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Super Soldier System _ 20200215155716. Emploi Plein temps

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"Could it be that some of the important soldiers in this escort, relatives of senior federal generals, came here to gild?". Yes, it must be so, otherwise the Tianlong Federation will not abandon a mine and send all its forces to save them. Liu Yu thought of the answer in a moment. Although there are some differences between this answer and the real one, it is right that there are important people among the escorts. Liu Yu looked at the battlefield, and in the distance, a mecha fighter with two axes in his hand was unstoppable. The giant axe in his hand, no one on his side of the mecha fighters can block a move. With their own side of the forces, and then continue to fight, is likely to be completely annihilated by the other side. Evacuate. All units fall back. Long range snipers continue to cover. After Liu Yu issued the order, he left with his subordinates with regret. Odinte ordered his men to clean up the battlefield, while he hurried to the transport team. Do you have someone called Blue Lily here? Is she hurt? The thruster on the back of the Blue Lily Mecha was hit by a sniper. I hurt my forehead and just fainted. Replied a soldier. A few hours later, the rest area of the mine. Blue Lily is lying on the hospital bed at this time, the wound on the head has been dealt with simply. Odinte, I didn't expect to see you here. Blue Lily looked at Odinte and said, her eyes on the rank of major on Odinte's shoulder. Yes. Sister-in-law, take good care of yourself. Seeing the Blue Lily awake, Odinte's hanging heart was finally relieved and he left the lounge. Outside the lounge, Odinte's men are chatting. The eldest brother. Is this your woman? It's pretty. "She's my boss's woman. If anyone of you talks nonsense again, I'll let him die now." Odinte said with a calm face. Big Dipper,Granite Slab Supplier, inside Lin Fei's villa, an advanced recovery module is shining with green lights, indicating that the body repair has been completed. The synthetic glass cover of the advanced recovery module is turned up and opened. The blue recovery solution flows back quickly. Lin Fei stood up from the recovery cabin, stepped out of the recovery cabin, stood on the floor of the room, and checked his body. Not bad, the original cracked skin has returned to normal,Calacatta Nano Glass, Lin Fei dare not imagine if late into this recovery cabin a few seconds, his body will not collapse and die. This recovery capsule should be put together with the hot and cold trainer to be safe. If I'm lucky not to die this time, I won't be so lucky next time. In the future, if you have a trainer, you will be treated immediately. Lin Fei thought to himself, once again put the recovery capsule back in his omnipotent space ring, and began to walk to the basement. A few minutes later, Lin Fei opened the door of the basement and saw the little princess Wu Xiaoman sitting on her little bed, holding her kitchen knife in a daze. "How does it feel to soak in the hot spring? Do you want to soak in the hot spring with me again, or go to the snow scene?" Lin Fei asked Wu Xiaoman beside him. Ah, master, you come, hot spring, never soak in hot spring with you again, too terrible, Calacatta Quartz Slab ,Carrara Marble Slab, master, please, you take away these two scene trainers, I do not soak in hot springs, nor go to the snow. Wu Xiaoman saw Lin Fei standing beside him, thinking about the bloody hot spring scene he had experienced with Lin Fei not long ago. Lin Fei was bleeding all over and his skin was broken. This was not a hot spring to enjoy together. It was more terrible than a horror movie. Wu Xiaoman doesn't want to be afraid to soak in the hot spring, and many people die in the hot spring. If you take away these two scene trainers, you have to dismantle them before you can take them out and reassemble them, which is very laborious. Lin Fei answered casually. It's all right, master. I'll help you dismantle it. You can sit aside and have a rest. I'll dismantle it slowly for you. You just need to move out and assemble it by yourself. Wu Xiaoman quickly answered, and pulled Lin Fei to sit on his small bed, handed the kitchen knife to Lin Fei, let him help hold it. Wu Xiaoman walked quickly to the two scene trainers, began to look at the instructions, turn off the power, and disassemble them. Holding Wu Xiaoman's big kitchen knife, Lin Fei took an apple from her small table and began to peel the apple with the knife skills he had learned in Carl's prison. He ate the apple and watched Wu Xiaoman dismantle it. Wu Xiaoman may have mechanical talent, or because of the potential threat of the horrible hot spring scene, the speed of disassembly was surprisingly fast, and in a short time, the two virtual training cabins were disassembled into the newly transported appearance. "Well, I'll send these two training cabins back upstairs to my room for use. If you think about it, you won't regret it. If you move away, you won't be able to soak in the hot spring." Lin Fei looked at the parts all over the floor and asked again. I won't soak in the hot spring. Master, you can enjoy it by yourself. I have to concentrate on the study of knife skills. Master is the best. Wu Xiaoman took back the kitchen knife in Lin Fei's hand and held it in his arms and said. Subsequently, Lin Fei began to take the parts of the training cabin, go back and forth several times to assemble the parts of the training cabin, transport them out of the basement door, and lock the metal door of the basement. Lin Fei put the parts of the training cabin into his universal space ring for transportation, took them back to the room together, and began to assemble them. After the assembly was completed, he connected the power supply and started everything normally. Lin Fei then put the recovery cabin in the universal space ring next to the two training cabins, sat on his bed with satisfaction, and began to rest. (To be continued). If you like this work, you are welcome to the starting point (qidian.) To vote for recommendation, monthly ticket, your support is my greatest motivation. Chapter 343 Memory Transplantation Surgery. Lin Fei just sat on his bed, and within five minutes, he heard the ring of the wristwatch communicator. Lin Fei looked and asked the caller to be a ripper. Lin Fei connected the wristwatch communicator. No, Lin Fei, come to the laboratory of the First Medical Research Institute. Mother-in-law's body because of brain damage, sudden rejection, mother-in-law has begun to foam, we have to carry out memory transplantation in advance. The Ripper's anxious voice came from the communicator. I'm foaming at the mouth. All right, I'll be right there. You prepare for the operation first. Lin Fei said, turned off the communicator,pietra gray marble, quickly got up and went downstairs, driving his own suspension flying car, and rushed to the First Medical College.

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Super Soldier System _ 20200215155716.