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TC4 Titanium Alloy Bar Emploi Temporaire

1er mars 2023 à 4h52   Electricien   Saint-Louis   92 vues Référence: 453
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Original Title: Introduction to TC4 Titanium Alloy Bar, GR5 Titanium Wire, TC4 Titanium Plate, Ti6Ai4V Titanium Tube and TC4 Titanium Forging Properties and uses of titanium alloy materials such as TC4 titanium alloy rod, wire, plate, tube, forging, block,titanium filler rod, product and rod The composition of the TC4/GR5 titanium alloy material is Ti-6Al-4V, which belongs to (alpha + beta) type titanium alloy and has good comprehensive mechanical mechanical property, high strength and high specific strength. TC4 has a strength sb = 1.012 GPa, a density G = 4.4103,ti6al4v eli, and a specific strength sb/G = 23.5, while the specific strength sb/G of alloy steel is less than 18. The hardness of TC4 is about 30HRC in the conventional state. TC4 has the advantages of both α and β titanium alloys, such as good plasticity, good hot strength (can work at 400 for a long time), strong seawater corrosion resistance, simple production process, welding, titanium plate gr7 ,ti6al4v eli, cold and hot forming, and can be strengthened by quenching and aging treatment. It is mainly used in aircraft compressor disk and blade, ship pressure shell, large size forgings, die forgings and so on. Ti-6Al-4V (TC4) also has good performance at low temperature. It still has good toughness below -196 , and is used to manufacture low temperature and high pressure vessels, such as liquid hydrogen fuel tanks for rockets and missiles. 1. Characteristics of TC4 titanium alloy: TC4 titanium alloy has a series of advantages such as excellent corrosion resistance, low density, high specific strength, good toughness and weldability 2. Mechanical properties of TC4 titanium alloy: Tensile strength σb/MPa ≥ 895, specified residual tensile stress σr0.2/MPa ≥ 825, elongation δ5 (%) ≥ 10, reduction of area ψ (%) ≥ 25 3. Chemical composition of TC4 titanium alloy: Chemical composition of TC4 titanium alloy: 4. Application of TC4 titanium alloy: The application of titanium has solved many important engineering technical problems, promoted the progress of science and technology, and brought obvious economic benefits. The excellent performance and great potential of titanium have shown a broader prospect of its application, which has been successfully applied in aerospace, petrochemical industry, shipbuilding, automobile, medicine and other departments. Secondly, its application in seawater desalination, mechanical equipment, electric power equipment, automobile and motorcycle parts,Titanium welding pipe, sports and leisure, steel and metallurgy, and high-tech fields has also been continuously improved. Expand the full text TC4 titanium alloy rod TC4 titanium alloy plate TC4 titanium tube TC4 titanium forging cakes TC4 titanium alloy wire Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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