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The Great Age of Science and Technology in the Other World Emploi Temps partiel

20 févr. 2023 à 5h49   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   131 vues Référence: 353
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Sissolis kept talking about the glorious history of Centair, but Li Hengxin ignored her. He was not in the mood to listen to Sissolis's nonsense. As Sisolis said, the boundary is indeed close to perfect here, and the inside of the boundary they are in is like a compressor, constantly squeezing inward. And the longer the time, the stronger the outer wall of the boundary. Suddenly, Li Hengxin turned around: "Give me your sickle." "No, why should I give it to you?" Sisolis did not know what Li Hengxin was going to do, but she refused Li Hengxin's request in the most direct way. How could she send back what she had managed to get back. Li Hengxin's face turned black: "If you don't give it to me, I will rape you first and then kill you. Kill you and then rape you!" Sissolis was stunned and didn't do much thinking. Immediately handed the sickle to Li Hengxin, Li Hengxin white eyes west Solis, she had to say cruel words to be obedient. Li Hengxin took the sickle and cut the blade into the outer wall, but after high-intensity compression, the outer wall formed by the air was a hundred times stronger than steel, and the sickle touched the outer wall, making a metallic sound. Li Hengxin threw the sickle back into Sisolis's hand: "Attack here with all your strength. Remember, go all out. It's time to live or die here." "It's no use." Sisolis thought it was a waste of energy. Cut the crap. You want to die. I haven't lived enough. Li Hengxin said bitterly. Sisolis glared at Li Hengxin, but still raised the sickle, although she felt inexplicable to Li Hengxin's request, felt that there was no hope, but she still used all her strength, affected by her,collapsible pallet box, the black gas trapped in the boundary began to converge on her body. Sisolis looked a little black under her skin, her hair was flying, her eyes were wide open, and she looked like a female ghost, but she was much more advanced than a female ghost. Li Hengxin in the side look a little confused, this power is afraid to be several times stronger than before, it seems that the sickle in the hand of Sisolis is indeed very different from the usual. Hey- Sisolis gave a low shout, and the sickle drove the black gas down from the top and toward the outer wall,plastic pallet suppliers, bringing out the black gas like an enlarged version of the sickle, straight into the outer wall. All hands on the ground! Li Hengxin shouted loudly, and he was chasing the rear of the black gas. Daniel and others did not hesitate. The situation at the moment did not allow them to think too much. Everyone tried their best to go to the ground. Boom, boom, boom A deep explosion came from the bottom of the earth, and the ground was like a wave, one after another, spreading around, and this force extended to the outer wall with the help of the ground, and the outer wall also fluctuated. At this time, the black sickle wielded by Sisolis also came, hissing, like the sound of air being torn, leaving a clear mark on the outer wall, but not completely breaking through the outer wall. Boom At this time, collapsible pallet box ,collapsible bulk containers, Li Hengxin's attack also followed. Li Hengxin tried his best to fill the crack torn by the sickle. The whole  boundary, even if there is not a small consumption, now see who will recover first, when the time comes will be the first to launch an attack. Sentel thought so, Daniel also thought so, just now, although only a blow, but let him consume 70% of the strength,plastic pallet manufacturer, in this time prison, the recovery of strength can not be achieved in a short time, so they have to seize the time to recover.

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The Great Age of Science and Technology in the Other World