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Supreme scoundrel Emploi Plein temps

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At this point, Xiao Lei frowned and said, "But the first thing, why do you have to say clearly when and where you gave the jade tablet to someone?" Miao Yan suddenly said slowly to one side, "Well, the explanation is already there." "Oh?" Miaoyan sighed, "At every grand meeting, all the people in the world gather together. If the twenty jade tablets are sent down, there should be more than twenty people coming.". But this time.. But most of them were absent. That seems to be the problem. Xiao Lei frowned and suddenly raised his eyebrows. "What do you mean?" "Husband, let me ask you," said Miaoyan slowly. Most of the people who were presented with jade tablets were leaders of a faction. There are many children under the door, as well as their own mountain gate cave mansion, and most of them are guarded by various schools in the mainland. If you want to deal with these masters on weekdays, it is difficult to compare with the sky! But if they do it on their way to the Xianlin Festival. "Not bad," said Xiao Lei at once! First, they do not have many disciples around them. Second, there is no guard of the mountain gate cave house! A single person is weak, and at most two disciples follow him. Also in the wilderness, at this time was ambushed by a group of people of the Holy Blood Sect, hey. As for why the people of the Holy Blood Clan want to deal with these masters of the world? Do you have to ask? Nature is to suck its blood,small geared motors, and take its law! On weekdays, where can there be such an opportunity? So many masters go out alone without warning? According to the time when the ancient bell monk revealed the gift of jade tablets, we can calculate when those masters will go out and when they will go on the road. Besides, who would have thought of such a crazy and bold plan! Sneak attack in one fell swoop, kill almost half of the masters of the world's right path! Although this plan is crazy, but has the star chaser this kind of level master to press the array, not necessarily infeasible! The most important thing is that the Holy Blood Sect is getting stronger and stronger! Every time you kill a master, you take the master's cultivation for your own use! Other factions are getting weaker and weaker,Small Geared Motors, and they are getting stronger and stronger! Chapter 283 the way home. Or there is another possibility. Star-chasers have become so tough, mostly because they "sucked" more than a dozen invited masters of various factions! Otherwise, how can we understand why the hidden moon suzerain, who was not conspicuous at the last grand meeting, suddenly became so powerful? "In that case, the more than a dozen masters of various factions who were absent from this grand meeting, I'm afraid, did not come." Most of them were killed on the way. Xiao Lei sighed, took one look at the ancient bell monk, and suddenly said with a smile, "I admire the guy who made this plan.". Crazy and bold! In the name of this grand meeting, he drew so many masters out of his mountain gate cave house, and then broke them one by one, heh heh.. Monk Gu Zhong shook his head. "These poor monks didn't know in advance." "Nonsense!" Small thunder eye stares, Low Rpm Electric Motor ,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, drink a way: "You do not know?"? When they ask you for the list of people who are invited to get the jade card, can't you think of what you want to do with the head of the ancient bell monk? Hum. Even if you didn't know at that time, when the event began, more than half of the people were not able to attend, you should have thought of it at that time, right? Looking at the monk in front of him, Xiao Lei gritted his teeth and said, "What sin do you keep talking about?" As far as I'm concerned, you're an unforgivable monk! For one's own selfish interests, harm all the people in the world. Hey hey, you keep saying Buddha, I'm afraid Buddha knows, will only send you to hell! Monk Gu Zhong's face was ashen. He shook his head and said, "Amitabha, I have sinned deeply. I know I will never be spared. Please give me an end, benefactor." Xiao Lei took one look at the ancient bell, approached it slowly, and whispered, "I have one more question.." I have already killed one of the sorcerers of the Holy Blood Sect. You're the second one. With that, Xiao Lei had already put his hand on the forehead of the ancient clock. No! Miaoyan suddenly stopped Xiao Lei and grabbed his wrist. "Husband, you can't kill him," she frowned. Xiao Lei raised his eyebrows. "Why?" Miao Yan sighed. "This monk is very famous outside," he said with a straight face. "Now you and I both know he's a member of the Holy Blood Clan, but outsiders don't know.. If you kill him rashly, I'm afraid it will arouse public indignation and do no good to your husband's reputation. After a pause, Miaoyan whispered, "Besides, a lot of people saw you take him away just now. Now that he's dead, it's on your husband's head." And the whereabouts of Lin Shanshan's mother and son. "Humph." Ray took a breath and nodded. "Fame or something.". I don't care. But the whereabouts of Lin Shanshan's mother and son had to be asked. Gu Zhong opened his eyes and said slowly, "Almsgiver Lei, your son's talent is outstanding. He is the only one I have ever seen in my life.". I can teach him a little skill, that is also a fate. It's just that the poor monk doesn't dare to lie now. The poor monk doesn't know your son's whereabouts now. "What?" Xiao Lei almost jumped up and pointed to the nose of the ancient clock and shouted, "Didn't you say that the grand meeting was over and you were going to see him?" Gu Zhong shook his head and said, "The poor monk just saw the boy by accident a few years ago and passed on some of his skills.". I have been out for many days, and I really don't know the whereabouts of the child. However, I had promised him that I would pass on a volume of Buddhist scriptures to him, but the poor monk already knew at that time that this grand meeting would not be good. So I made an appointment to meet him somewhere. I'll tell you the place, and you go and look for him. At that moment, Gu Zhong said a time and place. After hearing this, Xiao Lei said, "Good.". Anyway, you taught my son those skills, and you took care of him. I have a clear sense of gratitude and resentment. No matter what great sins you have, I will always accept your feelings personally. Monk, if you have any unfinished wishes,Small Dc Gear Motor, just say it. Gu Zhong shook his head and said, "a bad idea.." A bad idea. The poor monk has nothing to ask for, but the people of the Holy Blood Sect must have conspiracies. I hope the benefactor will be more careful.

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