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Sword poison and plum fragrance Emploi Plein temps

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Look, but when I saw the girl blushing, she was jubilant and seemed to be looking forward to a happy future. Ji Lei is a clever person, she is also a girl, for this kind of daughter's mind how unknown, at the moment. Not greatly shocked, thought: "This girl is the eldest brother's childhood companion, look at her appearance is clearly like the eldest brother." Ji Lei almost wanted to stand up and walk out, but a kind of meaningless straight heart blocked her. She thought, "I only have Big Brother One in my heart." Man, I'd like to see if there's only one of me in my eldest brother's heart. When the girl saw Gao Zhan listening in a daze, she seemed to be indifferent and felt a little angry. Ji Lei looked at her. In the heart secretly pleased. "Let's go quickly," said the girl. "Change your clothes and go to find your friend. Don't keep him waiting." Gao Zhan rested for a moment and gradually recovered. He looked at his ragged clothes and thought that Ji Lei would see him like this. Not so good, he picked up the girl and walked forward. Ji Lei saw two people turned a corner and disappeared, the heart suddenly felt lonely, although she knew that Gao Zhan would return soon, but did not know. Why, always embarrassed, looking at the dark sky, cranky. She first thought of the magnificent courtyard outside Jinan, a quiet path covered with green bamboos, leading directly to a small building. Although it was midsummer, the small building was still cool as autumn, the breeze was blowing, the fragrance of flowers was blowing,juice filling machine, and the sunshine was shining through the green gauze. Drying cloth, the shadow is really like the Crystal Palace. She thought, "I spent more than ten years there. My father taught me martial arts, my mother taught me to study, and Qing'er was an elf." Girl, accompany me all day long, rack one's brains to talk and laugh to please, life is also very not lonely. The sound of the water was getting farther and farther away, and the first little star appeared in the sky. Ji Lei knew that the sun had gone down the mountain,PET bottle Mold, and she couldn't take a moment to look at it. "Why don't you come?" He murmured? Does he really not care about me at all? With a surge of jealousy in her heart, she thought, "If I couldn't find him again just now, I almost jumped, but …" Can Yes Even if it's a long time to talk about the old days, you have to tell me first, so as not to make me wait for a long time. She almost wanted to turn around and leave, but knowing that it was related to her life, she secretly decided! "When I can't hear the sound of the water, if my eldest brother doesn't come again, then I'll go. This body is drifting in Jianghu." Forget it Suddenly two little squirrels slipped down from the tree, staring at a pine nut in front of her, and Ji Lei gently loosened it. The squirrel threw it at the squirrel, and when he saw them fighting for it, he could not help thinking of the things of his childhood. When I was a child, I loved to play cricket fighting. My crickets were always the most powerful. None of the crickets of the children nearby could beat me. Yes, because it was caught by two elder martial brothers from the mountain. Elder martial brother, plastic bottle making machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, the second master is five or six years older than me. They have treated me since I was a child. Ok, whatever I say, they are all obedient and try their best to find it for me, but I don't like the kind of master brother. Shen character, Second Elder Martial Brother's violent temper, but Third Elder Martial Brother and I are more fun. The moon peeped out from the top of the mountain, and the homing birds in the forest squeaked, beating the silence around them, and Ji Lei returned from the illusion. Reality, listening carefully, there is still a little sound of water, a little peace of mind, and from reality into memory. I shouted to my father to take me out to see. My father was worn out by me, so he took me to the Northern Greenwood Congress. This is me. The first time I became a monk, I met Brother Gao. From the first time I saw him, I knew I would never forget him again. I don't care whether he is or not. The disciple of my father's enemy, I just feel that this man is very kind, very kind, and even wants to take care of him all the time, even though he or Our enemy, but that can't be helped. "I said I wanted to go out to play, and my father asked the Third Elder Martial Brother to accompany me. In fact, I wanted to find Brother Gao, and I used tricks to cheat the Third Elder Martial Brother." Brother, what a coincidence! I bumped into him on the way. "Goo, goo". The shrill hoofbeats of the owls were horrifying, and Ji Lei could not hear the faint sound of the water, and she felt her heart go down. His jealousy turned into hidden bitterness. "So Brother Gao disliked my father," he said. "He had the heart to treat me like this because of me. It's the daughter of a robber leader! She hoped that a miracle would happen, but it was so dark in front of her that she could no longer hold back her tears and cried, "Big!" Brother, I can't hear the sound of the water. I can't hear the sound of the water. I'm leaving. At night, the forest was silent except for the occasional cry of the damned owl, and all the returning birds perched on the branches had gone to sleep. Village. A dark shadow walked slowly into the forest from a distance. He walked with heavy steps, step by step, sending out "sand" from time to time. The sound of sand. He approached, holding a pine torch in his hand, and the faint light of the fire reflected his pale face, even a little blue. "Sand", "sand", "sand". The footsteps faded away, apparently out of the woods. Ji Lei! Ji Lei! A hurried sound came into the forest and startled the crows who were sleeping sweetly. Instantly destroyed the quiet earth, the whole The sound of "quack" and "quack" rose and fell one after another in the forest. Outside the forest, the moonlight is dim. Under the big tree, beside a snow-white horse stood the dark figure who had just come out of the forest. He held the trunk, and his face was even more pale. Teetering. Chop "" clap ", the flame issued a monotonous explosion, the horse side of the young face anxious color, mouth murmured: "Where has she gone? There are so many forks in this mountain road that it is easy to get lost. If she leaves home for the first time and gets lost in the mountains, she will not be able to walk easily." Out. He suddenly felt a pain in his chest, and knew that he had been anxious to go on his way and had shaken his internal injuries, so he took a deep breath and endured the pain. Ponder over the present situation. He thought, "Miss Ji has been waiting for me for a long time. She has been looking for me everywhere and has lost her way. The mountains stretch for hundreds of miles. Where can I go?" To look for her? "If I had told her as soon as I climbed the cliff," he thought with some regret,water filling machine, "it wouldn't have happened. So I won't even see Uncle Lin for the last time. Hum, although that fellow is fierce, I finally drove him off the cliff.

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Sword poison and plum fragrance