family, the daughter is a treasure, the son is a grass. Lin Duoduo, who heard Niang say about her marriage, blushed, but she really didn't think so much. After all, in her own opinion, she is still a child. Chirp Chirp ~ The author has something to say: please collect and comment. Chapter 33 The rumors about Lin Duoduo on the team have dispersed, after all, no one will hold on to them, and they will soon be replaced by another new rumor. The villagers go to work every day without any entertainment. These gossips are naturally their after-dinner gossip, and there is no question of whether they are targeted or not. Lin Duoduo also did not care about this, the matter is good in the past, but did not think of faintly hearing the rumor that replaced her is about Wang Lan. Wang Lan, I haven't seen her for such a long time, and I almost forgot this. It's strange that according to the system, he is not her strong rival. He should often jump around her. So on the way to work this time, I heard the women who went to work early talking about her. Lin Duoduo specially pushed the bicycle to walk very slowly and let the system listen. Since knowing that the system has this function, it is like getting a cheating device. I'm really not gossiping. I just happened to hear it. Auntie Wu said, "Wang Laoshuan's daughter is really a big girl now. She used to be black and thin, but she couldn't see it.". Now,classroom interactive whiteboard, although I don't say how beautiful it is, it is also comely and lovely. Old Mrs. Zhou: "You say that this separation has changed so much. I didn't see anything at the time of the separation. The naked eye on my body looks long." Sister-in-law Li: "Who knows? But I heard from Chunhyang that it seems that Wang Lan went to collect a lot of things from them.". She was seventeen years old right away. She was kind enough to introduce her to a person with good conditions, but she was driven out to see the poor one.

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