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Sparrow in a cage Emploi Plein temps

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He wanted to stay in the room a little longer, but he couldn't. Not because of anything else, but because through a screen, he could hear the attendants who were serving in the outer room whispering, and between the words, he was talking about Fu Hui. Although Wei sent the help, but is a traitor, no wonder your majesty do not want to use him. And who is willing to use those who turn their backs on their Lord? "If you recite it for the first time, you can have a second or third time. Who knows when the next time will be?" "Keep your voice down!"! I wonder if he's asleep? "Must be asleep.". Wei people are like this, once they fall asleep, even if the thunder does not wake up, they will snore like thunder in the middle of the night. Fu Hui got up silently and put on his coat in silence. He had practiced kung fu, and if he insisted on hiding his whereabouts, ordinary people would never be able to detect his small movements. Listening to the two attendants still laughing, he quietly climbed out of the window. As soon as he fell to the ground, the wet and cold wind blew over and made his eyes move slightly. His footsteps crossed the ground covered with soft snow, leaving a long and winding footprint. This quiet winter night is better. Fu Hui leaned against a tree and opened his mouth to breathe a little white. The tiny white smoke melted in the night sky and seemed to outline the profile of a woman. He could not help putting his hand into his sleeve and feeling out a worn sachet that never left his body. The sachet, which had been opened, and the tether were all dirty, but he just couldn't throw it away. This is what Song Caiwei gave him, how can he lose it? He looked at the sachet and remembered the woman's appearance and soft voice. He had not felt it before, but now, in that still win night,metal racking systems, he suddenly felt that the sound was very beautiful. If he had a chance to listen to her once more, he would be satisfied. Song Caiwei said a lot of words to him, and he liked what she said most, "Red beans grow in the south, and spring comes to send a few branches.". It was because of her favorite poem that he named the song he often played as "Red Bean". However, in this winter, there are no complete leaves for him to play music. Fu Hui put away the sachet, bowed his head and searched around,warehouse storage racks, and finally picked up a broken leaf. He wiped the snow with his cuff, put it between his lips to test the tone, and then he blew it reluctantly. Red beans grow in the south. How many branches do they grow in spring? Advise you to pick more, this thing is the most lovesick. Leisurely sound of leaves, wandering in the southern winter night, floating, leisurely, such as homeless and nowhere to place the ghost, tossing and turning, diffuse everywhere. After a song, Fu Hui put down the leaves and looked at the night in front of him. Just then he heard a voice behind him. 'Red Beans grow in the south, and a few branches grow in spring '. Once upon a time, Ben Wang didn't understand why you called this song'Red Bean ', but now I can understand one or two when I hear you play it. The voice was deep and restrained, but it was slow and leisurely, like going to a meeting of friends at night, shuttle rack system ,metal racking systems, and coming late. Stunned, Fu Hui turned his head sideways and said, ".." Wang Ye? The white breath from his mouth disappeared in the night. Xiao Junchi twisted the white jade finger in his hand and stood not far behind him. His face was indifferent, his eyes were motionless, and he looked straight at Fu Hui. The clothes he was wearing were moonwhite, and after falling into the night, they hung down in the grass with soft snow grains, as if they had melted into the vast night snow. Zishan, I haven't seen you for a long time. How are you recently? Xiao Junchi lowered his hand and asked. The tone seemed to be really catching up with an old friend who had not seen him for several years. Fu Hui opened his mouth slightly and closed it again. He stroked the rough trunk of the tree with a wry smile and said, "How can you make Wang Yeh call me with a table?"? A guilty body is no longer able to be so close to Wang Ye. After a pause, Fu Hui added, "Wang Yeh put himself in danger. He entered the city of Zhaocheng and came to see me in person. Aren't you afraid that I will expose this matter so that Wang Yeh won't be able to return with his whole body?" What he said was terrible, but Xiao Junchi did not change his face at all. He just said with a smile, "The king knows that Zishan won't.". If you were such a great man, the king wouldn't have come. Fu Hui felt a little bitter in his heart. "Wang Ye really knows me," he said. ” "Zi Shan, the king came to you just for one thing." Xiao Junchi took a step forward and said, "The king wants you to take the princess out of the city.". How can you send her out safely as you send her here? When Fu Hui heard this, his complexion was extremely complicated. Instantly, feelings, bitterness and joy are all around the mind, and it is difficult to express them. But in the end, there was a layer of desolation in his eyes, and he said, "Now, Wang Ye can't believe me any more.". If Wang Ye wants to do something, he might as well say it directly. Xiao Junchi smiled silently and said, "This is the only thing I want.". Military strategists win or lose, or Huating change of ownership, the king does not care. Only the princess, so that the king can not be placed outside the heart. It's just that the city is far away, and it's safe for you to do it. Fu Hui lowered his eyes, and his voice gradually slowed down: "Hui should have said, 'Where he can, Hui is willing to go through fire and water without hesitation.' But this matter must be considered by Hui.". Just one question, is Cai Wei all right? "All right." Xiao Junchi answered, "What I want is only the secret key she hides, and the person who wants her is useless.". After pulling out her hairpin, she left her behind. Hearing this, Fu Hui breathed a sigh of relief. There was a breath in his chest, and he wanted him to open his mouth and agree to the request of King Jingling, and live and die with him as before. It's just that he knows that times have changed, and now it's impossible for them to be the same as before. Thousands of words, to the lips, will turn into a slightly distant meaning of "let me think about it.". He was eager to agree, but he was afraid that Xiao Junchi would regret it. For the sake of Xiao Junchi, he took the initiative to refuse it. Just as well, "Xiao Junchi is not angry, just a faint smile, seems to be the overall situation in hand,industrial racking systems," tomorrow night I will come again, then, you will promise me. " Then he turned and walked toward the palace. He did not know how long he had walked when he heard the sound of the long and faint song "Red Bean".

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Sparrow in a cage