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The best in the world Emploi Plein temps

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Jun carefully just led the little beggar rushed to the Luoyang County Restaurant, saying that it was the Golden King's treat. The shopkeeper of the restaurant dared not neglect them. He greeted them one by one and opened hundreds of tables. The beggars cried out. Some people wanted to eat for a few more days, but Jun carefully promised. Anyway, it was the Golden King's money. They liked to eat for a few days, but don't forget to vote more. Little beggar is happy, early thought to find more difficult brother difficult to come to vote, also happy Li Ju. Three people do not stay too long, toast three cups of wine, they ride horses, back to the south of the Yangtze River. Up the road overnight, constantly asking about the results of the southern bid opening, unexpectedly, Leng Qiuhun only got 60% of the strong, but Zuo Tianhu got nearly 40% of the votes. Rumor is that Zuo Tianhu has been in the Southern School for a long time. As an elder, he has brought in a lot of votes. He seems to have come to Xiudaoping in person to show his concern for the Southern School disciples. Some of those who support Leng Qiuhun are all because of rumors that he has been entrusted to the University. He thinks that the brothers of the Southern School must support him. However, Zhenri has never visited the disciples of the Shu School. Their hearts are not balanced, and they are unwilling to vote for Zuo Neither side supported it in protest. When Leng Qiuhun and Li Ju heard the news, they were very worried. I'm afraid they will lose money. Don't lose your wife. It's really not worth it. Although you carefully feel that Zuo Tianhu is really not an ordinary person, he is not worried. He said with a relaxed smile, "Until the last moment, the outcome is still uncertain. What is there to worry about?"? See how I deal with Zuo Tianhu. If we rush to Nanxiu Daoping, there will be achievements. Leng Qiuhun and Li Ju have confidence in you. Also collect up worry,touch screen board classroom, non-stop rush to Nanlin Daoping. On his way, he sent a letter to Leng Yuesheng by flying pigeons, asking him to act according to the instructions. Another day. In the second wave of balloting, the number of votes in the north and south was still almost the same. The south was six to four, and Leng Qiuhun had the upper hand. The north was seven to three, and Zuo Tianhu was firmly in the upper hand. In the south, because some people refused to vote, the number of votes was not high. In the past two days, they only got more than 30,interactive boards for classrooms,000 votes, while in the north, they got more than 40,000 votes. The morning of the third day. Three people have rushed to Nanxiu Daoping. The layout here is the same as that of Beiti Daoping. If there is any difference, it's just that you don't have the unique sign of being the best in the world, and the lively situation is not higher than that in the north, or the disciples of the southern school are more conservative, and there are many people who are not willing to participate because of the cold autumn soul. The scrutineer here, in addition to Qiqiaoxuan boss Qiao Fenghuang, also invited Qiu Changzhan, the head of the Kunlun Sect, and Guan Shuidong, the head of the Tiantai Sect. Those in charge of checking tickets are Hu Ping and Liang Zhan. However, Zuo Tianhu came here in the evening of the next day. He thought that the general situation in the north would be settled. As long as the south could maintain the 46 situation, he could still win. Although he used the excuse of visiting the southern brothers, smartboards for business ,86 smart board, he knew that he was paying attention to the number of votes. In fact, at this moment, who does not pay attention to care? When he came to the polling place, no one said that he was too attached to the position of gang leader, and even some people saw that he was so keen, and voted for him instead! Jun carefully, cold autumn soul, Li Ju came here, saw Zuo Tianhu, politely said hello, cold autumn soul also pious visit several families. At this time, it seems that things have been done, just waiting for the invoice, but the cold autumn soul is at a loss. Jun was careful to laugh and chat with Qiao Fenghuang for a few words, and then the target was directed at Zuo Tianhu, laughing: "Elder Zuo is too hard." Come all the way up here. No wonder the disciples of Beggars' Sect are greatly moved and vote for you instead. Zuo Tianhu said with a smile, "I have worked hard for one thousandth of you. I have rushed to two polling places. I think there are more people who support Leng Hu Tang." "How can I compare with you?"? You are always in the lead in the number of votes. I wonder what trick Zuo Chang always used to make the disciples of Beggars' Sect support you so much? "The Beggars' Sect brothers seem to be able to get along with themselves. It's not a trick to cheat. If there is, some old friends should have seen me coming." One vote can't be cast twice, so we have to give up what we love to protect the hall. "No wonder the elder runs faster than anyone else." "You probably misunderstood, I have been sitting here, not far away, because a lot of old friends, if you run far away, I am afraid there is a fear of missing one, so I have to say hello to them here, so as not to lose to others.". ” "The elder is resourceful. He can enjoy the cool air and canvass for votes. It's really enviable. Leng Hu Tang doesn't have that kind of life. Up to now, he still has to work hard. It's really hard!" "Isn't he here now?"? You can bring a chair and sit down. Don't be exhausted. "How dare he sit down in front of the elders? He can't sit down, or he will lose." "Where else can you go if you don't rest?" "No way, many people say that Leng Hu Tang only cares about drilling to the north, ignoring the elders in the south, who knows that Leng Hu Tang really has difficulties, how dare he hold up?"? It's just that the elders don't know the sincerity of Leng Hu Tang. Zuo Tianhu said, "Do you have another foreshadowing?" The gentleman is careful sleepy sigh: "No, now only take cold guard hall, go out personally, go to invite them." Zuo Tianhu wanted to laugh to himself: "Even if you invite a few more people, how many fields can you run in a day?"? How can it help the overall situation? A happy smile: "Leng Hu Tang's sincerity is really touching. I hope he can succeed immediately." "I hope so. Let's see if the desperate man works." Jun carefully smiled at him, and then led Leng Qiuhun and Li Ju to stand in front of the street, as if waiting for something? No one knows what he is doing, see him so serious, can not help but begin to speculate, under the awning of the phoenix has got up, to be careful. She was the great disciple of the fairy, and naturally she attached great importance to the matter. And near Jun careful, she smiled indifferently: "Do you need help?" Jun took a careful glance at her and said with a chuckle, "You're still bright and gorgeous. Have you been doing well recently?" Qiao Fenghuang laughed and said, "It's all right. No, no, no. Qiqiaoxuan has always lived in peace." "Don't say that. It's all because your Seven provoked me first. There will be more to come in the future." "I'll settle the account later. I'm asking if you need any help." "Yes." "What is it?" "Take down the bamboo tent so that it won't get in the way." Qiao Fenghuang frowned and wanted to smile. "Is it really in the way?" The bamboo awning leans against the left front side of the wooden house, which is just right for surveillance. The body examination area and the voting area are closer to the middle of the street,smart boards for conference rooms, but if you look at it from the other side, it naturally falls behind, and there is no fear of blocking the way.

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