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Ten years to forever. Emploi Plein temps

23 févr. 2023 à 2h42   Banque   Dakar   136 vues Référence: 400
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Song Jing took the ice cream that looked very gorgeous, lowered his eyes to hide the emotion in his eyes, and said softly: "No." If she's seen through, she'll just hit the wall. Ouyang Xiao looked at her fixedly for a moment, then suddenly turned to her and said, "I haven't seen you for a long time. You seem to have grown a little bit." Song Jing immediately blushed, Na Na not idiom: "What..." What.. Ouyang Xiao stretched out his hand to cover his eyes and said, "Hey!" Song Jing was restless and managed to make a sound: "What.." What Ouyang Xiao raised the corners of his mouth: "I said, let's adopt the combat mode." Song Jing was stupefied: "What combat mode?" Ouyang Xiao suddenly stood up irritably and walked around. In the morning of the square, the sun shone obliquely, and the trees, crowds and statues were painted with a layer of gold. A child is flying a kite, and a huge white butterfly flutters into the sky. The children jumped for joy and ran excitedly. Song Jing held the ice cream and did not move for a long time. Ouyang Xiao stopped walking, covered his eyes with the back of his hand again, and murmured in a defeated tone: "Really.." Looking at you.. Completely lost the language! It happened a long time ago, and although I tried to pretend to be normal, I couldn't help but tremble slightly. Such a special existence, this person, absolutely can not let go. She didn't notice it at all. How much quiet power she gave people. That kind of time seems to be static feeling, as long as sitting beside her,tile trim manufacturers, everlasting also does not matter. Ouyang Xiao put down his arm and smiled. "Where do I start?" Song Jing looked at Ouyang Xiao and suddenly felt strange, but he couldn't say what was strange. He had to ask, "Where did you start?" Ouyang Xiao ignored her and said to himself, "You should have heard about my parents." "I've only heard it mentioned by others," said Song Jing. Ouyang Xiao smiled: "That should know." My mother now is not my biological mother. Song Jing opened his eyes wide and lost his voice. "What?" Ouyang Xiaoruo said to himself, "I don't know anything!"! I thought.. I'm sure some busybody will tell you. After all, it's a very famous thing. Song Jing grabbed Ouyang Xiao's sleeve worriedly,aluminum tile edge trim, and accidentally dropped the ice cream on the ground. Ouyang Xiao said: "The beautiful mother can't keep her father who has changed his mind. Jealousy gnaws at her heart. Every day, she seems to be living in hell, but she can't help hoping that the person will look back at her.." Such an idea, finally in the day by day waiting for grinding to a little bit is not left. The young son did not understand anything, pulled his mother's trouser legs and cried for his father. He did not hesitate to choose his father in his mother's questioning. Collapsed mother, no, it should be said that the crazy mother cooked the child's favorite lotus seed porridge. I don't know why the lotus seed porridge tasted strange that day, and I didn't want to eat it at all. But my mother's look was even more terrible, and I was forced to drink, but I was patted away again. Mother went crazy and drank the rest of the lotus seed porridge. She's really terrible. Walking around with a knife, locking and opening the door, and finally. Suddenly fell down. Song Jing covered Ouyang Xiao's mouth and looked at him. "Don't say any more." Ouyang Xiao's big eyes were filled with tears, but he described the matter in a calm tone that seemed to be used to say, "Ah, tile profile factory ,stainless steel edging strip, the weather is really good today." Such Ouyang Xiao made Song Jing heartache. Ouyang Xiao calmly pulled down Song Jing's hand and continued to say with a smile, "My mother died like this, but my father married someone else.". That's funny! I really do not know what she is clinging to, obviously that man makes people feel that'ah, this man is really good, very reliable 'there is no place. Why would she do that? Not hesitate to kill a young child to let that person remember her for a lifetime. When I grew up and looked at the suicide note she left behind, I. He looked at Song Jing, "I have always liked people who will not give up when they have identified their goals.". Very, very much like, like to.. Can't help but want to kill each other, let each other forever belong to their point. ” Song Jing did not make a sound, looked at him quietly, then pulled Ouyang Xiao to sit down, and then she put her head on his knee. You can't give up. Song Jing gave a gentle hum. The peach blossoms in early spring have been in full bloom for one round, and the branches are scattered and beautiful. The big white butterfly flies in the sky, flying higher and higher, facing the wind, very free. Song Jing gently leaned on Ouyang Xiao's knee and wept silently. Those unspeakable sorrows can only be released by crying out, and he has been unable to shed tears, so she took his place to cry well. Ya- "" The child gave a cry of surprise. Song Jing looked at the big butterfly flying higher and higher, and finally disappeared in the clouds, and said softly, "It's free." What to say, what to say, what to say. Waiting for the misery does not seem to exist, Song Jing really walked into the deepest part of Ouyang Xiao's heart. From now on, obediently accept fate, well. If we can be together forever, no, we must be together forever. Should be frivolous young, in years and years of waiting to be worn away the edges and corners, calm, calm, calm. It's not boredom, it's like wine getting stronger with age. Intense feelings erupt, no less than a magnitude 6 earthquake. She knows better than anyone! Ouyang Xiao, who did not like to talk, had always hidden himself well, and now how many struggles he had gone through to say this to her. Such a proud man! From April to June, a lot of things happened. First, Song Jing's younger brother did not want to go to high school and had a big quarrel with his family. He ran away from home for three days and came back to compromise with his parents. Another big thing is that Song Jing's family moved to the city. And Ouyang Xiao, his family has long settled in the city. That day, Ouyang Xiao brought Song Jing home. Song Jing saw the woman, who would be over forty next year but was still as young and energetic as a young girl. Ouyang Xiao seemed to have a good relationship with her,stainless steel tile edge trim, laughing and laughing. Back in the house, Ouyang Xiao said flatly, "It's a fait accompli anyway. Why should I embarrass her to make myself more unhappy?"

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Ten years to forever.