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Solar Battery for sale Emploi Contract

27 févr. 2023 à 1h35   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   20 vues Référence: 422
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Solar Battery for sale MSN AGM 200Ah 12V batteries are renowned by its long service life, outstanding performance and high reliability. They are advanced than other else lead acid battery on providing solution for Solar applications. The battery is maintenance-free, leak-proof and usable in any position. It is an excellent choice for your solar system. About AGM 200Ah 12V Specifications: Voltage: 12 Volt Amperage: 200 AH Chemistry: AGM Battery Dimensions: 522 x 268x 233 mm Weight: 57.5kg Features of AGM 200Ah 12V Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination of up to 99% and freedom from electrolyte maintenance or water adding. Heavy duty compared to other AGM batteries - 20% more cycles Mount in any orientation. Computer designed lead calcium tin alloy grid for high power density Long service life float or cyclic applications Maintenance-free operation Copper terminals NP Solar series: ModelVoltage (V)Capacity (Ah)Weight (KG)Dimensions(mm) LengthWidthHeightTotal Height NP100-121210029.50330171214220 NP120-121212033.50409176225225 NP150-121215041.50485172240240 NP200-121220057.50522238218221 NP250-121225069.00522268220223 NP280-121228072.00522268220223 Note: It is recommended to connect batteries with the same type (AGM), same voltage (V), and same capacity (Ah) from the same brand. Terms of payment: TT and L/C as options. Forms of packing: standard carton packing with MSN logo or customer's logo. Delivery time: 20-25days. MOQ: 50 pcs / model. Warranty: We offer 1-2 years warranty to our customer.Solar Battery for sale website:

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