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The glory of Germany Emploi Plein temps

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At 630, the vanguard led by Piper entered Luxembourg in three routes. At this time, the whole territory of Luxembourg was still asleep. And the roads of Luxembourg are full of all kinds of obstacles. Whatever one can come up with. All the things we found were piled up on the road. But these obstacles are not guarded and covered by the army. So all Piper and his troops had to do was remove the obstacles from the streets. When the sleepy-eyed citizens of Luxembourg came out of their homes at seven in the morning, they saw that the streets were already full of German soldiers. But the soldiers were struggling to clear the streets. By 7 a.m., Piper's German vanguard had captured its first objective. The Adolph Bridge connecting the Luxembourg Gorge. The 2nd Armor Division on the right flank and the Imperial Flag Guard in the middle had entered Belgian territory at 10:00 noon. With the help of paratroopers, they broke the resistance of the Belgian troops stationed there and advanced rapidly westward. A new page has been turned in the war. Chapter 52 of the fourth book is overwhelming. Updated: January 7, 2009 2:48:00 Words in this Chapter: 3105 And at this point, for the coalition. The German attack in the Ardennes did not surprise them, but they believed that it was only a diversionary attack by the Germans. Just like the Germans did in 1914. There is nothing great about it. Now all the Allied officers were focused on the German Panzer assault in northern Flanders, not knowing that the Germans would attack in both directions at the same time. And this is the real direction of attack. An hour after the German occupation of Luxembourg, the Anglo-French coalition forces began to move, according to Plan D. The French Second and Ninth Armies, which were responsible for the line from Sedan to Namur,digital interactive whiteboard, sent the Second Cavalry Corps (25th Cavalry Division, 1st Cavalry Brigade) and the First Cavalry Corps (1st and 4th Cavalry Divisions, 3rd Algerian Cavalry Brigade) westward into the Ardennes Mountains, ready to join the Belgian "K Detachment" deployed here. The Belgians also followed the orders they had received before the war. Blasting roads and bridges according to the prescribed schedule, and then starting the withdrawal according to the prescribed schedule. It's just that there's a problem with the Belgian retreat and the Allied coordination. So much so that the commander of the French cavalry found General Kaiyai,interactive whiteboard for schools, the commander of the K Detachment. Protests against the actions of his troops seriously hampered French operations in the Ardennes, while complaining that the Belgians had retreated without decent resistance. But General Kaiyaai was unmoved. Insist on following your orders. Withdraw the troops to the south of Namur. Without the support of Belgium's allies. The French were left to search the west alone. It's even more unfortunate. There was no communication between the two cavalry armies. So that after something happened on one side. The other side is still moving forward with its head covered. And for the Germans. The entry into the Ardennes Forest went very smoothly. The Belgians have created a lot of obstacles at the intersection. But these obstacles have no one to cover them. In fact, the obstacles to the Germans can be considered minimal. In addition, in order to break through the Ardennes region, the Germans had made quite adequate preparations in advance. So the engineers quickly removed these obstacles, and the German armored forces continued to move eastward smoothly. At about 4 p.m., the French 2nd Division encountered the 2nd Armor Division, which was acting as a cover for the German right flank, near Arlon. The German 2nd Battalion of the 4th Armor Regiment of the 38T light tank was attacked head-on. He was quickly defeated. The next day, the 5th Division, smartboards in classrooms ,smart interactive whiteboard, which had advanced to the line from Libramont to Neufchâteau, ran headlong into Piper's battle group. Of course, in the face of such second-rate French troops, Piper immediately let them know what the'first regiment in the world 'was. It was only a charge, and two regiments of the French 5th Division were crushed in an instant. The French Major General Charb, who was in charge of the department, saw that the situation was not right and immediately commanded the troops to flee in panic. And it doesn't matter if you don't withdraw. As soon as they withdrew, all the troops began to move. So two cavalry army. Nearly 50,000 people. It retreats like a gust of wind, faster than a rabbit. And behind these cavalry, even Sedan, there is nothing that can stop the advance of Guderi's armored group. Although the allied air force also launched an attack that day, only a few planes symbolically harassed the long convoy, and all day on the 16th, the German armored forces were in the middle and reached the Semuwa River that evening. Although the bridge over the river has been blown up by the Belgian army'step by step ', it has been destroyed. But this did not stop the Germans for long, as there was no interference from Allied troops. So, Piper gave the order to build the bridge on the spot. The German vanguard arrived on the other side of the river in rubber boats and set up defensive positions there. Then several trailers sank the ingots weighing 30 tons into the water first. However, the bridge tank modified by 4 tanks slowly drove into the place where the steel ingots were originally placed and stopped. And quickly spread out the steel bridge placed on it. Soon a pontoon bridge capable of carrying more than 30 tons of motor vehicles was built. At 10 p.m., Piper's armor began to cross the Thermois River. Just as the Germans began to cross the river, the French ordered the cavalry, which had retreated to the east bank of the Maas River, to withdraw further to the west, abandoning the stronghold on the north bank of the river that had been built all winter. (Of course, these strongholds were not completely built.) And in doing so, they took the initiative to clear the final path for the Germans to move on. That evening, Piper's troops captured St. Vitus, one of the most important crossroads in the Ardennes. If it is fully occupied, it means that the initiative is in the hands of someone. As in history, in the 1944 Ardennes offensive, the Germans took control and led to the total defeat of the German army,75 inch smart board, but the army did not rest. Under Piper's command, the force continued to advance. Finally, on the 17th.

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