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Super brain Emploi Plein temps

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The boy standing at the door was really handsome, but the girls were surprised. How could even the boys show such an expression? Come in. Ye Yang went in, and then a student came in from behind, and this was naturally Sun Yiwei. When those people saw Sun Yiwei, they were surprised again. Didn't they say that she had turned away? Why did she turn back. Want to know this is a university, and it is the best university in China, but not a primary school, how to turn around, is this university opened by her family? You two? You should know that there are only a few people in the philosophy department. Although the teacher has only a few classes, he knows all these students. How can there be two more people. Ye Yang and Sun Yiwei sat down at the end and said, "We are also in this class, Ye Yang and Sun Yiwei." The teacher is stupefied, Wang Wen stands up to say however: "Teacher, they are really, just did not come for a long time." Seeing the doubts on the teacher's face, Wang Wen said again, "They all have leave notes approved by the headmaster." Since the monitor said so, the teacher did not say anything and continued her class. But the people below all came forward and asked in a low voice, "What did you do last year?" Ye Yang did not come for a year, and indeed set a record that he did not come to class. The sudden arrival of the class naturally aroused people's curiosity. Moreover,wholesale plastic pallet, only Ye Yang did not come to class, but Su Xiaonuan had been in class all the time. Those familiar with Ye Yang know that Su Xiaonuan and Ye Yang are a couple, which arouses their curiosity even more. I, ah, had a scientific research project for me to participate in, and then I stayed under the Pacific Ocean for a year, "Ye Yanghu wrote.". Anyway,collapsible bulk container, no matter how much you make it up, it can't be more outrageous than what really happened to him. Wang Wen, however, surrounded Sun Yiwei and asked with some restraint, "What did you do later?" Sun Yiwei smiled and said, "I also took part in a scientific research project." With a black face, Wang Wen said, "You didn't say you were going to stay under the Pacific Ocean." Sun Yiwei shook his head and said, "I'm not as unreliable as he is. I just went to the Amazon to live a native life for a year." Wang Wen now wants to complain that one of them is more unreliable than the other. But since people don't want to say, they don't ask. He shrugged his shoulders and said to Ye Yang, "You haven't been here this year. How many masters have come out of the martial arts club?" Ye Yang was slightly stupefied and looked at Wang Wen with some surprise. When did he care about the martial arts club. Wang Wen shrugged his shoulders and said, "My girlfriend is from the Taekwondo Club. Naturally, I followed her to sign up for the Taekwondo Club. These clubs often communicate with each other. Of course, I know." Ye Yang nodded. No wonder Wang Wen didn't pester Sun Yiwei like before. He had a girlfriend. Is your girlfriend from the Taekwondo Club? Then you are miserable, plastic pallet manufacturer ,wholesale plastic pallet, "Ye Yang said with a bad smile.". Wang Wen curled his lips. This girlfriend knows martial arts. It's really not very good. However, practicing Taekwondo can greatly increase the flexibility of the body, which is very good, at least at night when it can be shown. Ye Yang said lightly: "Is there a master?"? Interesting, but I'm not interested. "Wang Wen has a black line on his face.". Ye Yang, of course, is not interested, he is not what he used to be, but there is no power, like this kind of fighting with others, it is better to do less. After class, Ye Yang and Sun Yiwei left. They went to find Su Xiaonuan, but as soon as they reached Su Xiaonuan downstairs, they saw a boy waiting downstairs with a bunch of flowers, and behind him stood several boys with banners that read, "Su Xiao Nuan I love you.". Seeing this, Ye Yang could not help frowning. He has an impulse to curse the sky, how can he encounter this kind of thing every time he comes. The last time he smashed a plane for this, this time there are still people to come, it is really bold ah. Sun Yiwei said with a charming smile, "It seems that Xiao Nuan is really charming. So many people want to dig your corner. You should be careful.". ” Ye Yang rolled his eyes. At this time, he was patted on the shoulder. He turned around and saw several faces that made him want to complain. Zhou Yu, Hu Song and Zhao Yang were standing behind him, looking at him with a bad smile on their faces. Why didn't you tell us when you came back? We couldn't believe it when Hu Song saw you just now, said Zhou Yu. Although Ye Yang and they have been in contact, but in the past six months because of many things, the contact has been broken. Ye Yang rolled his eyes and said, "What's going on?" Zhou Yu shrugged his shoulders and said, "It's not that Su MM is too attractive. Some people don't listen to advice and want to dig a corner while you're away." Ye Yang shrugged his nose, sighed lightly and said, "Do you think I should beat all these people down if I encounter such a situation?" Hu Song laughed and said, "If you don't beat them down, it's estimated that more people will come to show their love tomorrow." Ye Yang frowned and said, "Has anyone done this before?" Hu Song nodded and said, "Of course, but they were all beaten down by the elder brothers. It's interesting enough.". This time I wanted to send these guys away. Now that the Lord has come, I'll give it to you. Remember our good. We'll treat you to dinner when it's over. Ye Yang sighed lightly and stepped forward. He patted the guy on the shoulder, and as soon as the guy turned around, Ye Yang punched him in the face. Although Ye Yang has no power, his physical strength is stronger than that of the special forces. A punch down, directly broke the bridge of the man's nose, snot and tears mixed with blood flow down together. The rest of the people suddenly stupefied, Ye Yang had rolled up his sleeves and said ferociously: "Dare to dig the corner of Lao Tzu, hurry to get out of Lao Tzu.". Hearing this,plastic bulk containers, the men hurriedly pulled up the guy who had been beaten to the ground by Ye Yang and left in disgrace. After seeing those people being beaten away, Su Xiaonuan came down from upstairs. Ye Yang rolled his eyes and said, "I don't want to have so many rivals in the future.".

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