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The famous sword is romantic Emploi Plein temps

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Such a master, there would be such a disciple, Yu Peiyu felt strange, but then thought, if not a particularly good-tempered person, how can you stand this kind of anger, even if you are not driven away by the blue-robed Taoist, within three days, the anger will be gone, where there is still the mind to practice martial arts. Yu Peiyu had a good temper, and he was also polite. When others were so polite to him, he was even more respectful. He bowed and said with a smile, "The Taoist Priest is too modest. I didn't dare to fight with the Taoist Priest, but.." The blue-robed Taoist gave a loud shout and said, "If you want to fight, just fight. What are you talking about?" "" In that case, "said Yu Peiyu with a wry smile," I'll ask the Taoist Priest for advice. "In that case," said Shiyun with a smile, "the disciple is presumptuous." As soon as he said he would fight, he handed out his palm before he had finished speaking. This move, unexpectedly like a ground-breaking, powerful, no one can think of such a gentle person, the hand is so strong and ferocious. Yu Peiyu even surprised too late, the body turned sharply, can avoid this move, the other side of the palm, but has been like an avalanche, rushed in. Like teacher, like disciple. Since the blue-robed Taoist was so angry, his martial arts were naturally fierce, and so were the disciples he taught. Yu Peiyu only felt that the smiling little Taoist priest seemed to have disappeared, and now he was fighting with a domineering and ferocious spirit. After twenty strokes, Yu Peiyu was forced to be breathless. Some moves, although he can be resolved by the kungfu of this door, but if he reveals the kungfu of "Innate Infinite Gate",ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, his identity will be revealed. He can only create moves at will and act according to circumstances, but if he wants to perform this kind of martial arts, his mind must be ethereal, and the moves he uses can reach the extreme. At this moment, he has so many scruples in his heart, and the pressure of the other side's moves is so great, where can he use the moves smoothly and freely. The blue-robed Taoist roared, "Smelly boy, why don't you use the martial arts that Feng San taught you?"? Are you afraid that I can see through the secret of his martial arts. Come on, bastard, you went there last night, why can't you exert any strength today. Good, the brave man carries the arrow on his back, the tiger opens the mountain.. Is your move a brave man's back arrow? It's like you're taking a bath and wiping your back. The first few words were meant to scold Yu Peiyu, but the last few words were meant to scold his disciples. He actually thought that Yu Peiyu didn't dare to use his own martial arts because he was afraid that he would see the key to Mr. Feng San's martial arts. Yu Peiyu really had a lot to say in her heart, and she was almost too weak to parry. Although the blue-robed Taoist thought his disciple's moves were not strong enough, in fact, the ten cloud moves were powerful and powerful. It has moved all the onlookers. Every time Yu Peiyu made a move, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic extraction cbd, he had to think about whether it was the martial arts of his school. In this way, he was not only three points slower, but also spent a lot of effort. After twenty moves, his head was full of rain. When he met with a dangerous move, he could only rely on the "cloud and rain, phoenix dance for nine days" to save the day. But after three moves, he fell into danger again. He tossed and turned, and did not know how many times he had used this move. Fortunately, every time he was skilled, his power increased. Later, as soon as Shiyun turned his body, he avoided it far away, and when he had made this move, he came to attack, only to make Yu Peiyu complain incessantly. The blue-robed Taoist roared again, "Smelly boy, you'd better use all the kungfu that Feng San taught you. What's the use of this move? If it weren't for the fact that this bastard disciple didn't live up to expectations, you would have died eighty times." He actually believed that Yu Peiyu did not know how much kung fu he had learned from Feng San, just because he saw that Yu Peiyu's skill was so deep that he was already a first-class skill in Jianghu. How could he not make a decent move except for this move of "flying clouds and rain, phoenix dancing for nine days". Yu Peiyu, on the other hand, was dumb enough to eat Huanglian, but he didn't know that the blue-robed Taoist roared like this, which was tantamount to helping him. Otherwise, how sharp the eyes of Lin Shoujuan and others were. Seeing that he was trying his best to cover up his own martial arts, he was afraid that he would be suspicious again, and he would have more trouble in the future. I saw Yu Peiyu sweating, more and more flow, everyone thought he would not be able to support 30 strokes, who knows Yu Peiyu natural power, deep potential, unexpectedly, after 30 strokes, he is still like that, although more sweat on the head but still can cope with. "Can you support another thirty moves?" They asked. www.xiaoshuotxt.,com Chapter 19 startled dragons fight for their lives Small _ say [txt = _ day. Don People thought that Yu Peiyu could no longer support the thirty strokes, but after several thirty strokes, he was still the same. At this time, everyone was surprised, but this time the surprise was not the fierce style of Shiyun, but the strength of Yu Peiyu. Under the eaves of the main hall, people were already standing, and they were all moved. Lin Shoujuan said with a wry smile, "This boy looks gentle. I didn't expect him to be a bull. If it weren't for Elder Martial Brother Shiyun's martial arts, it seems that others really can't deal with him." As soon as he made a move, Yu Peiyu broke his sword. At the moment, he naturally hoped that Yu Peiyu's skill would be as strong as possible, so that he could cover up his shame. But Tian Jiyun smiled faintly and said, "Even if he is really a bull, don't we have the ability of a bull?" His voice was so small that he thought no one would hear him, but the blue-robed Taoist flew into a rage and suddenly roared, "Well, since you are so capable, it depends on you." At this time, Shiyun was attacking Yu Peiyu's left and right ribs with both hands. Yu Peiyu did not know how to crack it. Suddenly, Shiyun's body flew up in the air. It turned out that the blue-robed Taoist had pulled him up by the back of his neck and thrown him out. "You are a useless evil," he shouted. "Go to one side and learn the skills of others. Maybe they will clean up this man named Yu as soon as they stretch out their hands." Although he was scolding his apprentice in his mouth, in fact, he was giving Tian Jiyun a look. He knew that no matter who he was,ultrasonic cutting machine, he could not clean up Yu Peiyu as soon as he reached out his hand. Yu Fanghe and Lin Shoujuan looked at each other and both felt amused. "I didn't expect this man to have a strong temper to protect his shortcomings, but he won't be able to change it when he's old," they said.

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