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The hall of elegance Emploi Plein temps

1er déc. 2022 à 5h33   Menuiser Bois   Fatick   212 vues Référence: 139
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She had nothing to do and began to look around the bar carefully, and then she began to understand why the bar was called Haizhiyun. There is a huge fish tank embedded in every wall of the bar, and all kinds of nameless marine fish swim back and forth among the colorful corals and aquatic plants, looking beautiful, elegant and leisurely. Every wall lamp on the wall of the bar is made of shells, which are different in shape and style, but exquisite. The wall behind the bar is randomly decorated with old fishing nets, wooden steering wheels, cobblestones and huge conches to form a large wine rack, and all kinds of wine seem to be random but in fact they are arranged in an orderly manner. Its decoration style reflects the rhythm and amorous feelings of the sea in every detail, just like a sonata with the theme of the sea. The body and mind are completely infected by the rhythm and rhythm of the sea. Even the music played in the bar is set against the sound of the ocean. What surprised her even more was that in this bar with the theme of the sea, pearls seemed to be the theme of the theme. The fish tank was surrounded by pearls, the lamps made of shells were all covered with pearls, and the shining bar was surrounded by pearls. Looking up again, the ceiling was covered with pearls, dotted with lights, and the pearls emitted a strange light, as beautiful as a dream. Xu Xiaoxiao could not help but secretly sigh,uns s32750 sheet, do not know how Minqiao found here. Xu Xiaoxiao came here for a very simple purpose, that is, as promised to see Minqiao, as to what this bar has to do with Chutian, she did not even think about it. Although Li Jing told her that there were two bars in Chutian, she never thought that the place where Min Qiaoding met was one of them, and what she didn't think was that the "waiter" who had just received her was Chutian. Min Qiao finally appeared,x70 line pipe, Xu Xiaoxiao saw her enter the door, the heart can not help but burst of disappointment. Not only did she not find any trace of disability in her body and face, but what she saw was a living, healthy and beautiful Minqiao. She is more beautiful than she was in high school. She is so beautiful that she is jealous. She saw her standing in the doorway and looking for herself. She stood up and waved to her and said, "Minqiao, I'm here." Minqiao smiled at her and walked towards her. Then she saw the waiter who had just served her come out of the bar and block Minqiao's way. They talked vaguely and softly. Then she saw Minqiao take his hand and walk towards her intimately. Xiaoxiao, I'm sorry to keep you waiting. I hurried here when I finished my work, and there was a traffic jam on the way. In front of him, Minqiao said apologetically to Xu Xiaoxiao. It's okay. I just got here, too. Minqiao, long time no see, but you are more and more beautiful. Xu Xiaoxiao smiled and exclaimed. You are becoming more and more beautiful. If you hadn't waved at me and called my name, I would not have recognized you. Really, 321 stainless steel sheet ,x52 line pipe, Xiaoxiao, you have changed a lot. "We haven't seen each other for years, and everyone has changed." Xu Xiaoxiao said as he turned his eyes to Chutian, who had been standing in silence, "You are.." "I was just about to introduce you to my boyfriend, Chutian." Your boyfriend? His name is Chutian? He … ... Why is he here? …… "Xu Xiaoxiao's mind was a little confused by the sudden situation." He owns this bar. What do you want to drink today? Just order whatever you want. You don't have to pay the bill. He will pay the bill! Minqiao looked at Chutian, winked at him niftily, and then introduced to Chutian, "This is my classmate in the attached middle school, Xu Xiaoxiao." "Hello, hello!"! Welcome, welcome! Chutian warmly stretched out his hand and shook hands with Xu Xiaoxiao. "Minqiao said he would get together with an old classmate here today. I thought you would come together, but I didn't expect.." .. Excuse me Yes, I just neglected it. "Where, where!"! You're too kind. "Xu Xiaoxiao looked at Chutian Leng Leng said, she never thought Chutian would be Min Qiao's boyfriend, and Yu Qing like the person is also Chutian, she felt shocked, thinking that Liang Minqiao and Lin Yuqing were enemies in their previous lives?"? "You old classmates must have a lot to talk about when you meet, so I won't bother you. Just say hello to me if you need anything. Don't stand on ceremony." Chutian said to Xu Xiaoxiao. Thank you. Do your own thing. Don't worry about us. I have a lot to say to Minqiao. Xu Xiaoxiao responded mechanically, still not relieved from the shock. However, what really shocked Xu Xiaoxiao was yet to come. After Chutian left, Minqiao and Xu Xiaoxiao sat down and chatted for a while when Minqiao's cell phone suddenly rang. Min Qiao took out the phone and saw that it was Yu Ming. Hello, Yu Ming, what's the matter? Minqiao answered the phone. Xu Xiaoxiao or just listen to Min Qiao said these words, her head suddenly like to explode, Yu Ming these two words from Min Qiao's mouth, unexpectedly there is such a landslide like the shock, at least Xu Xiaoxiao's feeling is like this, she almost did not faint. She called him Yu Ming, and their relationship was obviously very familiar and close, but how could it be possible. Lin Yuming's sister is Liang Minqiao's nemesis, Lin Yuqing almost destroyed Minqiao's life, how can she be so close to her brother? Are you dreaming or is Minqiao too confused? "Well, I'm here in Chutian." Don't worry, it's all ready. The opening ceremony is at 9:00 in the morning. You don't have to come if you're busy. "You spent so much time and energy for the travel agency. I didn't even say thank you. I felt very sorry. How could I blame you?". The opening ceremony is just a formality, and it doesn't matter whether you attend or not. I know you're busy at the law firm right now, but it's really nothing. "Don't worry, it won't!" "All right, goodbye!" When Minqiao ended the call and hung up, Chutian sent two cups of pink beauty. Try this. It's Chutian Diao. It's different from other bars. Min Qiao enthusiastically let Xu Xiaoxiao,uns c70600, but found that Xu Xiaoxiao was in a daze, did not see the wine in front of him, but did not hear Min Qiao speak.

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