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Super Dream System _ 20200215155704 Emploi Plein temps

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The song is lingering and melodious, as beautiful as orioles coming out of the valley and pearls and jade falling on the plate. Everyone is stunned at once, which is not pleasant to hear. Not only were they stunned, but even Zhang Xuan was slightly stunned for a moment, and her eyes did not feel that they were flowing to Ye Tao. Chapter 263 I wish you a long life. Chapter 263 I wish you a long life, to the website. Chapter 264 Underwater World. [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: 2012-4-30 23:46:29 Number of words in this chapter: 4779 Chapter 264 Underwater World. "Great Freedom Sutra" Ye Tao smiled and gestured the spoken language. Zhang Xuan had such a change that it was natural to have the Great Freedom Sutra. It can be said that after practicing the Great Free Sutra, Zhang Xuan's appearance was not only changing, but also her voice and temperament were constantly changing, until it would change to the point of charming all living beings. Every move could make people fascinated. Zhang Xuan saw a faint blush on her white and tender face, and then finished singing the song. It's nice, it's really nice. Everyone is sparing no effort to applaud, Ye Qingyue also grinned way, "sister-in-law's voice, simply and sister Rong son, on a par, but also said not good." "Where, there must still be a gap between Rong and Er." Zhang Xuan replied with a smile, and it was true that listening to Rong'er during the ordinary period was a kind of enjoyment, just like the sounds of nature, not to mention the singing, which was extraordinary to think about. Ye Qingyue smiled and aimed at Ye Tao. "Brother, hurry up. It's your turn. I'd like to hear how much you've changed now." "OK, then I'll sing a blue and white porcelain," Ye Tao said with a smile. Qingyue nodded and said with a smile, "It seems that my brother and sister-in-law really love each other, and the songs they choose are so classical and elegant." Zhang Xuan Wen Yan looked at Ye Tao tenderly, put his pretty face on his shoulder, and raised a happy smile on his lips. Ye Tao smiled, hugged the beauty, and sang softly, "Plain embryo outlines the blue and white brush, the peony depicted in the bottle is as thick as your first makeup, I know the sandalwood through the window, on the rice paper, half of the pen is put here,disc air diffuser, the charm of the glaze rendering lady is hidden, and your smiling face is like a bud waiting to be released.." The song is elegant and long, full of psychedelic magnetism, flowing through people's hearts, unconsciously, creating an unspeakable scene, as if at this moment, they came to an antique study, and with the change of Ye Tao's song, the scene is constantly changing.. At the end of the song, everyone was still trapped in it for a long time, unable to extricate themselves. After a long time, Ye Qingyue took a look at Ye Tao in disbelief. Suddenly, she had a glimmer of enlightenment. She jumped to Ye Tao and said coquettishly, "Bad brother, you must have done it on purpose before. I don't care. I still want to listen. You have to compensate me for my loss." "Good," Ye Tao said in a funny way, thought a little, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,Belt Filter Press, and chose a more elegant song to sing. …… In a twinkling of an eye, so after two hours, the bonfire party stopped, with the stop of the bonfire party, Zhang Xuan three people began to fall into the abyss of suffering. And Ye Tao naturally will not be idle to see these people abused, leaving a lot of healing medicine to the crowd, slightly arranged under Huang Rong and another biological person, jumped into the sea. In addition to his intention to collect some resources and energy from the seabed, he also has a trace of treasure hunting. As soon as he entered the sea, Ye Tao's mind moved, his costume suddenly changed, and a silver-gray suit suddenly appeared on him. Suddenly an invisible gas field bloomed on Ye Tao. The gas field formed a circle and surrounded him in the middle. When the water met the gas field, it automatically separated to both sides and could not touch him at all. The name of this suit is Tianyu Water Shelter. It is made of crown feathers on the head of Tianyu Bird. It uses more than 9,800 crown feathers. As Ye Tao's body continued to dive, until it reached 1500 meters, Ye Tao felt a little pressure, but these pressures for him, compared with the hundred mountains can be said to be negligible. At this moment, Ye Tao's mind moved, and two pets flashed around him. First, the thunder scorpion has seven layers. This thunder scorpion is not much different from the ordinary scorpion in size. It has a blue curve on its body. What it likes to eat most is the material with electricity and magnetism. Its main ability is not only to find energy materials, but also to send out electric light. The other is the sky-feathered bird, which has six layers. It is 50 centimeters long. The whole body is silver-gray, and the back is slightly purple. There is a broad black stripe from the forehead, eyes, through the eyes to the occiput, and the mouth peak is pink. The speed is extremely fast, the main skill is its crisp call, it can be said that as long as a little hard call, can directly use the power of sound waves through a steel plate not more than five centimeters. In addition, Ye Tao also has a pet Firefox that has not been summoned, because, as the name implies, Firefox is a fire attribute, and it is really not cold for water. Firefox, with six layers, is a fiery red, with a slender body, a pointed mouth, big ears, short limbs, and a long tail behind it. Its body length is 80 centimeters, cunning and resourceful, and its tricks are naturally fire spells. These three kinds of pets, Ye Tao in the main game space to kill BOSS burst out, in terms of aptitude, these three kinds of monsters, at least can reach the heart before the five layers do not need to be converted. The way Ye Tao communicates with them is divided into dialogue and idea communication. After all, these pets are not real creatures, but intelligent robots, so whether they talk or transmit language through brain waves, they are not big at all. In addition, these pets also have a super exploration function, whether it is to explore material or treasure, are among the small masters, and as long as Ye Tao feels more cherished things, they also know clearly through the sensing system. As soon as the two pets were summoned,disc air diffuser, they were intimate with Ye Tao for a while, which made Ye Tao feel the magic of high-tech skills, which was no different from real pets.

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Super Dream System _ 20200215155704