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Super Inn System _ 20200215155741. Emploi Plein temps

3 mars 2023 à 5h07   Sécurité & Sureté   Saint-Louis   66 vues Référence: 517
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"What kind of person dares to come to Ningjizong to steal the treasure?" Fang Shijin stepped forward quickly and rudely pushed the disciples aside. He glared at Yunlan and Lin Dong, who were wrapped in black: "Hand over the trapped Qingdan and Xuanlingshi. I can spare you from death. Otherwise, don't blame me for breaking your bones and raising ashes." Yun Lan took out the Trapped Qing Dan and held it in her hand. Her hoarse voice was full of creepy Jiejie: "Fang Shijin, you are still in the mood to threaten and intimidate at this time. Do you want Trapped Qing Dan and Xuanling Stone?"? Return your trapped elixir first. Fang Shijin wanted to open his mouth, but he saw a pink light floating down, just like a pink meteor, which made people feel like falling into a dream. Trapped Pill, this is Trapped Pill. "Fang Shijin stretched out his right arm, subconsciously trying to stop the pink curtain of light from coming over." He, he destroyed the trapped elixir. In the business of the elders, with panic and trembling, the treasure of the clan, which has been handed down in the world for six or seven hundred years, will be destroyed in front of themselves. Smelling the thick fragrance of medicine, Lin Dong could not help licking his lips, this thing, but the eight-order elixir. Although the drug effect is only to assist the strong to break through the last obstacle to the peak of the world's strength, they can not use it for the time being, but so turned into powder, it is hard to avoid regret. Kill,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, kill them. Fang Shijin suddenly raised the sword in his hand, full of anger and hatred, turned into a strong dazzling light, straight to the mountain. Yun Lan and Lin Dong quietly turned around, and then jumped down the cliff toward the deep confinement. Ears suddenly strong wind, the next second, Lin Dong only feel a steady body, has been caught in the hands of Yun Lan. In the blink of an eye,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, the scene shook rapidly, and Yunlan grabbed Lin Dong and swept quickly on the cliff. Every time the center of gravity is out of balance, the sword will turn into a ray of light and stand at the foot, and then start again. In an instant, the two of them were already a hundred meters away from the cliff. He rushed to the cliff, lowered his head and looked down. As far as Fang Shi could see, he was deeply afraid of the darkness and the abyss. Run away, just run away. When the elders flew to the top of the mountain, they could only hear Fang Shijin muttering to himself. Immediately, the roar suddenly exploded on the top of the mountain. It's Xingli Zong. Only Xingli Zong has such a big enmity with us. Only they have the strength to invite the sixth-order Lingzhen Division. Only they can anticipate the way out, and only they will deliberately destroy the trapped Qingdan in front of us.. The crazy roar made the mountain tremble, and also made all the disciples of Ningjizong gnash their teeth and hate. When Ning Jizong's hatred is brewing, Lin Dong and Yun Lan have begun to retreat towards Qingmei Mountain. Everything went well. When Lin Dong returned to the inn, he had no time to tell the good news to Xiao Tianchi and You Yinxiang. As soon as he stepped into the door, Small Dc Gear Motor ,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, Ma Chun came forward with a message that he thought was good news. Shopkeeper, the business association is about to be finalized. Lin Dong was stunned at first, and immediately did not show the general joy of Ma Chun. If for no other reason, he didn't believe it. It's true. Ma Chun said hurriedly, "According to the news from the Fenglin Restaurant two days ago, the dispute in the court has slowly subsided. Wang Shangshu of the Inner Eunuch Party has agreed to the proposal of the Southern Marquis of the Outer Eunuch Party. After the expenditure statistics of the Commercial Association come out, the major merchants can negotiate to provide it, but not less than 500 in each county and not less than 100 in each prefecture.". Once a year, the pricing is decided by these big merchants. In addition, in each county, each government has set up a commercial association supervision Institute, the county president from the third grade, the government president from the fifth grade. Lin Dong frowns: "Had issued imperial edict to roll out commercial association immediately?" "That's not true." Ma Chun shook his head and explained, "The rank of the president of the Control yuan is not low, and he is rich in oil and water. Naturally, everyone has to fight for it.". Fortunately, the two major parties that control the government have reached an agreement, and the number of places for the president of the Control yuan should have been allocated. The rest, of course, have to give their subordinates some time to decide on the candidates for these places. It is estimated that another half month will be enough. Lin Dong's head is as big as an ox. The two major parties have reached an agreement. The matter of the business association is indeed a bit of a general trend. But he always felt that it was not so easy. If he really wanted to settle down in half a month, he would be able to issue an imperial edict in one or two months. As long as there is an imperial edict, even if the business association is postponed until next year, I believe that with the connections of major restaurants and the help of other big businesses in order to make early profits, it is entirely possible to get through the relationship and make an experimental pricing in Qiufeng City first. One or two months, with the financial resources of major restaurants, the price of 90% discount is enough to survive. Even those big restaurants that have to close down because of their weak foundation can take the opportunity to reopen. After all, before and after a few months, the name of the restaurant in the big people's memory has not faded. This also means that the big plan of Fenglin Restaurant has completely failed. Lin Dong did not know whether Fenglin Restaurant could affect the two major parties, but he knew that all the money lost by Fenglin Restaurant in the whole Han Kingdom added up, which was definitely not a small sum. Such a big price, no benefit has been gained, and it can not be justified. Is there any movement in Fenglin Restaurant? Lin Dong asked. Ma Chun smiled coldly: "It's already 40% off the copper card and 30% off the silver card." Lin Dong was silent, and the price increase of Fenglin Restaurant also confirmed that it was not feasible, but he always felt that it would not be so simple. Is it difficult? The problem lies in the candidates for the president of the Control yuan? Lin Dong mind suddenly see the light, Fenglin restaurant's backer, if it is one of the two parties, I am afraid a little delay, is a few months. The quota has been allocated, which is only the speculation of outsiders. Lin Dong smiled bitterly, hoping that he had guessed wrong, so that the business of the inn could be on the right track as soon as possible. But if you guess right, the inn will return to normal before it rises to level six, but it will become more and more hopeless. Chapter 238 of the main text is the success of Lingshi Fan research. Chapter 238 successful research on Lingshi Fan. Whether the guess is right or wrong, everything can only wait and see what happens. Looking at the hall where people come and go, Lin Dong motioned Ma Chun to follow him to the front yard. The green and blue fruits have not been missed these days,gear reduction motor, have they? "The shopkeeper can rest assured that they are all picked on time." Ma Chun hurriedly said, "The green and blue fruits I picked have been given to Master Xiao." Lin Dong nodded and said, "How much business does the inn have every day now?"

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Super Inn System _ 20200215155741.