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The Holy Guide of the Dead Emploi Plein temps

23 févr. 2023 à 2h34   Banque   Dakar   210 vues Référence: 394
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"Please go back, Your Royal Highness, this is not the place you should set foot in, even if you force your way in, it will only hurt you!" Although the tone is slightly contemptuous, but overall the superior magician is polite, at least the Shadow Association has no intention of offending the Winter Moon family! While he was confronting the superior magician, the figure of Xuanyuan Yueyao had gradually disappeared in the shadow of the forest. Herous also knew that he could never really fall out with the Shadow Society-after all, he represented the Winter Moon family, not him alone. So Although it was morning, it was as dark as dusk, and there was a faint, cold fog in the forest. Under the power of magic, here is the darkness of eternal night! Xuanyuan Yueyao walked alone along the dark path shining with dark luster. The journey was much longer than she expected,Pi tape measure, but Xuanyuan Yueyao didn't feel much at all. It was not surprising that there was a smell of magic here. But she soon got tired of walking aimlessly. She already had a rough idea of the rules of magic here-if the owner didn't open the door and let her in, it would be useless for her to go like this until tomorrow! So she stood there, quietly waiting, because she knew that her upperclassman must be watching her in some way. I came as promised, and if this is the way the upperclassman treats guests, I will leave immediately. She knew it was a test,Walking measuring wheel, a test of her strength! Sure enough, the space immediately appeared the same lines as water waves, as if the endless path had changed, the door of the Shadow Association opened for her! Apparently the Shadow Society doesn't chase fancy buildings. Although it is the headquarters of the Shadow Society, it is quite similar to the building of the Ruyusi Kingdom Branch, except that it is larger. But there's only one tower. The tower is made of polished black and gray granite, and the outer wall of the tower is smooth and flat. The tower is surrounded by black walls, and the tone of the whole building is very dull. It is this dull hue that makes the six silver curse rings on the top of the tower more conspicuous. Each ring is inscribed with a different spell, which has dutifully guarded the tower from the day it was built to the present and will remain so in the future. Compared with the Ruyusi Kingdom Chapter, there are more physical spells floating in the air, Fiberglass tape measure ,tape measure clip, which makes the defense here more stable! The gate was made of ironwood, the strongest wood, reinforced with fine steel, and inlaid with the spell of mithril. Like the Ruyusi Kingdom Chapter, there are reliefs of gargoyles and dragons entangled in endless battles above the gates, which are usually open all day, but will be closed when attacked, locked with magic, and activated by magic traps. Two black-robed apprentices were already waiting respectfully at the gate. They are facing Xuanyuan Yueyao with a deep salute. Although they did not know who Xuanyuan Yueyao was, their teacher had repeatedly told them to be respectful. Entering the Society of Shadows, the hall is paved with marble, and the floor is inlaid with dark blue stone characters, forming an inscription written in the ancient language. There are fine paintings on the walls and ceilings, and the inscriptions of spells are hidden in the scrolls. Two symmetrical, wide spiral staircases spiral up the support columns, leading to a series of concave balconies and higher corridors. Like the exterior of the tower, the interior of the tower is dominated by black and gray, but it is not dark, and the bright eternal flame is lit in the most vivid way, illuminating the whole hall. In the center of the hall stands a life-size statue. It was a woman in a magic robe, holding a magic book in one hand and a short staff in the other hand, which drooped naturally. Out of intuition, Xuanyuan Yueyao decided that it should be the statue of White Rose, the Night Mage Silusia Nasha-it was not the statue of any God related to magic, so she could not think of anyone else who could have a statue standing in the hall of the Shadow Association except Silusia Nasha. The statue was carved in obelisk, and its face was full of indifference and determination, but it did not look old-although Silusia Nasar was at least two hundred years old. Of course, female magicians' appearances are often unreliable. But the slightly pointed ears under the statue's long hair may explain one of the reasons-Silusia Nasha has elven blood! Although she has no elven features other than her ears, her elven lineage is likely to be very weak, perhaps not even half-elven. The sculptor must have seen Silusia herself, and the eyes were especially vivid. The vicissitudes of life and rich experience that can not be seen from the face are vividly reflected in the eyes, and even the loneliness hidden under the sharp edge is shown. Is this the real gesture of Sister Rose?! Under this statue, Xuanyuan Yueyao felt the majesty of the Night Master for the first time! I can't believe that Sister Rose has such a side! Two apprentices took Xuanyuan Yueyao to the door of a room deep in the tower,Adhesive fish ruler, and one of them knocked on the door. Vice President, the magician Xuanyuan has come. "Invite her in." A familiar voice came from the door. The two apprentices opened the door for Xuanyuan Yueyao and stood on both sides with their hands down-they were not yet qualified to enter the room. Episode 5 Chapter 8 Xuanyuan Yueyao has to admit that she really has no chance to win in the face of such a crafty old man as the necromancer Haberin Bilaire, at least so far she has suffered a great loss! God knows why she agreed to compete with the disciples of that damned elder!.

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The Holy Guide of the Dead