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The brightest star in the night sky Emploi Plein temps

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"I've tanned a lot. Since the summer vacation, I've been going out every day and won't come back until I eat." Du Yizhi looked at his youngest son kindly, smelled his sweat and pushed him to take a bath. Black is more energetic, the younger brother is only a teenager, it is the time to love to play. Su Le Yin laughed. Married into the Ding family for more than ten years, Su Leyin always knew that his brother-in-law Ding Qian was the heart of his parents-in-law, not only because he was their old son, but also because of Ding Qian's outstanding cleverness. General Ding Zhaoning and his wife Du Yizhi had three sons after their marriage. When Du Yizhi was 50 years old, she became pregnant again and gave birth to Ding Qian. The couple loved each other like a treasure and named their son Ding Qian with the allusion of Qianlong Zaiyuan in the Book of Changes. Under the careful education of his parents, Ding Qian showed the advantages of a gifted child from an early age. He had a photographic memory and could learn as soon as he learned. At the age of 15, he was already a sophomore in high school, and could graduate from high school and go to college in only one year. Upstairs, Ding Qian took a shower in the bathroom of his room, which was spacious enough for him to twist and dance while taking a shower. When he came out of the bathroom in a dark blue pajamas and wiped his hair with a towel, he caught a glimpse of a small figure standing in front of the French window. When did she sneak in? What made Ding Qian even more angry was that the girl was actually using his beloved astronomical telescope to watch the stars. Hey, don't touch my stuff. Ding Qian didn't even think about it and ran forward. Xia Lu put her little hand down and glanced at him. "You don't have to be so loud. My hearing is normal." Ding Qian is most annoyed with these bear children who mess with other people's things. Seeing that Xia Lu has no remorse,touch screen kiosk, he is even more angry. "Without my consent, how did you come to my room?"? Besides, even if you go into my room, why do you touch my things casually? The astronomical telescope in front of the window is Ding Qian's favorite thing, which is wiped by himself every day, and no one in the family is allowed to move at ordinary times. Xia Lu did not answer directly. Instead,face recognition identification, she looked at his telescope and said slowly, "It's not bad to have 800 times concentration and an equator, but it's worse than my father's one." The girl spoke in an old-fashioned manner, and Ding Qian laughed instead of being angry. "Does your father also like stargazing?" Xia Lu blinked her bright eyes and nodded, "The night in Africa is very suitable for stargazing, unlike here, you can still see it in summer." "Why did you sneak into my room before you answered?" Ding Qian deliberately stared at the little adult in front of him. It's little Tintin who's coming, and I'm just accompanying him. Xia Lu pointed behind her. Ding Qian looked in the direction and saw Ding Ji sitting aside reading his comic book. Seeing Ding Ji concentrating on the cartoon, and then looking at Xia Lu, Ding Qian can't help laughing. Compared with such a precocious child as Xia Lu, little Ding Ding's innocence and loveliness seem to be more in line with his age. Your name is Charlotte? "Yes." "It's a mouthful. Why don't I give you a Chinese name? Your surname is Green." Ding Qian looked at her, "and like to wear green, facial recognition thermometer ,outdoor digital signage displays, why don't you call it summer green, a touch of summer green." Worm Or cabbage caterpillars, he thought, the last two words were deliberately spoken so softly that neither of the children heard them. Summer Green? This is the first time Xia Lu has heard her Chinese name. It's not good. What blind donkey? It's terrible. Ding Ji shouted his opinion aside. Ding Qian laughed for a while, thinking that Xia Lu would be angry, but she was also laughing, thinking to herself that the child was very generous and did not mind being joked about by her name. From now on, my name is Xia Lu. Xia Lu announced loudly. When the family had dinner, Xia Lu looked at the pot in the center of the table and asked curiously, "Didn't you say you were eating hot pot? Where is the fire?" "There is no fire," Su Le intoned. "The induction cooker has already been used." Everybody laughs, Ding Qian thinks, it is Africa to come as expected, unexpectedly also had not eaten chaffy dish. Ding Ji teased, "Alien, next time I will take you to eat hot pot with fire." Xia Lu looked at him and rolled her eyes. The family sat idly in the living room after dinner, and when they saw Xia Lu and Ding Ji sitting aside reading cartoons, Su Leyin couldn't help talking about her with her mother-in-law. It turned out that Su Leyin and Xia Lu's mother, Shi Jing, were not sisters, but cousins. Shi Jing studied at a university in the United States and later married a professor 20 years older than herself, Xia Lu's father. Both of them were scholars engaged in wildlife research and had been traveling to and from African countries. Xia Lu was born in Kenya. They were afraid of delaying their daughter to go to school, so they sent her back to China. My cousin sent her daughter to my house because of her marriage. Su Leyin explained why Xia Lu followed her. Ding Qian originally watched TV on the side, heard here, curious to think, why Xia Lu's mother would be deadlocked because of marriage and family? Marrying a foreigner is not a big deal. Then look at Xia Lu and Ding Ji, two children sitting on the sofa together to read a book, head to head with each other, occasionally whisper a word or two, the feeling of two little guesses is very good. This wench, with the same age child together is very naive, with the adult together can speak the adult words, Ding Qian is more and more curious to her. Qian, why are you in a daze? A girl's crisp voice came from behind. Ding Qian does not need to look back to know who she is, must be his niece Ding Jun of the same age. Ding Jun is the daughter of Ding Zhiguo, the eldest son of the Ding family. Although she is only fifteen years old, she is already as beautiful as water hibiscus. Her family also regards her as an angel and carefully cultivates her in all aspects. We'll go swimming tomorrow. Will you go? Ding Qian looked at Ding Jun. He also has a childhood sweetheart. His childhood sweetheart is his niece. They are the same age. They were born like twins. They live under the same roof and are inseparable all day. But the situation is different in the past six months. Ding Jun has a little boyfriend. She has a very good relationship with that boy. I'll bring Muze with me,face detection android, okay? Ding Jun asked with a smile. No way! Family reunion. Ding Qian stared. Then I won't go. I'll go somewhere else with Muze. Ding Jun is full of only a little boyfriend, where does he care whether his uncle is happy or not? Love is more important than friends. Ding Qian gave her this comment ferociously and unwillingly. Ding Jun giggled, "won't you be the same in the future?" "I will never." Ding Qian clenched his fist. Don't overdo it. Ding Jun is not interested in fighting with him.

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