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Super Dream System Emploi Plein temps

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Hearing this, Ye Tao was more or less relieved, but he said to Linger for fear of any eventuality, "Linger, you tell the creature in the Traverser to take Bai Lianxiang into the air immediately, and try to stay away from the planet as far as possible so as not to interfere with it and cause any big trouble. As for the other robots, you should also inform them all." For the earth, Ye Tao has nothing to worry about, after all, there is a spirit in the body, she must know what she means, if it really causes turbulence on the earth, then the latter will certainly warn him. When Linger heard this, she smiled and said, "Well," after that, she began to send orders to the Traverser. As soon as Zhao Jie, the creature in the Traverser, received the order, he immediately got off the warship and rushed to the base, where Bai Lianxiang was also there. During this period of time, Bai Lianxiang almost lived in the base on the ground. The main purpose was to use the environment on Venus to practice. It was the quality of the body, because since she came into contact with Ye Tao, she understood the latter's physical quality. It can be said that even if Ye Tao did not use magic power, with her own strength and degree, she was no match at all. This makes Bai Lianxiang not work hard, after all, she does not want to become a burden to Ye Tao in the future, and after this period of practice,inflatable amusement park, she also seems to have found that her physical quality is not improving, even the magic power in the Dantian meridians is constantly being condensed, which makes Bai Lianxiang a little more enthusiastic about the environment of Venus, and exercise more and more hard. As soon as she is free, she will go into the gravity room made by Ye Tao to exercise. As soon as Zhao Jie reached the door of the gravity room, he quietly pressed the doorbell on it. Shortly afterwards, the door of the gravity room opened, revealing the slightly pale face of Bai Lianxiang. "What's the matter with Zhao Jie?" Bai Lianxiang asked doubtfully about the origin and development of these biological people, Bai Lianxiang now probably knows a lot, one of which is to know that these people are helping Ye Tao manage the business and underground forces of Tenglong Group. "Boss, just passed the word,inflatable floating water park, let you go to the warship now, leave this planet for a while first," Zhao Jie said respectfully. When Bai Lianxiang heard this, he was stunned and immediately asked, "Did you tell me the specific reason?" "No, just let you leave for a while," Zhao Jie answered. Pian Xiang nodded and followed Zhao Jie toward the battleship with a puzzled face. When the battleship entered the command hall, Bai Lianxiang said, "Zhao Jie, can you contact Ye Tao now?" "It's the landlady," Zhao Jie answered again, and immediately went to the keyboard under a screen in the command hall and tapped on it. At the same time Linger immediately received the news and said to Ye Tao with a smile, "Brother, your big baby, I want to talk to you." When Ye Tao heard this, he did not know whether to laugh or cry, and immediately said, "Give me the docking." "OK," Linger smiled quietly, and then a screen appeared in front of Ye Tao's eyes. At this time, inflatable water slide ,Inflatable outdoor park, he opened his mouth and said, "Pian Xiang, what's wrong?" "Xianggong, where are you? Why do you want me to leave for a while?" Bai Lianxiang asked doubtfully. "I'm working on something underground now, and I'm afraid that something will happen, causing volcanoes to erupt and so on, so for the sake of safety, you'd better leave the planet first," Ye Tao said with a smile. As soon as Bai Lianxiang heard this, her heart suddenly tightened. After this period of understanding, she also knew a lot about the volcanoes on Venus, and also understood the horror of nature. She was full of worries and asked hurriedly, "What about you, husband?"? Is it safe? Ye Tao smiled and whispered, "Xiang Xiang, do you think I'm a fool? I'm sure I'll take care of my own safety." Pian Xiang nodded and said worriedly, "then you should be more careful." "Don't worry, make sure there's no problem," Ye Tao replied with a smile and said, "Well, that's it, you leave as soon as possible." Say that finish, Ye Tao let Linger cut off contact, and then, into the cave, looking at the surrounding excited smile, started up, but just dug not long only to hear a "click", the blade on the gloves was broken, which made Ye Tao immediately dumbfounded. Linger, on the other hand, kept laughing for a long time before he said, "Brother, I was just thinking about it. This yellow ware is about to break. I didn't think it was really broken." Ye Tao was speechless when he heard this. Just now he was too focused on digging the spar and really didn't notice any change on the blade. Then he said angrily, "You little girl is naughty and knows it's going to break, but you don't tell me." Linger grinned and said, "I thought you found out, brother." "Found you a big head ghost," Ye Tao gave her a white look, said, "is there anything suitable for mining items, give me a conversion." "I have already prepared for you." With a wave of her little hand, a delicate pick appeared in front of Ye Tao. The lower part of the small hoe is golden, the front part of the pick is sky-blue, just like a piece of sapphire, and there is a mysterious and unusual smell around the whole body, which looks extremely gorgeous. Ye Tao asked curiously, "Linger, what is this thing called?"? What level of goods are they? Linger Hei Hei said with a smile, "This pickaxe is called Tiaoshan Xuanyu pickaxe. As for the level of the goods, it is the lower level of heaven, which is equivalent to the fairy ware in your understanding." "What?"? Prefecture-level top-grade? Ye Tao's eyes were round, and he was full of surprise. So far, the best thing he had ever used was the Five Elements Wheel. As for the grade, it was only the Xuanji Middle Grade. In order to upgrade the Five Elements Wheel to the Xuanji Middle Grade, Ye Tao did not know how much energy he had put in. Although in the system space, now has appeared Xuanji top-grade weapons, but even if the price does not say, Ye Tao also does not want to replace the five elements wheel, which has two factors, the first point is because the five elements wheel and the five elements escape, collocation, can save him a lot of magic power, is also an important life-saving instrument,inflatable castle with slide, the other point is that. The longer these five elements are kept warm in his Dantian, the higher the degree of integration with him is, and there is really no need to change them.

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