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The eternal life of online games Emploi Plein temps

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Xie Moru patted Princess Wen Hui's hand and let her go back to the second door. When Princess Wen Hui went back, she naturally told her mother what Xie Moru had said. Princess Wen Hui said, "Aunt Wu is really a considerate person." Big imperial concubine sighs with emotion, "This is her advantage, also is her fierce place.". You have to learn something. Princess Wen Hui said, "Mother, do you think Aunt Wu saw anything?" "If you can't see it, you have to save your sister from the fire first." Chapter 339 East Palace II. Xie Moru guessed something about the worries of the imperial concubine. Mothers, especially daughters, are not as good as sons. Of course, sons are sad to marry bad daughters-in-law, but as long as their sons are promising, they can still live with a good one. Daughter is different, marry once, marry bad, even if can change again, but the woman marries two times to be about to put down stature. However, Xie Moru also only guess that the big princess is not happy with the marriage of Princess Wen'an and Zhao Qin, but unexpectedly, the reason why the big princess blocked the marriage is in the matter of Zhao Chongyi. Had it not been for Zhao Chongyi, the big imperial concubine would not have liked the marriage. After all, it was given by Emperor Mu yuan. She was afraid that the big imperial concubine would have pinched her nose and recognized it. Even the five princes returned to the mansion and asked more about the illness of the big prince's concubine. The five princes said, "I didn't see that the eldest brother was such a considerate person in the past. He said that his sister-in-law was not in good health,Flush valve price, so he went back to the mansion early as soon as he left the office.". How do you look at your sister-in-law? With a slight smile, Xie Moru dismissed the maid and said to the five princes. The five princes frowned. "Sister-in-law has always been docile and courteous. Since her father has already married her, how can she go back on her word?"? So is Big Brother. Can't you be confused with him? Xie Mo Ru said, "Daughter is the heart of mother, big sister-in-law does not like this marriage is also excusable.". As for Your Highness, he's always been careless, and it's the Zhao family that Wen An married. Your Highness doesn't necessarily know that sister-in-law's illness is faking. "I don't like the Zhao family very much either, but after all, my father's marriage has been granted." "I've seen Erlang's daughter-in-law a few times,Time Delay Faucet, and she looks very polite.". It's just that women are different from men. When a woman marries someone, she is in charge of the inside. No matter how big the inside is, as long as the man can hold up, the woman will not be sad. We Jiro, there is no one who can live like Jiro. Miss Zhao is blessed. But Wen An refers to the son of the Zhao family, who is said to be in the year of weak crown. Although he is the great-grandson of Guogongfu Changfang, at such an old age, does he have fame or a job? Guogongfu such a family, even if the children have one point outstanding, also have to say into three points, but I have not heard of its people have any ability. Not to mention my sister-in-law, even if I marry my daughter, I can't be happy. Xie Moru shook his head and said, "It's just that sister-in-law's way is to cure the symptoms but not the root cause. That is, Wen An went to the nunnery to recite sutras for three years. Is it difficult for her not to marry when she comes out?" "Who knows what she's up to?" Asked the five princes. Husband and wife two people just say casually, Xie Mo Ru way, Manual Flush Valve ,Time Delay Tap, "see big Lang's marriage is near, his yard, also tidied up almost.". When will I post to invite Princess Yongfu to come over and see what else needs to be changed. "The princess has to know what kind of house it is, so that she can set up the furniture." Because the eldest son's wedding was approaching, the five princes were also happy and said with a smile, "Otherwise, things are unpredictable. I remember that the first time we met was at Aunt Yian's house. You had a good quarrel with Yongfu Huangjie. How could you expect to be an in-laws now?" "I was young and angry at that time." Xie Mo smiled. "Since Your Majesty gave me this marriage, Princess Yongfu has restrained her temper in front of me. Every time I see her, I feel good." See once the enemy in front of their own suffocating, that feeling, not to mention how beautiful. The five princes burst out laughing and said, "You're too narrow now." "It's Princess Yongfu who loves to think too much. She's afraid that Sister Zhen will marry in and be tortured by me. I'm not such a mother-in-law." Xie Moru said with a smile, "Sister Jane is a good child, contrary to Princess Yongfu.". You say this is also strange, Princess Yongfu's temperament, how to raise such a gentle and generous child as Sister Zhen. "Look at what you said." Five princes think, is also a joy. Mourning prince is dead, when his father was seriously ill, Princess Yongfu did not participate in the mourning of the prince, and even in the side of Empress Dowager Hu did not say a word more. In contrast, the five princes felt that although the elder sister had done a lot of unpleasant things before, there was no loss in the end. Than Liu Xianfei first-class, is really a hundred times stronger! Husband and wife said a word, in the evening Erlang brought back Da Lang's clothes, because he was the grandson of the emperor, the groom's clothes were mainly gold and red, with gold embroidery on the red background, which was very luxurious. Sanlang looked at it and asked Jiro, "Is it all right to do it so quickly?" Jiro laughed. "I'm in charge of the Department of Internal Affairs. How dare they delay?"? Big brother, try it quickly. If it doesn't fit, I'll take it back and ask them to change it tomorrow. Sanlang then said, "Yes, Big Brother, try it and let me have a look." Big Lang, who had always been used to being steady, said with a smile, "Haven't you ever seen a wedding dress or something?" Have you ever seen someone else wear it? Haven't you ever seen Big Brother wear it. Try it quickly. Big Lang does not move, he just does not want to give three Lang to make fun of, big Lang thinks, stay in the evening to go back to own courtyard to try quietly. Therefore, according to Sanlang said the next day, big Lang also did not try, Sanlang angry, said to Erlang, "Second brother, you also ask the Department of Internal Affairs to catch up with my wedding dress, bring it back to me earlier, I see the sky wear!" The five princes almost choked at the words of the third son. They put the teacup away and scolded him, "Don't give me hair bumps!"! Where can I wear wedding clothes every day? "As soon as I say it, I'll see if my father is serious." Depressed, Sanlang said with a deep sigh, "I haven't had a bosom friend since Aunt Jiang and Liu Lang went to Shu." The five princes were really choked this time. They held their breath until the children were all sent away after dinner. Fang asked his wife in a whisper,Self-closing Faucet, "You say that we Sanlang won't be interested in Count Jiang, will we?" Xie Moru tapped the five princes on the forehead and scolded, "What nonsense?". "Sanlang bought a pair of hairpins and sent them to Miss Chu." The five princes breathed a sigh of relief. "But I was scared to death." Xie Moru glared at him.

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