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Super gold left hand Emploi Plein temps

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Zhou Xuan naturally did not like to raise the price with those merchants. Even if he took the picture, it was the jade merchants who suffered losses. In the end, if the result of calcite was that nine out of ten gambles were lost, it would be inevitable to lose money. Just think about it. When you go to the casino, ninety-nine percent of the people lose money, and only one percent of the people win money. One percent of the money won will also be lost, "because luck will not always cover his head alone!"! Of course, people like Zhou Xuan are excluded. "He doesn't rely on luck at all. Under the detection of powers, everything is revealed.". But it's still OK to look at it, because I talked to Manager Gao outside, and Manager Gao saw that his meaning fell on these inferior materials, so he didn't care much about it. Even if all these materials were sold, the value for them was really only a small point, and the big part was in the room. Well, go in and have a look first! Zhou Xuan nodded his head and followed manager Gao to the stone warehouse, which was far different from the outside. The decoration inside was more beautiful and the lights were very bright, so that the guests could see the stones on the shelves clearly. As soon as he entered, Zhou Xuan saw dozens of people watching and choosing from each other. The factory building was huge, with a floor area of more than 2,000 square meters. The ceiling was a steel frame, and the front was equipped with five calcite machines, which were provided to the on-site stone gamblers. Gambling stone has not officially started,Slate Wall Panel, until four or five people came one after another, the expression on Manager Gao's face had some smiles, "Zhou Xuan thought that the gambling stone was going to start," but Manager Gao still did not open. " Just smile to meet the crowd to watch everywhere, first choose their favorite stone. I thought it was going to start, but I didn't expect that Manager Gao still had no movement. "Zhou Xuan smiled, although he could detect the actual situation inside the wool, everything was under his control." But I still couldn't help but want to see the scene of gambling stones. "This factory building is about 20 meters across,white marble slabs, but it is much longer, about 100 meters. Although the factory building is huge, it is still within the range that Zhou Xuan can detect." There are about thousands of stones on these shelves, large and small. "So many quantities" have only one piece of good material and a dozen pieces of oil green material. "That piece of good material is really the best jadeite on the glass floor, but the amount is not too large, not much bigger than the fist." There is a pair of bracelet material, but the rest can be used to make a dozen rings, according to the quality of jadeite. It can reach the value of 20 million. "The value of that bracelet alone can exceed 10 million.". But the shape of this material is relatively large, similar to a basket, most of the surface of the stone is gray, "which is mixed with some star-like green spots" green is very beautiful, and it is the inner grain, that is to say, this green is from the outside to the inside, in this case, generally speaking, Stone Honeycomb Panel ,pietra gray marble, the possibility of jade is much greater than the outer grain. However, the green is too little, and not into the whole, a little bit east and west, so that stone gamblers will be afraid, generally speaking, "will not pay too high a price.". If someone bids, it is because the shape of the stone is big, if it is only as big as a blue ball, or not much bigger than a fist, the star green is not very valuable, because the smaller the wool, the smaller the possibility of jade inside. All this, naturally can not hide from Zhou Xuan's eyes, the heart is still considering whether to take down this piece of wool, if the jade inside is processed in their own factory, and then sold in the company's display cabinet, the final real value must be more than 40 million. But in Ruili, the price of jade must be lower than other places, because this is the distribution center, the more places, the cheaper the price naturally. Zhou Xuan also noticed that so many merchants, basically no one to pay attention to this stone, "pay attention to the other green more obvious wool.". Just look at the color of the surface, Zhou Xuan looked at the past, "just see the place, there are a lot of green extremely eye-catching, from these estimates, today's boss's income will not be low.". While he was thinking, he suddenly saw Manager Gao with a look of great joy. "He took a step and went to the door to meet him. Zhou Xuan looked in his direction and saw five men coming in from the direction of the door. The leader was in his forties." His appearance and bearing were very extraordinary. The four men who followed him were obviously bodyguards. Manager Gao strode up and shook hands with the man with a big smile. He said, "Mr. Yang, you can start when you come. There are a lot of good goods today!" That Mr. Yang just nodded slightly, and then held his head high in front of him. Manager Gao bowed and walked humbly behind him. Zhou Xuan immediately estimated, "This Mr. Yang has a lot of background!"! Inside the factory building, Manager Gao said to Mr. Yang with a smiling face: "Mr. Yang, please have a look. This batch of old pit goods is the best batch in Ruili's factory. Please have a look first!" Zhou Xuan had already detected all the wool in the factory [room]. "After finding out the content of jadeite, he had little interest in the wool." His interest immediately turned to Mr. Yang, who seemed to have a big background. Mr. Yang looked around, and the four bodyguards just followed him closely, not looking at the woolen stones on the shelf, just staring at people, so that the businessmen next to him were a little trembling. "It's uncomfortable to give these big men's eyes to sweep around.". Zhou Xuan noticed that Mr. Yang did not seem to know much about wool, and when he looked at the wool, his eyes only stayed on the wool with excellent color and luster. Naturally, these colors can not deceive Zhou Xuan. Under the detection of powers, there is no escape. According to the detection prepared by Zhou Xuan, the better the color, the greater the possibility that there is nothing inside. The reason why it is called "gambling stone" is probably derived from this. For those with poor color and luster, Mr. Yang's vision is also a slip,Silver Travertine Slabs, but there are still more than a dozen pieces of oil and green wool, which are also slightly worse in texture and color. It seems that it is more and more difficult to bet on big hair by luck. Compared with last year's Tengchong experience, Zhou Xuan also found that "the wool with real jade is becoming less and less." It is estimated that the price of this jade will be more and more bullish.

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