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The best childe Emploi Plein temps

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It is not without reason that she is so optimistic about Ye Wudao. Ye Wudao also has the ability to win the favor of world-class venture capital institutions. And because the IT industry will be the main theme of China's venture capital industry in the near future, Myth Group, which owns Yueya Network Company and its own electronics industry, is easily favored by large venture capitalists. This is one aspect. Also, according to her investigation, there seems to be a potential economic force behind Ye Wudao, which showed its fierce fangs in the battle of the Lin family's destruction, so even without Chen Yingling's command, the myth group would not collapse in an instant as Li Kaize said. Cunning avoid three caves, this despicable guy is more than three caves, it is absolutely not easy for him to eat! "There are some things I can't say now. Go to where you live. Don't tell me you don't have a place in Taiwan. Anyway, I'm allergic to hotels." Li Kaize hesitated for a moment and said with a smile, it can be seen that the matter of Ye Wudao has been a big headache for him. Originally, an outsider involved in family or government disputes had better look on coldly. If he was forced to go on a business trip, it must be an immature performance. Li Kaize had already made up his mind to help Ye Wudao with the idea of being scolded by his father. Go to her house. The environment of her Maple Forest Villa is very good. If you have time, I will play golf with you tomorrow. Ye Wudao invited,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, regardless of the killing of Xiao Liyin, is completely Xiao Liyin's man identity orders, Zhao Qian looked at Ye Wudao's eyes and changed a lot, according to her habit to see a man's ability to see the number and quality of his women, although jealous of Xiao Liyin's talent and temperament, Zhao Qian had to admit that she was a very attractive woman. Since this young man has the ability to catch up with it,ultrasonic dispersing machine, of course, he has good capital and strength, and from the dialogue point of view, he has considerable influence. Zhao Qianxi, a brain teaser, is thinking about how to use this opportunity to get close to Ye Wudao today. I'm very glad to know Miss Xiao. I can always see your figure when I read financial newspapers and magazines. I'm convinced by your unique vision and incisive views on business. Hehe, if you have a chance, you must ask Miss Xiao for your idol's autograph. Zhao Qianxi is very sincere, as known as the new rising backbone of Hong Kong movies, her acting skills are really extraordinary, these words are also said to cover all aspects, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, as expected, Li Kaize, a guy with high IQ and general EQ, is gratified by Zhao Qianxi's "smoothness". Miss Zhao is polite. You should know that your fans and fans in Taiwan are all mountains and seas. Xiao said with a smile, knowing that Zhao Qianxi was going to "save the nation by a curve" through her "deep understanding and contact" with Ye Wudao, she was also happy to help. It would be very interesting if Ye Wudao and Li Kaihan could turn against each other. Let the driver and bodyguards drive behind, once sat in Ye Wudao's car Li Kaize strongly demanded to sit beside Ye Wudao and let him race, because Xiao Lingyin and Zhao Qianxi sat behind Ye Wundao and ignored her, who was responsible for the two women vomiting in the car? Zhao Qianxi took out a very warm and indirect set of Xiao Liyin's tone, plus Xiao Liyin was very cooperative, and soon almost everything except the length of Ye Wudao's little brother was vaguely known by Zhao Qianxi. Ye Wudao, who cursed Xiao Liyin in her heart, was ready to go back to her villa and then slowly clean up the woman who turned her elbow out. Zhao Qianxi Zhao was more surprised by Ye Wudao's background, although some secret inside stories were not revealed to him, but these things floating on the surface of the water had already made her ready to catch Ye Wudao, a big fish, for her own charm Zhao Qianxi is still quite charming, she is not a woman with breasts and no brains. Otherwise, it is impossible to make Li Kaize so dead set under the opposition of Li Jiacheng, the future father-in-law. Arriving at Xiao Lingyin's villa, Ye Wudao and Li Kaize leaned against the balcony railing and silently felt the silence of the night. The noise of the city and the tranquility of this side formed a huge contrast. Li Kaize said lightly: "Dongfang Group and Fengyun Enterprise are ready to attack you." Ye Wudao raised his eyebrows and did not speak. "And there is also an anti-Yang force in the central government. It seems that some people are very dissatisfied with your Yang family. This is a big thing. I think in order not to distract you, the Yang family certainly did not disclose the news to you. Beijing will not stop in the near future." As soon as Ye Wudao's face changed, he finally realized that the storm might not really be so simple. Volume IV The Way of University Chapter 369 Top Hackers The incident of Chen Yingling being framed, the joint efforts of Dongfang Group and Fengyun Enterprise, and the rampant clamor of anti-Yang forces, all of these events seemed to have a clue that could be linked together. Ye Wudao frowned and pondered who had such means and qualifications to deal with the entire Shinhwa Group and the Yang family. He murmured: "Who is it? Is it Liu Yunxiu, the emperor's teacher, who has such means to reach the sky?"? This mysterious guy has no information at all! The prince of the northern princelings? Heard that this person's government connections are very large, can be on the top ten threat list of Oriental Lengyu is not a simple thing, how can Li Lingfeng suddenly hang up the relationship with the Oriental Group? Li Kaize patted Ye Wudao on the shoulder and said firmly, "From the moment you saved me, I knew that you would not be a person who is willing to be ordinary and manipulated. I always believe in my intuition. If I don't make a noise, I will make a big splash. No matter what, I will support you. Don't be embarrassed. I don't mean to give you money to spend. This is called investment." If you fail, I will chase after you for debt every day. Ye Wudao shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly, "Sure enough, the creditor is the last person who will betray you." Li Kaize gave Ye Wudao a punch and said with a smile,ultrasonic extraction cbd, "a guy who treats kindness as a donkey's liver and lung!"! Do you know who did it? I don't think one side can create such a momentum this time. Alas, to tell the truth, you really caused a lot of trouble. Now the retribution is coming.

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