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Super Soldier King Emploi Plein temps

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"Mr. Ye is so well-informed that you know all about it." Lan Mei said, "Check Ouyang Minghao's whereabouts is naturally no problem, I immediately ordered my men to do, Miss Liang she should not have anything, Mr. Ye need not worry, I will find out her whereabouts as soon as possible." "Well, you do it as soon as possible, and I'll find a way to check it myself." Ye Qian said. After a pause, Lan Mei went on to say, "Yes, I heard that Director Hu of the Nancheng Police Station in Seoul was arrested by the National Security Committee of Bonzi. Did Mr. Ye do this? It is reasonable to say that the National Security Committee should not intervene in these matters." "I did it." Ye Qian said, "Without Director Hu, you will be more successful. Take this opportunity to have a good relationship with the police. By the way, Gui Jinbai was captured by you. What's going on now? What are you going to do?" "I already have a plan. Mr. Ye can rest assured that in a few days, I will take all of Gui Jinbai under my command." Lan Mei said. After a pause, Lan Mei went on to ask, "Yes, Mr. Ye, why did Ouyang Minghao take Miss Liang away? What is the purpose? Is it Blue City International? Could it be that Xuan Qingfeng and Xuan Nanhao's grandsons made their hands and feet?" "I had such doubts at first, but they didn't have the courage and ability to do that." Ye Qian said, "This matter will not be clear for a while and a half. I will tell you slowly later. In short, you can help me find out Ouyang Minghao's whereabouts as soon as possible. Yes,ultrasonic spray nozzle, there are Nangong injuries. You can also help me keep an eye on their movements. Tonight, Nangong injuries also sent people to kill me." "Nangong sent someone to kill you, Mr. Ye." Lan Mei was obviously taken aback and said hurriedly, "Mr. Ye, you have nothing to do." "Of course it's all right. I can't call you now if I have something to do." Ye Qian said, "Well, don't say that, I still have a phone call to make,ultrasonic dispersion machine, you hurry to help me investigate." With that, Ye Qian hung up the phone. Seeing something wrong with Liang Bing's expression, Jin Chengyou couldn't help asking curiously: "What's wrong? What did Mr. Ye say on the phone?" "Liang Bing, president of Blue City International, was captured by Ouyang Minghao, so Mr. Ye wants us to check Ouyang Minghao's whereabouts as soon as possible." Lan Mei said, "also, Nangong wound also sent someone to assassinate Mr. Ye, so we should also keep an eye on the action of Nangong wound." Jin Chengyou was stupefied and said angrily, "This Nangong wound is really bold. He dares to hurt Mr. Ye. Hum, I'm in a hurry to do him." Jin Chengyou a face of indignant expression, finish want to rush away, can't wait to put Nangong wound to death, in his mind, Ye Qian has a very high status, ultrasonic generator driver ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, he naturally can't see someone hurt Ye Qian, so, when he heard Nangong wound sent someone to assassinate Ye Qian, almost without any hesitation, jumped out of such a sentence. Lan Mei shook her head helplessly and said, "Calm down first. Now we are trying our best to deal with Gui Jinbai. If there is another enemy like Nangong injury at this time, we will be in constant trouble. When the time comes, I'm afraid we won't be able to cope with it." "So what? Do we just watch Mr. Ye have something to do and ignore it? I can't do that." Jin Chengyou said, "Mr. Ye is my benefactor. I will never let anyone hurt him. If anyone dares to hurt him, I, Jin Chengyou, will fight with him even if I risk my life." "I did not say that I would not help Mr. Ye to avenge this, but now is not the time. Now the key is to deal with Gui Jinbai with all our strength. If we provoke Nangong injury at this time and set up such an opponent, it will be very disadvantageous to us. Once Gui Jinbai has a breathing space, we will have no chance to turn over.". "Lan Mei said," and now Mr. Ye just let us help keep an eye on the Nangong injury side of the action, and did not let us go to kill Nangong injury, I think, Mr. Ye must have his plan, if he wants to deal with Nangong wound, if there is a need for us, he will say it directly. " Jin Chengyou was silent for a moment, thought carefully about Lan Mei's words, and felt that what she said was reasonable, but when he saw that Ye Qian had something to do, he could not do anything, and his heart was somewhat anxious. With a slight smile, Lan Mei stood up and patted Jin Chengyou on the shoulder and said, "Well, don't think so much. Do what Mr. Ye told us first. This is the best reward for Mr. Ye. Don't forget that Mr. Ye has always hoped that we can handle Gui Jinbai's affairs well. If we are involved in Nangong injury, it will lead to failure." We don't have the face to see Mr. Ye. Taking a deep breath, Kim Sung-woo nodded and said, "I know what to do. Leave it to me." With that, Kim Sung-woo turned and walked out. Seeing the back of Jin Chengyou's departure, Lan Mei shook her head with a helpless smile. Although Jin Chengyou's temper was a little impatient, she was very sincere and grateful. Now, many people in the underworld are not moral. It's a very happy and fortunate thing to have a friend like Jin Chengyou. Gold is not pure, and no one is perfect. You can't expect everyone to have no shortcomings at all. That's impossible. In a luxurious villa in Hancheng City, Nangong was sitting leisurely on the sofa, playing with a jade Buddha in his hand, murmuring: "It's really worth buying a million yuan." People raise jade for three years, and jade raises people for a lifetime. It is precisely because of this mentality that the price of jade has been rising over the years. Nangong injury's biggest hobby is to collect all kinds of jade, jade, agate, Hetian jade and so on. All kinds of jade in his home are placed in his study, which is worth tens of millions of yuan. Moreover, he is still collecting. If he sees his favorite jade, no matter what price he pays, even if it is murder and arson,ultrasonic dispersion machine, he must get it. No, boss, something's wrong. One of his men rushed in from the outside and said.

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