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The first person through the ages Emploi Plein temps

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Before he had finished speaking, yuan Shi raised his hand and motioned for him to step down. yuan Shi knew that things were rather mysterious today, so it was better not to make a scene at the beginning. So he said, "So it's the people from Heaven who are here. What are you doing at the Yuxu Palace in Kunlun Mountain?" As soon as yuan Shi asked a question, Feng Honghe didn't know how to open his mouth, but it was not so easy to rob the treasure. At this time, Xuan Nu stepped forward and said, "Oh, in fact, there is nothing important. I mainly want to borrow something from Lord Tianzun." "What is it?" yuan Shi asked doubtfully? Do you need to bring so many people to borrow things? Xuan Nu said with a smile, "Actually, I don't want to bring people here either, but I'm afraid that if there are fewer people, I won't give Master yuanshi enough face. If you don't agree, it won't be easy." Then Guang Chengzi stood up and said, "Jiutian Xuannu, what's the matter?" This Guang Chengzi had some contact with Xuan Nu during the Xuanyuan War, and although he fought later, at least he knew each other, so he came forward to speak. Xuannu said, "I just want to borrow your master's Pangu banner to suppress my master's luck." This person is always shameless, so Xuannu doesn't say robbery directly. A word of borrowing implies everything. yuan Shi thought something was wrong, but when he heard this, he had the idea of being a congenital treasure. So he stepped forward and said angrily, "a few ignorant little disciples, why should I borrow you?" "That's right," said Guang Chengzi. "The Pangu banner is one of the four most precious things in nature. Can you borrow it?" Xuan Nu laughed and said, "I must borrow what my master needs today." Lantern cursed loudly: "Bully people too much, in my interpretation of the wild, eat me a foot first." Lantern finished, picked up the Qian Kun ruler toward Xuannu hit, and behind Guangchengzi and others, also each offering a magic weapon, is to fight. Baidu Search and Read the Most Complete Novels/// (This article is reproduced by Zero Long Literature Network) [Volume III Heavenly Plan Chapter 11 The Battle Between the Saints] (This article is reprinted by Lingjiu Literature Network [Lingjiu Literature Network] Feng Hong, Xuan Nu, three people are not weak, Feng Hong took out the innate Lingbao Red Hydrangea, Xuan Nu used the poisonous bell, but there is no magic weapon, but the same rushed up, the heavenly soldiers and generals of heaven naturally went up to fight, of course,Horse weight lbs, to explain the teaching of the lamp. Guang Cheng Zi, Chi Jing Zi, Huang Long Zhen Ren, Tai Yi Zhen Ren, Yu Ding Zhen Ren, Ci Hang Dao Ren, Dao Xing Tian Zun, Qing Xu Dao De Zhen Jun, Wei Liu Sun, Manjusri Guang Fa Tian Zun, Samantabhadra Zhenren, Ling Bao Shi, Yun Zhong Zi, these fourteen people's Dao Fa are not weak to fight, Xuan Nu and others naturally suffer some losses, that yuan Shi saw a disciple start, but also did not go to battle. Because he knew it wasn't just these people he was going to meet. After fighting for a while, Zhen yuanzi and Xing Tian's army of sorcerers dared to come. But the disciples were startled. They hurried back to light the lamp and said, "Master, why are there so many people?" As soon as the sorcery clan came, there were 200, Wheel tape measure ,Surveyors tape measure,000 troops. Naturally, it was frightening. Guang Chengzi was also a little afraid. He hurriedly asked, "Master, what should I do?" yuan Shi said, "It seems that today, my Kunlun Mountain is bound to spatter three feet of blood." yuan Shi then took out his precious Pangu banner and shouted, "Don't be so rampant. Look at my Pangu banner." As soon as the Pangu banner came out, the thunder startled the sky and the lightning struck it. yuan Shi said, "If anyone still dares to fight, I will immediately let him fly and annihilate under the Pangu banner." yuan Shi this big drink also scared a lot of people, everyone face to face, but did not dare to come forward to start. When Guang Chengzi saw that the master's words had suppressed hundreds of thousands of troops, the stone finally fell from his heart. "Master, you really have magical powers," he said with a smile. Then Feng Hong shouted, "Even if I die, I will take back the Pangu banner and save Xiaoyaozi." Xuannu and Zhenyuanzi chimed in, shouting, "The army obeys orders, kills the Yuxu Palace, and snatches the banner of Pangu." Xing day, also help to greet, the twenty to ten thousand sorcery clan army and fifty thousand of the heaven military forces, immediately rushed forward, at this time the Zoroastrianism fourteen people, scared hurriedly back, to know that the number of these troops is huge, and interpretation of religion in addition to a dozen great magical powers, the other is only a few thousand children, how can the enemy? yuan Shi saw that the scene could not be closed, so he shouted: "Don't blame me for being heartless." yuan Shi finished saying that he used his treasure, and Pangu Banner attacked the army. The Pangu Banner was so fierce that the army retreated again and again. When Zhen yuanzi and Xuan Nu saw the army retreating, they hurried forward to resist it. At this time, the burning lamp shouted: "Master, catch the king before catching the thief. Hit the snake seven inches and kill Zhen yuanzi and Xuan Nu. At this time, I hoped that the master could get rid of Xuannu yuanshi. When he heard this, he felt that it was very clever to light the lamp. There was a reason to destroy the leader. Look at these little soldiers, they still dare to make a scene. Since yuan Shi thought of this, he used the Pangu banner to fight against Xuannu. Feng Hong, Zhen yuanzi and Xing Tian saw it and immediately used the magic weapon to help Xuannu resist. All the magic weapons collided with the Pangu banner, but how powerful the banner was, Feng Hong, Xuannu, Zhen yuanzi and Xing Tian were all opened. But the law is weak, but is to spit out a mouthful of blood, yuan Shi does not do two endlessly, and then use the Pangu banner to hit the maple red to see life in imminent danger, hurriedly threw himself on the body. At this moment, I was moved, and I was moved in a mess. I didn't expect Feng Hong to save him. She asked, "Shi Niang, why do you bother to save me?" In fact, the age of Feng Hong does not seem to be much older, but according to seniority, it is called Feng Hong Shi Niang. Feng Hong said, "You can risk your life to snatch the treasure for Xiaoyaozi. I, Feng Hong, should be grateful. I will thank everyone who comes to help. And I knew it was not a good chance to snatch the treasure this time. But for Xiaoyaozi, I am willing to sacrifice everything." Speechless, feeling that the maple red mind is so broad, so once again moved to a mess. After the carving, the Pangu banner of the yuan Dynasty fell down. Seeing that the maple red was about to be buried under the Pangu banner, two things suddenly flew in and resisted the banner. The same was the Northern Xuanyuan Water Control Banner, one of the ten congenital Lingbao. One was the map of mountains and rivers of the ten congenital Lingbao. Yes, it was the sage Hongyun and Nu Wa who arrived. After Hongyun and Nu Wa arrived, Kong Xuan and Lu Ya had already arrived,fish measuring tape, and tens of thousands of Eldar soldiers and horses had come. yuan Shi received the Pangu banner and asked in surprise, "What do you mean, two Taoist brothers?"

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The first person through the ages